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Current | Engineering & Design | September 2023The A-TeamThe A-Team

Current | Engineering & Design | September 2023

The A-Team

The A-Team

Headquartered in California, Barnum Mechanical Inc. provides sanitary process and utility piping design-build services to a diverse clientele across the U.S. Now well into its fifth decade of business, Barnum is growing rapidly. Director of Business Development Andy Hooper says that the ongoing success of the business is directly correlated to the growth and success of the industries it serves, from food and beverage (F&B), to alternative proteins, water and wastewater treatment.

2022 | Engineering & Design | October 2022A Breath of Fresh AirDiversitech

2022 | Engineering & Design | October 2022

A Breath of Fresh Air


For those in heavy industry, having sufficient, clean air in commercial and industrial spaces is imperative. Diversitech is home to all things air filtration, and its high-quality, technological solutions are ideal for aerospace and metal manufacturing giants. For many of these corporations, Diversitech’s many patented filtration systems outshine the competitors’ products in welding, painting, grinding, and finishing facilities.

2022 | August 2022 | Engineering & DesignThis Unique Systems Integrator Celebrates a Corporate MilestoneProVantage Automation

2022 | August 2022 | Engineering & Design

This Unique Systems Integrator Celebrates a Corporate Milestone

ProVantage Automation

ProVantage Automation, a Brantford, Ontario-based systems integrator and custom machine builder, marked its tenth anniversary in business this April. With its three in-house engineering and design disciplines of automation control, data management, and mechanical design, the company designs and builds automated solutions for clients in the food and beverage, paper converting, and consumer products sectors. ProVantage’s industrial solutions boost productivity and improve quality and efficiency for clients. The team at ProVantage has the expertise to design and deploy a complete end of line packaging system or cater the solution to be a retrofit versus a new asset.

2022 | August 2022 | Engineering & DesignPost-Fabrication Metal ReimaginedKNOLL America Inc.

2022 | August 2022 | Engineering & Design

Post-Fabrication Metal Reimagined

KNOLL America Inc.

Machine tool providers and metal fabricators know that dealing with post-fabrication metal leftovers can be challenging. Therefore, a trustworthy partner that can provide high-performance technology to handle heavy-duty processing in round-the-clock operations is of the essence. Considering the importance of the durability required for such processing machinery, finding that partner makes all the difference.

2022 | August 2022 | Engineering & DesignTechnical Skills, Customization Expertise, and Big AmbitionsPatriot Products Group

2022 | August 2022 | Engineering & Design

Technical Skills, Customization Expertise, and Big Ambitions

Patriot Products Group

Patriot Products Group designs and manufactures pump system packages. The company offers diesel dry prime, diesel wet prime, sound attenuated, electric dry prime, and electric wet prime packages that can incorporate skids, trailers, control panels, and fuel cells as well as pumps and engines from various manufacturers. The young business is presently in a growth spurt, spurred by technical know-how and a flair for customization.

2022 | Engineering & Design | March 2022Meeting the Needs of World-Class ClientsAnaheim Precision Manufacturing

2022 | Engineering & Design | March 2022

Meeting the Needs of World-Class Clients

Anaheim Precision Manufacturing

Proudly serving clients for the past 35 years, Anaheim Precision Manufacturing (APM) is active in aerospace, defense, technology, medical, communications, commercial, retail and other demanding industries. An approved supplier for some of the biggest names in business, like Boeing, Goodrich Aerospace, Honeywell International, Gulfstream, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Zodiac, Rockwell Collins and Raytheon, APM provides engineering, milling, assembly and other services all in-house.

2022 | Engineering & Design | March 2022At the Forefront for Over 50 YearsSwiss Automation

2022 | Engineering & Design | March 2022

At the Forefront for Over 50 Years

Swiss Automation

Illinois-based machining manufacturer Swiss Automation has over half a century of experience in precision machining for a variety of industries including medical, defense, aerospace, and more. Feeling drawn to the automation behind cam-operated screw machines, Ken Malo decided to start his own business in 1965 and take on the market in his own way. Then located on Ohio Street in Chicago, the new business began manufacturing cam switches for the 1965 Ford Thunderbird, among other projects, before moving to the Barrington area of Illinois in 1970, where the main office has remained to this day.

2021 | Engineering & Design | November 2021The Match Game – F&D Plastics Offers Color ConsistencyF&D Plastics

2021 | Engineering & Design | November 2021

The Match Game – F&D Plastics Offers Color Consistency

F&D Plastics

When the team at F&D Plastics says they take customer service to the next level, they’re not kidding. For more than 50 years, this innovative and resilient company has consistently produced high-performance custom colors, pre-cultured resins, specialty compounds and additive masterbatches at two advanced manufacturing plants, all while providing superior turnaround times and outstanding flexibility for a variety of customers across North America, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean.


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