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Current | Fabrication & Machining | March 2024Bringing the Creative Approach to Custom Extrusion SystemsMacro Engineering & Technology

Current | Fabrication & Machining | March 2024

Bringing the Creative Approach to Custom Extrusion Systems

Macro Engineering & Technology

For 40 years, Macro Engineering & Technology has helped film and sheet makers in the consumer goods, medical, industrial, and food packaging industries achieve their production goals. As a leading provider of components and systems for value-added films and sheets, Macro remains committed to partnering with each customer to give a tailored solution.

Current | Fabrication & Machining | March 2024Adapting and EvolvingSeptimatech Group

Current | Fabrication & Machining | March 2024

Adapting and Evolving

Septimatech Group

Experts in overcoming difficulties involved with optimizing changeovers and container handling on packaging lines, Septimatech Group’s knowledge and expertise gathered from working on more than 2,700 different makes and models of packaging machines and lines lends itself to increasing productivity of clients’ packing lines and machinery while enhancing ergonomics and streamlining processes.

December 2023 / January 2024 | Fabrication & MachiningThis Family-Run Iron Hardware Firm Forges AheadAcorn Manufacturing

December 2023 / January 2024 | Fabrication & Machining

This Family-Run Iron Hardware Firm Forges Ahead

Acorn Manufacturing

Acorn Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a decades-old family business in Mansfield, Massachusetts that manufactures and distributes forged iron builders’ hardware across the United States and abroad. Builders’ hardware refers to metal hardware products used to decorate or protect properties, or to enhance convenience. The company is proud that its goods are made in Mansfield and reflect the heritage of New England.

Fabrication & Machining | October 2023Keeping Industry Running Smoothly and SafelyCincinnati Gasket and Industrial Glass

Fabrication & Machining | October 2023

Keeping Industry Running Smoothly and Safely

Cincinnati Gasket and Industrial Glass

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with Matt Uecker, Sales and Marketing Manager, and learning that what goes on inside Cincinnati Gasket and Industrial Glass’ 65,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is crucial to the continued functioning of just about every major industry, from steel and chemical industries to machine tool, power generation, and biotech laboratories.

Fabrication & Machining | October 2023The U.S. Manufacturer for U.S. ManufacturersARCH Cutting Tools

Fabrication & Machining | October 2023

The U.S. Manufacturer for U.S. Manufacturers

ARCH Cutting Tools

Established in 2011, ARCH Cutting Tools may be a comparatively young manufacturer of highly engineered metalworking solutions, but it is big for its age. Manufacturing a broad offering, from innovative solid carbide and indexable tools to complex, custom multi-functional tooling the company has built great depth in its capabilities and knowledge—all while remaining surprisingly adaptable for its size, thanks to its 16 facilities throughout the Midwest and Northeast.

Fabrication & Machining | September 2023A Premium Fit for 40 YearsRathburn Tool & Manufacturing

Fabrication & Machining | September 2023

A Premium Fit for 40 Years

Rathburn Tool & Manufacturing

Following COVID-19, supply chain issues made North America and the rest of the world realize the dangers of exporting fabrication. As a result, premium prototype-to-production, with the latest in computer numerical control (CNC) machining services, done on home soil has become sought after, and offers opportunity for local fabrication companies and the local economies that depend on their success.

Fabrication & Machining | September 2023Rapid Expansion and Growth in Clarksdale, MississippiSafTCart

Fabrication & Machining | September 2023

Rapid Expansion and Growth in Clarksdale, Mississippi


Supplying everything necessary to transport and protect packaged gas cylinders, SafTCart, Inc. is a leader in quality fabrication with its roots firmly set in the Mississippi Delta. Judging by its increasing output and impressive global distribution covering all of the United States, Mexico, Canada, and beyond, the Clarksdale, Mississippi-based company is the solutions provider to a specialty field requiring quality truck beds and trailers, cylinder carts, gas canister cages, and pallets.

August 2023 | Fabrication & MachiningShining Like a DiamondFullerton Tool Company

August 2023 | Fabrication & Machining

Shining Like a Diamond

Fullerton Tool Company

Fullerton Tool Company drives tremendous savings for its global clientele in solid carbide cutting tools. That is why leaders in the medical, aerospace, and other manufacturing industries are lining up for its tooling range of 7,000 standard items—most notably, its end mills—famed for strength, durability, and accuracy. Customers come from the United States, South America, Mexico, Canada, and beyond for the company’s dependable tools.

April | Fabrication & Machining28 Years of Top Quality MachiningInnovative Machining

April | Fabrication & Machining

28 Years of Top Quality Machining

Innovative Machining

With Innovative Machining, LLC, securing comprehensive custom solutions and component fabrication services is as easy as setting up a call. Over a nearly three-decade legacy of putting independence first, this company has been focused on the future from the day John Milanowski first opened the doors of its original 3,000-foot facility twenty-eight years ago. Today, the result of that vision has culminated in an offering so complete that customers needn’t even think of turning elsewhere to fulfill any part of their fabrication process.

April | Fabrication & MachiningHigh Performance3DXTECH

April | Fabrication & Machining

High Performance


The story of 3DXTECH began when, after thirty years of working for global leaders in the high-performance plastics and composites industry, the emerging technology of three-dimensional (3D) printing caught Matt Howlett’s eye. He bought a 3D printer, quickly recognized the untapped potential, and launched 3DXTECH in 2014.


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