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Manufacturing in FocusQuality at the Connection PointFasTest

Manufacturing in Focus

Quality at the Connection Point


FasTest Inc. manufactures a wide range of quick-test connectors and valves that enable equipment manufacturers to verify the quality of their products by testing for leaks. The company’s custom solutions and catalogue of patented innovative products are capable of creating an instant, reliably-sealed, leak-free connection to nearly any type of fitting or port.

Manufacturing in FocusSecurity as CultureProtecting IP in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing in Focus

Security as Culture

Protecting IP in the Manufacturing Industry

If you take a close look at all the many gadgets and electronic devices that fit into your daily life you’ll likely find that an exceedingly large number of them are made in China. This probably won’t surprise you, as offshore manufacturing has been a staple of the North American electronics market for almost fifty years. Beyond electronic gizmos, you’ll also find that toys, clothes, even some food products are being manufactured in low-cost foreign regions. This has been a prevailing reality for a very long time, but things are about to change.

Manufacturing in FocusWorking SmarterAI and Machine Learning in Manufacturing

Manufacturing in Focus

Working Smarter

AI and Machine Learning in Manufacturing

A key goal of any successful manufacturing operation is a continual drive toward improving the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Traditionally, this has been accomplished through the adoption of lean production principles, waste reduction using the Six Sigma approach, and similar productivity solutions. These systems have been widely incorporated throughout the manufacturing industry and have significantly improved product quality, production speeds, and perhaps most importantly, the safety of those working in manufacturing plants.

Manufacturing in FocusNo Holes In This BucketThe Bucket Shop

Manufacturing in Focus

No Holes In This Bucket

The Bucket Shop

The Bucket Shop is a canadian company based in Timmins, Ontario that specializes in the manufacture and repair of buckets and truck boxes for the mining industry. After thirty years in business, the company has grown to be an indispensable asset to its customers in the Timmins Mining Camp and beyond.

Manufacturing in FocusDiverse Services for Diverse ClientsSIGMADESIGN

Manufacturing in Focus

Diverse Services for Diverse Clients


SIGMADESIGN provides engineering and manufacturing services with a focus on covering the entire product development life-cycle from concept through production including prototyping, fabrication, assembly, testing and manufacturing. Headquartered in Camas, Washington, the company has additional facilities in Seattle and Singapore.

ArchivedOver 30 Years of Adding ValueVirTex


Over 30 Years of Adding Value


VirTex Assembly Services, Inc. is an electronics contract manufacturing company based in Austin, Texas that provides the full spectrum of design, development, and distribution services to customers across a wide range of market sectors including automotive, defense, medical, industrial control, and more. The company has seven locations, more than 300 employees, and a focus on low-volume high-mix contracts.

Manufacturing in FocusAt the Forefront of Scrap Metal Recycling and ProcessingUniversal Scrap Metals

Manufacturing in Focus

At the Forefront of Scrap Metal Recycling and Processing

Universal Scrap Metals

USM, Inc. is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois as one of North America’s largest wholesalers and processors of scrap metal and other materials. The company offers a wide range of scrap processing, management, and recycling services for many types of scrap including non-ferrous, ferrous, used beverage cans, high nickel alloys, electronics, spec copper processing and precious metal refining.

Manufacturing in FocusDriven by TechnologyStreamline Circuits

Manufacturing in Focus

Driven by Technology

Streamline Circuits

Streamline Circuits is a leading edge, technology-focused manufacturer of rigid, rigid flex, and multilayer flex type printed circuit boards for a wide range of industries including communications, military and aerospace, and medical equipment, among others. The company specializes in high-mix low-volume orders of advanced printed circuit board solutions.

Manufacturing in FocusFrom Concept to DeliveryTexas Wireline

Manufacturing in Focus

From Concept to Delivery

Texas Wireline

Texas Wireline is a manufacturer of wireline equipment for the oil and gas industry, operating out of Fort Worth, Texas. Founded in 2005, the company has met with a great deal of success over its lifetime, having developed a full line of equipment, a solid reputation, and a network of key clients throughout the region.


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