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Manufacturing in FocusDriven to Serve the Automotive SectorToolplas Systems

Manufacturing in Focus

Driven to Serve the Automotive Sector

Toolplas Systems

Inspired by the dream of one day running his own business, Nick Mamatas, who immigrated from Greece at age 18, founded Toolplas Systems in 1999 after acquiring a small toolmaker in the Windsor, Ontario area. He soon shifted gears to specialize in the automotive sector, his area of expertise. Driven by the mission to deliver problem-free tooling to customers through engineering and technical expertise, while also providing a robust work environment and culture for team members, Toolplas continued to grow.

Manufacturing in FocusNew York’s World-Class HVAC InstallersSoutherntier Custom Fabricators

Manufacturing in Focus

New York’s World-Class HVAC Installers

Southerntier Custom Fabricators

Established in 1982 in Elmira, New York, Southerntier Custom Fabricators both fabricates and installs HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) products for various clients in the commercial, institutional, and industrial marketplace in the state of New York. But whether you choose to work directly with Southerntier, or have its custom fabricated products installed by another contractor in the northeast corridor, you are guaranteed a world-class HVAC air handling system you can depend on, to receive the thermal comfort and high indoor air quality you need to keep your establishment running smoothly.

Manufacturing in Focus

Experts in Performance Chemicals

Velsicol Chemical

is a crystalline solid used as a building block in the industrial synthesis of many manufacturing end products such as alkyd resins, which are used to improve gloss, hardness, and chemical resistance. Salts and esters of this simple, aromatic, carboxylic acid are called benzoates, and are often used as preservatives. Velsicol manufactures sodium...

Manufacturing in FocusMaking the Quality Assurance Process AirtightATEQ USA

Manufacturing in Focus

Making the Quality Assurance Process Airtight


ATEQ USA is a Livonia, Michigan-headquartered leak testing solutions provider with over 40 years of experience providing accurate, customizable instruments to thousands of manufacturers in various industries all over the world. What unifies them is their need for a superb quality assurance process, of which a leak detection protocol is a key feature.

Manufacturing in FocusA Solution for Every FleetI.D. Systems

Manufacturing in Focus

A Solution for Every Fleet

I.D. Systems

I.D. Systems, Inc. was founded by two Stanford engineers in 1993 to transform the way wireless technology is used to help organizations manage their mobile business assets, such as forklifts, rental vehicles, cargo trailers, or connected cars. Its goal is to provide pioneering solutions that ensure its customers’ valuable mobile assets are managed in a way that helps these organizations to be safer, improve efficiency, and cut costs.


The Valve Manufacturer with a Commitment to ACTION

FBV Inc.

FBV Inc. is a Houston, Texas-based company (with two other locations in China and Panama) that specializes in valve manufacturing and maintains an extensive network of sales, service and distribution all around the world. ~ Since 2009, the manufacturer has been driven by its desire to satisfy customer needs with high-quality products. Its...

Manufacturing in FocusThe Lean Manufacturer Known for Its ValuesPolymer Technologies

Manufacturing in Focus

The Lean Manufacturer Known for Its Values

Polymer Technologies

Polymer Technologies Inc. has been dedicated to providing solutions for thermal and acoustic energy management and air and fluid transmission since 1989. The company’s customers have the option to choose from a wide selection of innovative standard products (including hydrophobic melamine foams, elastomeric mounts, and hoses and molded rubber parts), or work with the team to create custom designed solutions. The in-house manufacturer serves as a valued resource to businesses of various industries looking to grow their margins while enhancing their product performance.


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