September 2021

2021 | Engineering & Design | September 2021Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Manufacturer Showing Resilience in Hard TimesGDI Adhesives

2021 | Engineering & Design | September 2021

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Manufacturer Showing Resilience in Hard Times

GDI Adhesives

GDI Adhesives is a manufacturer of hot-melt and water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives located in Germantown, Wisconsin just north of Milwaukee and specializes in acoustic and partition, automotive, electronics, laminating and converting, tape and label, product assembly, packaging, and a variety of niche industries such as filter assembly and foam assembly. One relatively unique industry that is growing in popularity these days and with which GDI is involved is insect adhesives.

2021 | September 2021Forward-Thinking EngineeringZemarc Corporation

2021 | September 2021

Forward-Thinking Engineering

Zemarc Corporation

Zeke Zahid founded Zemarc Corporation in 1976 with a vision to bring only the best value-added products, services, and solutions to the fluid power market. Over the decades, the Los Angeles-based business has grown to become a global leader in industrial distribution, with branch offices throughout California and more than fifty employees with a combined 150 years’ experience in the fluid power and motion control industry.

2021 | September 2021Test Chamber Solutions Built to LastRussells Technical Products

2021 | September 2021

Test Chamber Solutions Built to Last

Russells Technical Products

Michigan-based Russells Technical Products manufactures test chambers and systems. The company’s roots reach back as far as the 1940s and Ken Russell, the then-operator of Ken Russells Refrigeration, a commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) business. Ken Russells Refrigeration was a precursor to Russells Technical Products, which went on to design and manufacture environmental test chambers, which are generally used to expose specific environmental conditions to various products, materials, or components.

2021 | September 2021Exploring OpportunitiesElcon Precision

2021 | September 2021

Exploring Opportunities

Elcon Precision

Elcon Precision LLC manufactures precision components and assemblies for multiple industries. Based out of San Jose, California, Elcon primarily serves market sectors like aerospace, medical, defense, and energy storage. The company’s processes generally involve developing smaller components for large applications such as X-ray systems and surgical devices for the medical market; ion engines, satellites, and space flight systems for aerospace clients; or ejection systems in helicopters. Its wide range of products and industries served along with its commitment to a higher standard of manufacturing places it in an enviable position amongst its competitors.

2021 | Manufacturing in Focus | September 2021The Business of BrandingPackaging & Labeling

2021 | Manufacturing in Focus | September 2021

The Business of Branding

Packaging & Labeling

Wrapping up old-fashioned packaging ideas may be more difficult for some industries than others. Difficulties aside, however, the reality is that, as climate change begins to hit home around the world, it is time to get creative and far more benevolent toward our planet. In this feature, we explore several solutions to some urgent packaging issues that some of the world’s biggest brands are embracing.

2021 | September 2021Why They Call It The BluesRecycling Realities in a Throwaway Society

2021 | September 2021

Why They Call It The Blues

Recycling Realities in a Throwaway Society

Reduce, reuse, recycle: We’ve all heard the slogan, and most of us try our best to adhere to the principles of buying less, adopting green initiatives when possible and carefully loading up the recycling bin for weekly collection. But after the Blue Box is emptied and the truck drives away, what do we really know about the ensuing process? How much of what we diligently attempt to recycle to save the planet actually makes a difference? Wanting to help stop climate change, mitigate waste in landfills and eliminate ocean pollution isn’t as clear cut as we might think, because the recycling industry is a lot less about saving the environment and a lot more about economics.


Recycled Rubber and Plastic Bottles

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