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Current | Engineering & Design | February 2024Light It Up: Bright Days Ahead for MetalumenMetalumen Manufacturing Inc.

Current | Engineering & Design | February 2024

Light It Up: Bright Days Ahead for Metalumen

Metalumen Manufacturing Inc.

By paying close attention to surrounding architectural contexts to guarantee the ideal lighting solution is created, Guelph, Ontario-based Metalumen Manufacturing Inc. creates, develops, and produces lighting solutions and products that marry cutting-edge trends with traditional styles, combining form and function to fulfill clients’ needs while also expressing the designer’s vision.

In Focus | National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) | November 2023Mission Possible: Growth and Success Through Brand PromiseSirois Tool Co. Inc.

In Focus | National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) | November 2023

Mission Possible: Growth and Success Through Brand Promise

Sirois Tool Co. Inc.

Whether clients require standard parts or specialized engineering, Sirois Tool Co. Inc. offers a wide range of build capabilities. The company’s experienced tool and gage makers, apprentices, and staff members turn, mill, grind, and EDM products, all while keeping to its mission statement, “To be a preferred vendor to all our customers, a fair and generous employer, and a good neighbor to our community,” top of mind.

Engineering & Design | October 2023Exciting Expansion for Well-Engineered MachineryExpand Machinery

Engineering & Design | October 2023

Exciting Expansion for Well-Engineered Machinery

Expand Machinery

Beginning as a modest family business in 1985, bringing to market machine tools with the best value and productivity for precision machining, Ganesh Machinery grew in just three short years into a 4,000-square-foot operation, followed by a successful 15,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art enterprise supported by a 40,000-square-foot machine warehouse. The product lines GEN MILL, GEN TURN, and Ganesh were bought by Expand Machinery in 2019, positioning the company on a new, exciting path dedicated to ensuring excellent after-sales service and high-quality, well-engineered machinery for all its clients.

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing | October 2023Building Cabinets, Careers, and CommunitiesGreat Northern Cabinetry

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing | October 2023

Building Cabinets, Careers, and Communities

Great Northern Cabinetry

For the team at Great Northern Cabinetry, it’s about the journey, not the destination, and the opportunity to help someone turn an ordinary house into an extraordinary home. With its reputation for producing high-end, handcrafted cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, and any other room of the house, Great Northern Cabinetry aims to offer its customers products proudly made in the USA.

Automation | September 2023Building Tomorrow’s IndustryProdomax

Automation | September 2023

Building Tomorrow’s Industry


Prodomax, a leading automation firm in North America, specializes in creating, designing, and producing cutting-edge automated manufacturing solutions. The company’s expertise ranges from assembly and welding to machining, material handling, and laser cutting/welding applications and processes. This Canadian company, founded in 1971, boasts two...

August 2023 | In Focus | PackagingProtection Through PackagingLayfield Flexible Films

August 2023 | In Focus | Packaging

Protection Through Packaging

Layfield Flexible Films

Layfield Flexible Films, based in Richmond, BC, stands out among domestic producers by offering sustainable premium packaging solutions. They utilize advanced equipment, processes, and a rigorous quality control program. As a vertically integrated company, Layfield’s Flexible Film group provides complete technical services, prepress and graphics, world-class blown film, high-resolution printing, solvent-free lamination, slitting, and advanced conversion equipment. Their offerings support various flexible film and packaging formats.

August 2023 | In Focus | National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)Giving the Green LightEberle Design, Inc. (EDI)

August 2023 | In Focus | National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)

Giving the Green Light

Eberle Design, Inc. (EDI)

Since its founding in 1980, Eberle Design, Inc. (EDI) has earned a formidable reputation as a global developer and producer of high-performance component products that improve and supplement traffic management systems. With the EDI product lineup, transportation experts can integrate, automate, and manage traffic at signalized intersections and on highways with greater effectiveness and safety.

July 2023Smart, Solid, SustainableWhat’s in Store for Energy Storage

July 2023

Smart, Solid, Sustainable

What’s in Store for Energy Storage

With energy storage requirements changing quickly around the world, researchers are continuously looking to create effective, long-lasting, and truly innovative solutions. Everything from grid storage at the large scale to the smallest of electronic devices has seen an increased demand for more capacity, longer run-times, better reusability, and higher safety ratings.

June 2023 | Medical DevicesPerfecting the Science of Pain ManagementWEX Pharmaceuticals

June 2023 | Medical Devices

Perfecting the Science of Pain Management

WEX Pharmaceuticals

When physical pain occurs—whether from an injury, surgery, or the ravages of cancer—finding the right product to alleviate symptoms can be a matter of trial and error, and is often fraught with side effects including addiction and overdose. WEX Pharmaceuticals Inc., a late-stage drug development company based in Vancouver, BC, is dedicated to reducing those threats through research, development, and manufacture of Halneuron®, a new non-opioid analgesic considered to be a breakthrough in pain-management technology.

June 2023 | Medical DevicesAccurate Diagnostics – When Every Minute CountsResponse Biomedical Corp.

June 2023 | Medical Devices

Accurate Diagnostics – When Every Minute Counts

Response Biomedical Corp.

Response Biomedical Corp. (Response) is a market leader in comprehensive acute care testing. It is a well-established, thriving Canadian company with full operations—including all manufacturing—based in Vancouver, B.C. Response competes in the in-vitro Diagnostic (“IVD”) market globally and its RAMP system is a fast diagnostics platform offering lab-quality performance in acute care settings.

In Focus | June 2023 | Manufacturing in Focus | The Canadian Tooling & Machining AssociationThe Tools of Success – Superior Products and a Stellar Work EnvironmentClover Tool Manufacturing Limited

In Focus | June 2023 | Manufacturing in Focus | The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association

The Tools of Success – Superior Products and a Stellar Work Environment

Clover Tool Manufacturing Limited

Since its founding in 1979 as a tool and die company housed in a 2,000-square-foot shop with 10 employees, Clover Tool Manufacturing has expanded steadily, becoming a producer of completed and semi-finished components and moving to a 14,000-square-foot facility employing 30 people in Vaughan, Ontario in 1989.


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