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Current | In Focus | November 2023 | The Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA)The Spirit of SuccessSpirit Electronics

Current | In Focus | November 2023 | The Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA)

The Spirit of Success

Spirit Electronics

Spirit Electronics is a value-added supplier of high-reliability components and superior supply-chain solutions for the aerospace and defense sectors. The veteran-owned, woman-owned business has been growing steadily since we profiled the company in December 2019, so we sat down with owner and CEO Marti McCurdy again this month to hear the latest news and developments

Automation | October 2023Still Leading the IndustrySwiss Automation, Inc.

Automation | October 2023

Still Leading the Industry

Swiss Automation, Inc.

Swiss Automation, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of Precision Turned Components in the United States, with over half a century of history and experience. After featuring the Barrington, Illinois-based business several times over the last few years, Manufacturing in Focus is checking in once again to hear the latest news and developments.

In Focus | Packaging | September 2023Complete Automated SolutionsMainway Handling Systems

In Focus | Packaging | September 2023

Complete Automated Solutions

Mainway Handling Systems

Since 1988, Mainway Handling Systems has been creating dependable, advanced conveyor systems and automated warehouse solutions from its headquarters in Burlington, Ontario. Mainway provides systems design, installation, and integration services for multiple logistics industries including warehousing and distribution, logistics, freight, parcel, food, beverage, automotive and manufacturing. “Mainway and our dedicated team offer a complete service,” says Marketing Specialist Matthew Pereira. The company’s one-stop, turnkey approach has helped the business earn its place in the industry.

September 2023 | ServicesThe Latest and GreatestPhillips Corporation

September 2023 | Services

The Latest and Greatest

Phillips Corporation

Phillips Corporation has been solving manufacturing challenges for the United States government, industry, and education leaders for over half a century. The Hanover, Maryland-based business has grown to become a global presence over the decades, building strategic partnerships with technology leaders such as Haas Automation and EOS.

August 2023 | In Focus | PackagingInnovation in PackagingKuraray America, Inc.

August 2023 | In Focus | Packaging

Innovation in Packaging

Kuraray America, Inc.

After nearly a century in business, the Kuraray Group has grown into a global leader in special materials technology, fiber, resin, and film production. Its goal is to develop innovative, sustainable solutions and cleaner technologies that will improve the natural environment and enhance quality of life for people around the world. This includes innovative packaging. The goal is to help transform customers’ businesses and make a real impact within the markets they serve.

August 2023 | In Focus | National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)Specially Tailored Wire SolutionsMWS Wire Industries

August 2023 | In Focus | National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)

Specially Tailored Wire Solutions

MWS Wire Industries

MWS Wire Industries is a worldwide distributor and manufacturer of magnet and specialty wire. “There are not too many companies like us in the world,” says Sales Manager of Industrial Products, Eric Yelich. “We’ve carved out a special niche in the wire marketplace to supply specialty wire that you can’t find anywhere, so customers really gravitate toward us.”

August 2023 | ServicesInnovative Healthcare FurnitureWieland Healthcare

August 2023 | Services

Innovative Healthcare Furniture

Wieland Healthcare

Wieland Healthcare is making waves in the healthcare furniture sector, succeeding alongside much bigger companies despite its more diminutive size. “We’re a relatively small company within our competitor range,” says Market Manager Kimberly Sank. The company may be relatively small, but its impact is big and the business has become widely recognized for innovative, patient-first products.

June 2023 | ServicesThe Crane ExpertsCRS Crane Solutions

June 2023 | Services

The Crane Experts

CRS Crane Solutions

CRS Crane Solutions knows cranes. In business since 1991, the Alberta-based company has grown into one of the largest crane suppliers in North America, building a reputation for exceptional lifting solutions and a relentless commitment to customer service. The team produces more than 150 cranes a year, with up to 175-ton capacity and 130-foot span, in one of the biggest crane manufacturing plants on the continent, which boasts a whopping 30,000 square feet of quality-controlled production space.

Fabrication | May 2023Disrupting the IndustrySyBridge Technologies

Fabrication | May 2023

Disrupting the Industry

SyBridge Technologies

‘Disruptive by design’ is SyBridge Technologies’ tagline. The Southfield, Michigan-based business is an industry pioneer in transforming the design and manufacturing journey, combining deep expertise in tooling and manufacturability with the latest digital advances. Constantly evolving to stay one step ahead, its goal is to help customers maintain leadership in their markets.

April | Fabrication & MachiningHigh Performance3DXTECH

April | Fabrication & Machining

High Performance


The story of 3DXTECH began when, after thirty years of working for global leaders in the high-performance plastics and composites industry, the emerging technology of three-dimensional (3D) printing caught Matt Howlett’s eye. He bought a 3D printer, quickly recognized the untapped potential, and launched 3DXTECH in 2014.

2023 | MarchKeeping Us ConnectedArshon Technology Inc.

2023 | March

Keeping Us Connected

Arshon Technology Inc.

Arshon Technology Inc. Founder and CEO Mazi Hosseini was struck with a groundbreaking idea while on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. “We had no connection whatsoever to outside of the cruise,” he remembers. The lack of cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity posed a problem when his family wanted to find one another on the sprawling ship. “I could not talk to my son or my wife. We didn’t know where we were. The cruise was significantly large. We had to find each other just by walking around.”

2022 | December 2022/January 2023Lean ManufacturingContinuous Improvement for Lasting Success

2022 | December 2022/January 2023

Lean Manufacturing

Continuous Improvement for Lasting Success

How can a manufacturing company increase efficiency, reduce waste and mistakes, and gain a competitive edge? The answer could be to adopt lean manufacturing practices. The concept has been catching on since 1990 when Womack, Jones, and Roos laid out the concepts in The Machine That Changed the World, which teaches businesses how to increase production while lowering costs, improving quality, and increasing profits.

2022 | November 2022Doing the Right ThingBell and Howell

2022 | November 2022

Doing the Right Thing

Bell and Howell

Technology-enabled field services company Bell and Howell services a wide range of automation equipment for multiple original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and markets across North America. We spoke to the company a year ago, reporting on how the Durham, North Carolina-based business helps customers increase efficiency and reduce operational costs through its comprehensive solutions in retail, grocery, pharmacy click-and-collect, automation, and production mail. This month, we sat down with senior executive and grocery commerce expert James Hermanowski to learn more about the company’s work to fight food insecurity through food bank technology.

2022 | Fabrication & Machining | October 2022Making Its MarkGravotech

2022 | Fabrication & Machining | October 2022

Making Its Mark


Gravotech is built upon a rich history of engraving. The company’s story began in 1938, in New York City under the name New Hermes, when a small team began producing advanced pantographs that enabled typographic consistencies within dies. A merger with French company Gravograph several years later launched a series of joint ventures, setting the business on a path to eventually become the international leader in permanent markings.


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