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2022 | Fabrication & Machining | June 2022The Original Provider of the Desiccant BreatherDes-Case Corporation

2022 | Fabrication & Machining | June 2022

The Original Provider of the Desiccant Breather

Des-Case Corporation

The Des-Case Corporation is a world leader in designing innovative solutions for protecting lubricants from contamination. The lifespan of any piece of mechanical equipment is directly related to how well-lubricated the part is during operation, but the quality of a lubricant can be negatively impacted by moisture and other contaminants. Des-Case manufactures a suite of products to help maintain lubricant quality, extend the life of expensive mechanical hardware, and save customers on costly repairs and replacements over time.

2021 | Engineering & Design | September 2021Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Manufacturer Showing Resilience in Hard TimesGDI Adhesives

2021 | Engineering & Design | September 2021

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Manufacturer Showing Resilience in Hard Times

GDI Adhesives

GDI Adhesives is a manufacturer of hot-melt and water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives located in Germantown, Wisconsin just north of Milwaukee and specializes in acoustic and partition, automotive, electronics, laminating and converting, tape and label, product assembly, packaging, and a variety of niche industries such as filter assembly and foam assembly. One relatively unique industry that is growing in popularity these days and with which GDI is involved is insect adhesives.

2021 | In Focus | July 2021A Family Business Revitalizing itself in the Machining MarketExpand Machinery, LLC

2021 | In Focus | July 2021

A Family Business Revitalizing itself in the Machining Market

Expand Machinery, LLC

Headquartered in Chatsworth, California, Expand Machinery, LLC provides high-quality, efficient manufacturing services for industries from aerospace and medical to automotive and more. Originally established as Ganesh Industries, LLC, the company underwent a major rebranding effort in 2019, changing its name and revitalizing its position in the marketplace. Today the company has three primary product lines: Genturn, Genmill, and its flagship line: Ganesh.

Manufacturing in FocusServing Essential Industries with High-Purity PipingStainless Piping Systems

Manufacturing in Focus

Serving Essential Industries with High-Purity Piping

Stainless Piping Systems

Stainless Piping Systems (SPS) is committed to the design, manufacturing, and installation of high-purity, intricate piping systems. SPS provides its services in applications ranging from multi-residential and commercial developments to industrial and laboratory settings. The company has built its success on a foundation of innovative engineering design, true prefabrication, and efficient installation. This results in a systemic approach to minimizing on-site interferences, which produces tremendously accurate manufacturing and the ability to meet construction schedules with expedited installation times.

Manufacturing in FocusExploring Expansion OpportunitiesTooling Dynamics

Manufacturing in Focus

Exploring Expansion Opportunities

Tooling Dynamics

Based in York, Pennsylvania, contract manufacturer Tooling Dynamics specializes in precision metal stamping and Swiss screw machining for electronic connectors with customers primarily in the automotive, aerospace, medical, solar, and electronics industries all over the world. The company was founded in 1982 and has since grown from a 15,000-square-foot facility with one stamping press to 80,000 square feet of space featuring more than eighty-five presses.

Manufacturing in FocusExpanding its Manufacturing Footprint and Growing its Customer BaseIntervala

Manufacturing in Focus

Expanding its Manufacturing Footprint and Growing its Customer Base


If someone made a movie about the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry, the leading roles likely would be cast with players from extreme ends of industry’s spectrum. There would be the behemoths churning out high-volume consumer electronics and the scrappy “mom-and-pop” shops surviving on small build-to-print projects. While these extremes exist, the industry’s real story is the far more nuanced and multifaceted middle: small and midsize companies that have carved out strategic, defendable niches.

Manufacturing in FocusSynMed® – Unique Technology for Advanced Blister Pack ProductionSynergy Medical

Manufacturing in Focus

SynMed® – Unique Technology for Advanced Blister Pack Production

Synergy Medical

Synergy Medical manufactures pharmacy automation systems that dispense solid oral medications into blister packs to organize patient medication into a calendar for safe and accurate dosing. When pharmacists and their technicians are filling hundreds of these packs by hand, it is labour-intensive, and there is plenty of room for error, especially as they must keep up with tight deadlines. Although blister packs have existed for decades, there was no fully automated solution for filling these packages until Synergy Medical.

Manufacturing in FocusMaking Innovative Material Handling Attachments for 45 YearsRotobec

Manufacturing in Focus

Making Innovative Material Handling Attachments for 45 Years


Rotobec grapples, rotators, and loaders are designed to withstand the toughest applications in all conditions. “The durability and dependability of our products really provide the peace of mind our customers deserve,” said Jesse Roy, Director of Customer Experience. This industry leader designs and manufactures material handling attachments in-house to ensure that it controls all aspects of performance and quality.

Manufacturing in FocusA Turbine Manufacturer Protecting the Environment and Supporting its CommunitySteam Turbine Alternative Resources

Manufacturing in Focus

A Turbine Manufacturer Protecting the Environment and Supporting its Community

Steam Turbine Alternative Resources

Steam Turbine Alternative Resources (STAR) is the only family-owned and woman-owned turbine company in the United States. It manufactures replacement parts for turbines in power plants, and its precision machine shop specializes in customized billets to help improve efficiency. For individualized parts that have been worn down, STAR uses reverse engineering to determine how the part fits into the power plant and recreates it.


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