Harvesting the Sun

Storing and Preserving Solar Energy

Learning to make apricot jam from my grandfather one blazing African summer, I recall being surprised by what appeared to be asbestos hands. While carefully filling each jar with molten delight, he held the boiling jars of jam bare-handed, like popsicles. Once every jar was full and covered, washed and lined up, shining like precious amber gems, it occurred to me that he had, ultimately, just taught me to preserve sunshine to light up the gloom of winter months.

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Consistent, Competitive, FastTrenton Forging Company

Consistent, Competitive, Fast

Trenton Forging Company

As a premium contract manufacturer with nearly six decades under its belt, Trenton Forging Company is as authentic and dynamic a partner as any customer could wish for, providing its client partners—in every market from automotive to automation—with a wide range of forged components.

Where History and Technology MeetTemperform

Where History and Technology Meet


For over 50 years, Detroit-based Temperform has provided customers with high-quality heat, abrasion, and corrosion-resistant castings and machined components. Manufacturing no-bake sand mold steel and stainless steel castings weighing from just two pounds all the way to 5,500 pounds, award-winning Temperform is renowned for its high customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and robust safety initiatives.

Light It Up: Bright Days Ahead for MetalumenMetalumen Manufacturing Inc.

Light It Up: Bright Days Ahead for Metalumen

Metalumen Manufacturing Inc.

By paying close attention to surrounding architectural contexts to guarantee the ideal lighting solution is created, Guelph, Ontario-based Metalumen Manufacturing Inc. creates, develops, and produces lighting solutions and products that marry cutting-edge trends with traditional styles, combining form and function to fulfill clients’ needs while also expressing the designer’s vision.

Seizing National and Global OpportunitiesThe Bucket Shop

Seizing National and Global Opportunities

The Bucket Shop

Don’t let the name fool you; The Bucket Shop (TBS) does not deal in mop buckets. The company’s name has seen it through its humble beginnings in the early 1990s, operating out of a garage as a smaller welding shop, all the way to its transformation into a modern-day mining equipment operation with over 100 employees. The family-owned business run by Ross and Paul Woodward with Sharon Michaud, President and Vice Presidents, respectively, has continued to expand its offerings.

Elegance Through SynergyEddyfi Technologies

Elegance Through Synergy

Eddyfi Technologies

Being the best in one of the most competitive industries in the world means being technologically more advanced and faster than competitors. Famous for introducing myriad industry firsts, Eddyfi Technologies leverages leading technology, some of the industry’s brightest minds, and strategic acquisitions.

A Next-generation Application BuilderCaron Engineering

A Next-generation Application Builder

Caron Engineering

Christmas may well and truly be behind us now, but for fabrication leaders in the know, there is a new Nutcracker Prince on the block. MiConnect, next-generation application-building technology, is the hot new toy—Caron Engineering’s sophisticated technology toolbox that answers an urgent industry call.

Powering Today’s Most-Wanted ProductsZierick Manufacturing Corporation

Powering Today’s Most-Wanted Products

Zierick Manufacturing Corporation

Zierick Manufacturing Corporation (ZMC) is a third-generation, family-owned manufacturing company with over a century of expertise in electronics and semiconductors. Zierick began life as a small company in southern Manhattan off Canal Street, an industrial area close to the famous Wall Street, and first worked as a parts fabricator for early radio sets. Then known as F.R. Zierick Machine Works, its early specialty was in cat’s whisker receivers, so named because of the thin and fine wire it was made of.

Precision Profile ExtrusionWisconsin Plastic Products

Precision Profile Extrusion

Wisconsin Plastic Products

While the economic and supply chain mayhem of recent years meant nothing but struggle for some businesses, others soared. One such superstar is Wisconsin Plastic Products, Inc., a profile extrusion leader that expanded its sales by around 60 percent from 2020 to 2021—a phenomenal growth trajectory followed by a 34 percent rate in 2021/2022. Naturally, this has made tremendous company history and brought continued success, contrasting a healthy traditional annual growth of 10 to 15 percent.

On the Cutting EdgeDorian Tool International

On the Cutting Edge

Dorian Tool International

The current manufacturing landscape has very little in common with the state of the industry four decades ago. Today, it is a highly competitive global industry, not one for the faint of heart. Leaders of manufacturing businesses have a decision to make: is the only option to compete on the basis of price with low-cost manufacturers overseas? Or is it better to focus on innovation, using the best technology and talent available to provide a high quality product at the best possible price?

Mark of ExcellenceGravotech USA

Mark of Excellence

Gravotech USA

Gravotech is celebrating its 85th anniversary. As the global leader in permanent marking solutions, the company designs, manufactures, and distributes market-leading engraving, marking, and cutting products. With more than eight decades of growth and success behind it, the company maintains an active presence in 18 countries and serves customers in over 70 countries around the world. Its global headquarters is located in Lyon, France.

Exceeding ExpectationsThe RiteScreen Company

Exceeding Expectations

The RiteScreen Company

For almost 80 years, RiteScreen, headquartered in Elizabethville, Pennsylvania, has solidified its reputation as a leader in the screen solutions business. Committed to customers and suppliers, and accountable to its team, RiteScreen remains focused on continuous improvement and meeting the needs of the ever-evolving door and window market. This commitment to customers and suppliers was never more apparent than in 2014, when RiteScreen was purchased by Seven Point Equity Partners, placing a heightened emphasis on the company’s manufacturing efficiency and product innovation.


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