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Current | June 2024 | PackagingInnovative Solutions for Lower Costs Industry-WideAmeriGlobe

Current | June 2024 | Packaging

Innovative Solutions for Lower Costs Industry-Wide


With headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, and a second operation in nearby Eunice, AmeriGlobe is the largest bulk bag manufacturer in the United States. It is dedicated to producing solutions that meet customers’ needs while reducing their operating costs, and to investing in research and development to continually improve product offerings that will be both economical and sustainable.

May 2024Manufacturing Moving ForwardWelcome to the International Decade of Sciences for Sustainable Development

May 2024

Manufacturing Moving Forward

Welcome to the International Decade of Sciences for Sustainable Development

The UN’s decision to proclaim the next 10 years as the International Decade of Sciences for Sustainable Development “represents a unique opportunity for humanity to use the critical role sciences play in the pursuit of sustainable development.” According to the document presented at the 96th plenary meeting on 25 August 2023, sciences represent “one of the key means of responding to the complex challenges of our time to ensure a safe and prosperous future for all.”

Fabrication & Machining | October 2023Keeping Industry Running Smoothly and SafelyCincinnati Gasket and Industrial Glass

Fabrication & Machining | October 2023

Keeping Industry Running Smoothly and Safely

Cincinnati Gasket and Industrial Glass

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with Matt Uecker, Sales and Marketing Manager, and learning that what goes on inside Cincinnati Gasket and Industrial Glass’ 65,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is crucial to the continued functioning of just about every major industry, from steel and chemical industries to machine tool, power generation, and biotech laboratories.


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