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Fabrication & Machining | October 2023Keeping Industry Running Smoothly and SafelyCincinnati Gasket and Industrial Glass

Fabrication & Machining | October 2023

Keeping Industry Running Smoothly and Safely

Cincinnati Gasket and Industrial Glass

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with Matt Uecker, Sales and Marketing Manager, and learning that what goes on inside Cincinnati Gasket and Industrial Glass’ 65,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is crucial to the continued functioning of just about every major industry, from steel and chemical industries to machine tool, power generation, and biotech laboratories.

Manufacturing in FocusChanging CourseManufacturing for Public Health

Manufacturing in Focus

Changing Course

Manufacturing for Public Health

N95 masks. Hand sanitizer. PPE. Respirators. Plexiglass barriers. Social distance signage. Rapid Testing Kits. Contact tracing apps. Vaccine against a previously unknown Coronavirus. In January 2020, who would have thought there was a need for manufacturers to ramp up production of any of these items? Or to deal with the grim reality that more body bags were required? But by March, the need for all these items and more was real, and manufacturers struggled to meet demands amid the growing public health crisis of a global pandemic.

Manufacturing in FocusSpeaking Up for American Manufacturing JobsRevere Copper Products

Manufacturing in Focus

Speaking Up for American Manufacturing Jobs

Revere Copper Products

For over two hundred years, Revere Copper Products, an employee-owned company, has taken a lead role in American manufacturing. While it remains a key player in the supply chain, the company, like so many American manufacturers, has suffered as a result of various trade agreements. Recently, we enjoyed a wide-ranging interview with Revere Copper Products’ Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning Amy O’Shaughnessy in Rome, New York. And when we say ‘wide-ranging,’ we are not exaggerating.

Manufacturing in FocusMaking Interconnection WorkB3CG Interconnect

Manufacturing in Focus

Making Interconnection Work

B3CG Interconnect

While it might seem we are overstating the obvious, it bears repeating that when the connections are good, everything works and when they are not, nothing does. B3CG Interconnection, with contract manufacturing facilities in St.-Eustache, Quebec and Plattsburgh, New York, is dedicated to ensuring the cables and harnesses it custom manufactures make connections work.

Manufacturing in FocusLeading the Inclusion RevolutionBCI Packaging

Manufacturing in Focus

Leading the Inclusion Revolution

BCI Packaging

Better to light a single candle than curse the darkness, says the old Chinese proverb. This is particularly true at BCI, a leading contract packaging facility in Missouri and a social enterprise that offers adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities dignity and independence through full-time, paid employment. And yes, it did begin with a single candle.

Manufacturing in FocusResponding to Customers’ NeedsClean Seal

Manufacturing in Focus

Responding to Customers’ Needs

Clean Seal

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Clean Seal, Inc. of South Bend, Indiana, serves original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and fabricators in the automotive, marine, military, recreational vehicle and transportation industries. In response to customers’ needs, the company continues to expand its line of products and maintains a huge inventory of parts that can be shipped within 24 hours.


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