2021 | December 2021 | In FocusFrom Trash to Treasure – Changing Plastic to Change the WorldGenecis Bioindustries

2021 | December 2021 | In Focus

From Trash to Treasure – Changing Plastic to Change the World

Genecis Bioindustries

The potential of plastic production at Genecis Bioindustries Inc. is astounding. The company is creating high-value plastics from food waste that compete in function with oil-based plastics, but are environmentally friendly, composted within a month, and degraded in a year. Genecis is building a circular economy by helping businesses use green PHA plastics in agriculture, packaging, and food services, and reducing the amount of plastic – approximately 18 billion pounds of it – that ends up in oceans every year.

2021 | December 2021 | In FocusSetting Automation BenchmarksLorik Tool & Automation Inc.

2021 | December 2021 | In Focus

Setting Automation Benchmarks

Lorik Tool & Automation Inc.

Automation and robotics may seem like recent inventions to some but the reality is that several earlier generations laid the foundations needed to bring about today’s high-level technology. Lorik Tool & Automation is a North American trailblazer on this front, having supplied industries across the globe with the best custom automation and inspection machinery for the past thirty-three years.

2021 | December 2021 | Electronics & Components | In FocusCarbon-Based ElectronicsGiving Silicon A Run For Its Conductivity

2021 | December 2021 | Electronics & Components | In Focus

Carbon-Based Electronics

Giving Silicon A Run For Its Conductivity

For decades now, silicon has been a trusted material in electronics manufacturing due in large part to its use in the creation of semiconductors. Silicon is used among myriad types of electronics today of varying complexity and size, from computers to handheld devices, thanks to its ability to act as both a conductor of electricity and as an insulator (i.e. the role of a semiconductor in a piece of machinery).

2021 | Automation | November 2021Offering Safer, More Efficient Processes to Industries in NeedAlliance Automation

2021 | Automation | November 2021

Offering Safer, More Efficient Processes to Industries in Need

Alliance Automation

American robotics systems manufacturer Alliance Automation offers automation solutions to a multitude of sectors. The company began operations in August 2008 when President and CEO Doug Wenninger, wanting to take advantage of an opportunity he saw within the market to branch out and offer automation to underserved industries, left a Sales Manager position at another automation company to form his own.

2021 | November 2021Building a Better Workforce TogetherNGen

2021 | November 2021

Building a Better Workforce Together


NGen’s mission has long involved strengthening the development of world-leading, advanced manufacturing capabilities in Canada through the promotion of technology, protecting the environment, and securing supply chains through funding and supporting industry clusters and Supercluster projects. Now NGen is turning its skills and knowledge to bolstering the manufacturing workforce’s future through education, awareness, and collaboration between various industries to address shared issues and interests.


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