Current | June 2024 | Medical ManufacturingSaving Lives with SciencebioLytical Laboratories

Current | June 2024 | Medical Manufacturing

Saving Lives with Science

bioLytical Laboratories

With the goal of enhancing—and even saving—people’s lives by offering quick, accurate detection of infectious diseases, bioLytical Laboratories Inc., of Richmond, B.C., makes and markets the INSTI® HIV-1/2 Antibody Test and other infectious diseases tests. This HIV test is backed by regulatory approvals from around the world, including the U.S. FDA, Health Canada, and the European CE mark.

Automation | Current | June 2024Turnkey Automation SolutionsAdvanced Systems and Controls

Automation | Current | June 2024

Turnkey Automation Solutions

Advanced Systems and Controls

For over 30 years, Advanced Systems and Controls (ASC) has led the way as one of America’s foremost developers of industrial assembly systems. A turnkey company, ASC’s automated solutions encompass everything from design to building, testing, robotic integration, installation, training, and more. Clients in sectors as diverse as automotive, aerospace, agriculture, construction, consumer goods, energy, and food and beverage know they can count on Macomb, Michigan-based ASC for the finest automated solutions on the market.

Automation | Current | June 2024New Technology ExpertBlack Controls Company Inc.

Automation | Current | June 2024

New Technology Expert

Black Controls Company Inc.

It is quite extraordinary how much can change in only five years. Black Controls Company Inc. has shifted from a fledgling enterprise to a full-scale fabricator active in 15 countries. Its market presence in the general industry, automotive, and sterilization sectors grew significantly over the past 12 months, resulting in sizeable shifts that it is navigating successfully thanks to its prevailing culture of trust, support, and continuous improvement.

Current | June 2024 | PackagingPerfecting Packaging Containers for Over Two DecadesCreative Packaging Solutions

Current | June 2024 | Packaging

Perfecting Packaging Containers for Over Two Decades

Creative Packaging Solutions

Creative Packaging Solutions (CPS) of Keyport, New Jersey, has spent more than two decades developing perfect packaging for retail clients. This encompasses bottles, tubes, trays, jars, boxes, canisters, and just about anything else that can house a commercial product sold in stores or online. Tapping into a network of manufacturers, the company obtains and sells packaging that is both aesthetically pleasing and resilient.

Current | June 2024 | PackagingInnovative Solutions for Lower Costs Industry-WideAmeriGlobe

Current | June 2024 | Packaging

Innovative Solutions for Lower Costs Industry-Wide


With headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, and a second operation in nearby Eunice, AmeriGlobe is the largest bulk bag manufacturer in the United States. It is dedicated to producing solutions that meet customers’ needs while reducing their operating costs, and to investing in research and development to continually improve product offerings that will be both economical and sustainable.

Current | June 2024 | ServicesWorking SmarterModern Material Handling

Current | June 2024 | Services

Working Smarter

Modern Material Handling

In basic terms, material handling is the movement of raw goods from one location to another for the manufacture of finished products. Although it may seem simple, the success of these systems depends on many factors. Material handling requires precise timing, standardization, efficient use of space, automation, and other factors. Loads and pallet weights need to be planned in advance, and the capabilities of human workers considered to ensure safety at all stages.

Current | June 2024 | ServicesBuilding Exterior Experts Mark a Major Corporate MilestoneEastern Glass and Aluminum

Current | June 2024 | Services

Building Exterior Experts Mark a Major Corporate Milestone

Eastern Glass and Aluminum

Eastern Glass and Aluminum (EGA) of Norcross, Georgia, marks its tenth anniversary this year as a successful building envelope contractor. Spun off from a larger parent company, EGA excels at construction projects involving glass, glazing, roofing, and metal panels. The firm is looking to grow its market reach, enhance its in-house manufacturing capabilities, and expand a new division devoted to the sale of architectural products.


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