The Integrated Cleaning Systems Experts

Written by Robert Hoshowsky

Parts washing is vital for manufacturing success. Far from an afterthought, it is an integrated part of the process in sectors as diverse as rail and transit on the one hand, and aerospace and automotive on the other.

Manufactured parts can be contaminated with everything from grease and oil to grinding residue and other debris that must be removed before use. Failing to remove lubricating materials and other residue can be disastrous—and very expensive. That is why, for almost half a century, PROCECO has designed, manufactured, and supplied high-quality integrated cleaning systems to thousands of the best-known and most respected manufacturers worldwide.

Behind a range of state-of-the-art conveyor washers, drum washers, batch/cabinet washers, spray immersion washers, and other products, PROCECO’s expertise in industrial aqueous parts washers and custom precision cleaning systems is unmatched. From high-pressure water-jet deburring to wastewater treatment, and fluorescent penetrant inspection to surface treatment, PROCECO meets the needs of clients in heavy machinery and general manufacturing.

Turning the page
The story of PROCECO Ltd. goes back to 1975. That year, the Montreal-based business was founded by Austrian immigrant Helmut Schauer and his business partner as PROCECO Industrial Machinery Ltd. The years to come saw growth, certification, acquisition, and the introduction of many successful products, including the filing of a patent for turntable spray-cabinet parts washers (which became the TYPHOON®-HD), in 1981.

The company experienced growth, both in the U.S. and internationally; the building of a new manufacturing and test facility in 1990; ISO 9001 certification in 1995; and the acquisition of MP Tech blasting technologies in 2009. The first battery tray cleaning system for the electric vehicle industry was delivered in 2020.

On the threshold of its 50th anniversary, the latest chapter of the PROCECO story began this April with the acquisition of the company by respected entrepreneur Philip Infilise following Helmut Schauer’s retirement. Known for his innovation, integrity, and leadership skills, Infilise is the founder and CEO of Beyond the Dotz. Positioning PROCECO for continued success, the business will go forward with Robert Burns as President and Infilise as CEO.

“Building a company with a strong reputation and respected brand over 50 years is a compelling achievement and I am honoured to be able to be part of PROCECO’s next chapters of its story,” says Infilise in a media release. “Helmut has fostered a culture and a team with strong values and a proven track record. PROCECO’s growth under Robert Burns’ leadership has created a strong foundation for the impending expansion of the PROCECO organization. The future is very bright, and I am excited by the opportunities to collaborate with all PROCECO stakeholders to impact positive outcomes.”

Holding company co-founder Helmut Schauer in the highest regard, Remi Mercier, PROCECO’s Director of Sales, also looks forward to the company benefiting from Philip Infilise’s experience and fresh perspective.

“The new owner, Mr. Infilise, has a proven track record in terms of increasing revenue and sales, so I think the company can benefit from that experience and grow,” he says. “It will open a huge window of opportunity for us. The idea is to successfully continue what we have been doing for 49 years. We are known in the market for quality equipment, and we want to build on our reputation and keep growing the company.”

Industry leader
As one of the world’s premier manufacturers of industrial aqueous parts washers, surface treatment systems, and integrated systems for in-process cleaning, PROCECO has supplied over 6,700 systems to clients in aerospace, automotive, and other sectors. Although the company’s core focus is on North America, PROCECO has customers worldwide. Recognizing the potential in international markets, the company is dedicated to taking its decades of industry experience abroad.

No matter the location, all clients benefit from PROCECO’s professionalism, dedication, and innovation, whether they are after the company’s Overhead Conveyor Parts Washers like the TYPHOON®-OCW or the TYPHOON®-SI Spray-Immersion Cabinet Parts Washer; Railway Axle Washers; Locomotive Engine Washers; Aerospace Tube Cleaning; or any other PROCECO offering.

The company also offers a number of advantages to its clients as a one-stop, start-to-finish shop. Starting with sales, all equipment is carefully designed to meet specific customer needs at the company’s office in Montreal. “We buy some components, make others, and then put it all together,” says Mercier.

Taking ownership of the full process, PROCECO then ships equipment to customer sites. Installation of parts washing equipment may be handled by a third party, and PROCECO will then perform pre-start-up, training, commissioning, and full servicing of the equipment. “We have a department for service calls, provide spare parts for customers, and conduct retrofits and audits of equipment,” comments Mercier. “We cover pretty much the whole spectrum.”

PROCECO also sells refurbished washers and handles re-tooling for customers. The company is currently performing electrical re-fitting for a U.S. company moving abroad, making them compliant with local regulations. “They shipped us back the equipment, and we’re working on it,” explains Mercier. “Once it’s complete, we will ship it overseas and make sure everything is working. It can be electrical or mechanical; there are different things we can do, including equipment refurbishing and retooling.”

Saving you money
Sometimes parts washing is not approached seriously enough, which can cost companies time and money later on in the manufacturing process. One way PROCECO saves customers money is through the repeatability of the washing process and strict consistency of results. Consistency is key, as dirty parts can cause massive recalls.

“For us, it is critical to make sure we bring consistency and repeatability into the customer’s manufacturing process,” says Mercier. “By working with large companies, we have a proven track record that shows we can achieve this.”

Another way PROCECO saves customers time and money is through its modular engineering design approach. One of the greatest benefits of PROCECO’s products is that modules can be added to equipment, which allows the company to cost-effectively meet evolving customer needs and applications. “Since we already have the concept, it’s just a matter of putting the pieces together,” notes Mercier.

Steady growth
Today, PROCECO has a staff of over 100 at its 65,000-square-foot Montreal facility. All client sectors of the business are on the rise—especially heavy equipment—and the team is also seeing growing demand in aerospace on the maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) side.

As a Canadian company, PROCECO is seeking strategic partnerships with a foremost American aviation company and several well-known automotive parts manufacturers (to help with the transition to electric vehicles). “We help them with new pieces of equipment, and at the same time, they help us develop what the future of parts washing will be in the automotive industry,” says Mercier.

Recently, the company developed a new concept for its aircraft wheel washer and secured a contract to develop the machine for Air France and their maintenance centre at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG). Says Mercier, “That presents a huge opportunity for us to expand that market.”

Looking forward
As PROCECO edges closer to its 50th anniversary, the team looks forward to its future, including plans for further growth and capacity, and securing new customers and distribution channels.

Although the company promotes itself both through traditional means like mailing and modern methods such as social media, much of its business comes through word of mouth. “Sometimes customers move around to different companies, and contact us for equipment. We also have a whole strategy [encompassing] digital marketing, including inbound leads, going out into the field, speaking with people, and having a presence at trade shows. It’s a great way to meet existing and new customers at the same time,” Mercier says.

“Given our almost 50 years in business, the word is out.”



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