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Engineering & Design | November 2023Smooth Operators – Innovations in Noise and Friction ControlVibraSystems Inc.

Engineering & Design | November 2023

Smooth Operators – Innovations in Noise and Friction Control

VibraSystems Inc.

Vibrations are all around us and, by and large, we may not think much of them when we are exposed to them for a couple of seconds. But they can be a serious problem in many ways for manufacturers. Consider the impact of imbalanced rotating parts, uneven friction, or the meshing of gear teeth. Vibrations like these can cause a number of issues for manufacturing equipment that can hurt productivity and the bottom line. And when employee safety and comfort are a top priority, you also need to protect shop-floor workers who operate machines with noise and vibration issues.

Automation | May 2023A Better WorkspaceIndustrial Robotics on the Factory Floor

Automation | May 2023

A Better Workspace

Industrial Robotics on the Factory Floor

With all of the recent advances in AI and machine learning, modern speculative fiction has us poised for either robotic-enhanced utopias or machine-overlord dystopias, depending on an author’s level of optimism. But the reality in the manufacturing world is a shift from floor space largely filled with people to production and warehouse spaces being shared with robots in a variety of roles.

April | Fabrication & MachiningMaking Clean Air a PriorityBlade Air

April | Fabrication & Machining

Making Clean Air a Priority

Blade Air

Coming through three years of a pandemic has made us all more sensitive to things we would otherwise take for granted. One of the biggest of these is the air that we breathe—especially in our buildings. When you consider that we spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors and make water quality a necessity, why not air quality as well?

2023 | FebruaryDriving ChangeThe Importance of Innovation for SMEs

2023 | February

Driving Change

The Importance of Innovation for SMEs

Innovation has long been the backbone of the manufacturing industry. Big, established firms, generally keep a tab on the changes in available technology, and successful leaders adapt to survive, but at the small end, innovation is crucial. Success by doing what’s already being done is rare, unless you have some advantage in efficiency or quality, so start-ups often need something that really pushed the envelope to take off.

2022 | November 2022Where Would You Like To Go?What’s Next for Electric Vehicles

2022 | November 2022

Where Would You Like To Go?

What’s Next for Electric Vehicles

You are driving along in your car, or, more accurately, your car is driving you along. You have set the car to fully autonomous so that you can lay back on the mattress which folds out for these trips, and it’s zipping along in electric-powered near silence. You were in a bubble gum-pink mood so that’s what you set your car’s color to before pulling out of your driveway with the plan to get caught up on that Netflix series that you haven’t had a chance to watch while you are on your way to your destination.

2022 | Automation | March 2022Second Generation Leader Helps Guide Family Machine Shop to New LevelsRathburn Tool & Manufacturing

2022 | Automation | March 2022

Second Generation Leader Helps Guide Family Machine Shop to New Levels

Rathburn Tool & Manufacturing

In a marketplace that has been filled with uncertainty, global upheaval, supply chain issues, inflation, acts of nature and more, strong leadership is needed more than ever. And while that’s true for any size company, it is certainly a necessary element for a second generation machine shop located in the rust belt of Indiana fighting for relevancy and growth.

2022 | February 2022Upskilling Canada’s Biomanufacturing WorkforceCanadian Advanced Therapies Training Institute (CATTI)

2022 | February 2022

Upskilling Canada’s Biomanufacturing Workforce

Canadian Advanced Therapies Training Institute (CATTI)

Astronauts go through extensive training to contend with zero gravity and the realities of space navigation. Interestingly, the preparation is not so different for people who produce cell and gene therapies for delivery to patients. Theirs is a field of challenging complexity where health and lives are in the balance and as such, there is rigorous training in protocols and standards for everything from product development to mass-market manufacturing.


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