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2023 | MarchA Woman’s WorkThe Role of Women in Manufacturing

2023 | March

A Woman’s Work

The Role of Women in Manufacturing

It’s a given that women are the backbone of the home, but the role they’ve played in the economy and the success of manufacturing is often understated and rarely recognized. Throughout history, women have, a number of times, been the saving of the sector, which is once again becoming a possibility with the transition to Industry 4.0.

2023 | MarchPreserving a LegacyTalbert Manufacturing, Inc.

2023 | March

Preserving a Legacy

Talbert Manufacturing, Inc.

Talbert Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in 1938 by Austin Talbert, a man who brought innovation and customer service to the forefront of the heavy haul trucking industry by addressing the needs of his customers time and again. By manufacturing trailers and equipment that set the standard for safety and performance, the name Talbert became synonymous with quality.

2022 | September 2022Cleaning up Clean Energy SolutionsRegO Products

2022 | September 2022

Cleaning up Clean Energy Solutions

RegO Products

With a broad range of flow-control components and engineered-to-order applications, including a wide array of valves, pressure regulators, and safety devices for mission-critical applications using gases in liquid form, RegO Products offers peace of mind that equipment will perform optimally, safely, and reliably time and time again.

2022 | June 2022The Making of ProtectionThe Evolution of PPE

2022 | June 2022

The Making of Protection

The Evolution of PPE

From the first blacksmith’s apron to the most advanced spacesuit, personal protective equipment (PPE) has been a key component of work around the world. As important as having the right tool for a job, the right gear is required to keep a worker safe in so many industries and hazardous environments. In today’s world, the value we place on human health is apparent in this gear, and how it’s changed with us over the generations.


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