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Current | Engineering & Design | February 2024Light It Up: Bright Days Ahead for MetalumenMetalumen Manufacturing Inc.

Current | Engineering & Design | February 2024

Light It Up: Bright Days Ahead for Metalumen

Metalumen Manufacturing Inc.

By paying close attention to surrounding architectural contexts to guarantee the ideal lighting solution is created, Guelph, Ontario-based Metalumen Manufacturing Inc. creates, develops, and produces lighting solutions and products that marry cutting-edge trends with traditional styles, combining form and function to fulfill clients’ needs while also expressing the designer’s vision.

Engineering & Design | November 2023Smooth Operators – Innovations in Noise and Friction ControlVibraSystems Inc.

Engineering & Design | November 2023

Smooth Operators – Innovations in Noise and Friction Control

VibraSystems Inc.

Vibrations are all around us and, by and large, we may not think much of them when we are exposed to them for a couple of seconds. But they can be a serious problem in many ways for manufacturers. Consider the impact of imbalanced rotating parts, uneven friction, or the meshing of gear teeth. Vibrations like these can cause a number of issues for manufacturing equipment that can hurt productivity and the bottom line. And when employee safety and comfort are a top priority, you also need to protect shop-floor workers who operate machines with noise and vibration issues.

Engineering & Design | November 2023Leaders in Recycled RubberEco-Flex

Engineering & Design | November 2023

Leaders in Recycled Rubber


Eco-Flex of Sturgeon County, Alberta, marked its 30th anniversary last year as a leader in the recycled rubber product market. The company is well-poised for future growth with products that appeal to clients looking for quality eco-friendly goods. Eco-Flex’s proprietary wares include an innovative sound barrier/residential wall as well as items for work sites, homes, and barns, all made from recycled rubber tires.

Engineering & Design | October 2023Metal Stamping Press SuccessStamtec

Engineering & Design | October 2023

Metal Stamping Press Success


Stamtec, of Manchester, Tennessee, sells industry-leading metal stamping presses and forming equipment. These wares are manufactured by a parent company in Taiwan in ISO-certified facilities, shipped to the U.S., and then sold by Stamtec to end users in a variety of sectors. Along with presses and other products, the company offers turnkey integration and comprehensive customer support.

Engineering & Design | October 2023Exciting Expansion for Well-Engineered MachineryExpand Machinery

Engineering & Design | October 2023

Exciting Expansion for Well-Engineered Machinery

Expand Machinery

Beginning as a modest family business in 1985, bringing to market machine tools with the best value and productivity for precision machining, Ganesh Machinery grew in just three short years into a 4,000-square-foot operation, followed by a successful 15,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art enterprise supported by a 40,000-square-foot machine warehouse. The product lines GEN MILL, GEN TURN, and Ganesh were bought by Expand Machinery in 2019, positioning the company on a new, exciting path dedicated to ensuring excellent after-sales service and high-quality, well-engineered machinery for all its clients.

Engineering & Design | September 2023The A-TeamThe A-Team

Engineering & Design | September 2023

The A-Team

The A-Team

Headquartered in California, Barnum Mechanical Inc. provides sanitary process and utility piping design-build services to a diverse clientele across the U.S. Now well into its fifth decade of business, Barnum is growing rapidly. Director of Business Development Andy Hooper says that the ongoing success of the business is directly correlated to the growth and success of the industries it serves, from food and beverage (F&B), to alternative proteins, water and wastewater treatment.

2022 | Engineering & Design | October 2022A Breath of Fresh AirDiversitech

2022 | Engineering & Design | October 2022

A Breath of Fresh Air


For those in heavy industry, having sufficient, clean air in commercial and industrial spaces is imperative. Diversitech is home to all things air filtration, and its high-quality, technological solutions are ideal for aerospace and metal manufacturing giants. For many of these corporations, Diversitech’s many patented filtration systems outshine the competitors’ products in welding, painting, grinding, and finishing facilities.


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