Upgrading Equipment for Efficiency


ProcessBarron designs, manufactures, and installs air handling and material handling equipment for heavy industrial applications in the pulp and paper, steel, cement, lime, power, and biomass industries. The bulk of the company’s business is in the pulp and paper industry, and this makes up over fifty percent of its work. Pulp and paper mills...

ArchivedOver 30 Years of Adding ValueVirTex


Over 30 Years of Adding Value


VirTex Assembly Services, Inc. is an electronics contract manufacturing company based in Austin, Texas that provides the full spectrum of design, development, and distribution services to customers across a wide range of market sectors including automotive, defense, medical, industrial control, and more. The company has seven locations, more than 300 employees, and a focus on low-volume high-mix contracts.

ArchivedThe Future will be 3D PrintedEmbracing Additive Manufacturing


The Future will be 3D Printed

Embracing Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as three-dimensional (3D) printing, is rapidly moving from fringe technology to mainstream process in manufacturing and industrial circles. Two recent reports note the growing acceptance of 3D printing by manufacturers. Whether the printing material of choice is liquid plastic, resins, composites or metal powder, additive manufacturing is becoming a popular method for making prototypes, among other parts and products.


The Valve Manufacturer with a Commitment to ACTION

FBV Inc.

FBV Inc. is a Houston, Texas-based company (with two other locations in China and Panama) that specializes in valve manufacturing and maintains an extensive network of sales, service and distribution all around the world. ~ Since 2009, the manufacturer has been driven by its desire to satisfy customer needs with high-quality products. Its...

ArchivedSetting the Path in MEMS ProductionInnovative Micro Technology


Setting the Path in MEMS Production

Innovative Micro Technology

Innovative Micro Technology (IMT) designs, develops, prototypes, and mass-produces microelectromechanical systems-related products, also known as MEMS. The Santa Barbara, California-based firm is a top-of-its-class technology and manufacturer services provider that offers a turnkey operation with excellent engineering expertise and customer support.


Recycled Rubber and Plastic Bottles

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