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2022 | Fabrication & Machining | June 2022Pulling Back the Curtain – Resourceful, Transparent Fabrication With a SmileSuperior Fabrication Company

2022 | Fabrication & Machining | June 2022

Pulling Back the Curtain – Resourceful, Transparent Fabrication With a Smile

Superior Fabrication Company

Much like Atlas carrying the ancient Greek world on his celestial shoulders, material handling machinery tends to be one of the unsung heroes moving and carrying the supplies that sustain the world as we know it across warehouses around the planet 24/7/365. Superior Fabrication Company in Kincheloe, Michigan is a North American engineering and fabrication leader in the heavy metal mast and sub-assembly, hydraulic fracking pump, and industrial equipment fabrication.

2022 | Fabrication & Machining | June 2022The Original Provider of the Desiccant BreatherDes-Case Corporation

2022 | Fabrication & Machining | June 2022

The Original Provider of the Desiccant Breather

Des-Case Corporation

The Des-Case Corporation is a world leader in designing innovative solutions for protecting lubricants from contamination. The lifespan of any piece of mechanical equipment is directly related to how well-lubricated the part is during operation, but the quality of a lubricant can be negatively impacted by moisture and other contaminants. Des-Case manufactures a suite of products to help maintain lubricant quality, extend the life of expensive mechanical hardware, and save customers on costly repairs and replacements over time.

2021 | Fabrication & Machining | November 2021A Complete SolutionA+ Group

2021 | Fabrication & Machining | November 2021

A Complete Solution

A+ Group

A+ Group has been providing manufacturers with plastic and metal hardware for a quarter of a century. Armed with an extensive inventory and multiple distribution centers, the Marlboro, New Jersey-based business represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers including Fidlock, Bodypoint, Systemmag, Trimmers, and Winhigh, in addition to supplying a standard hardware line.


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