March 2022

2022 | Engineering & Design | March 2022At the Forefront for Over 50 YearsSwiss Automation

2022 | Engineering & Design | March 2022

At the Forefront for Over 50 Years

Swiss Automation

Illinois-based machining manufacturer Swiss Automation has over half a century of experience in precision machining for a variety of industries including medical, defense, aerospace, and more. Feeling drawn to the automation behind cam-operated screw machines, Ken Malo decided to start his own business in 1965 and take on the market in his own way. Then located on Ohio Street in Chicago, the new business began manufacturing cam switches for the 1965 Ford Thunderbird, among other projects, before moving to the Barrington area of Illinois in 1970, where the main office has remained to this day.

2022 | Engineering & Design | March 2022Meeting the Needs of World-Class ClientsAnaheim Precision Manufacturing

2022 | Engineering & Design | March 2022

Meeting the Needs of World-Class Clients

Anaheim Precision Manufacturing

Proudly serving clients for the past 35 years, Anaheim Precision Manufacturing (APM) is active in aerospace, defense, technology, medical, communications, commercial, retail and other demanding industries. An approved supplier for some of the biggest names in business, like Boeing, Goodrich Aerospace, Honeywell International, Gulfstream, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Zodiac, Rockwell Collins and Raytheon, APM provides engineering, milling, assembly and other services all in-house.

2022 | Automation | March 2022Second Generation Leader Helps Guide Family Machine Shop to New LevelsRathburn Tool & Manufacturing

2022 | Automation | March 2022

Second Generation Leader Helps Guide Family Machine Shop to New Levels

Rathburn Tool & Manufacturing

In a marketplace that has been filled with uncertainty, global upheaval, supply chain issues, inflation, acts of nature and more, strong leadership is needed more than ever. And while that’s true for any size company, it is certainly a necessary element for a second generation machine shop located in the rust belt of Indiana fighting for relevancy and growth.

2022 | Automation | March 2022Leading the Way in Laser Manufacturing SolutionsVirtek Vision

2022 | Automation | March 2022

Leading the Way in Laser Manufacturing Solutions

Virtek Vision

Virtek Vision International is a Canadian manufacturer with international reach. Operating out of Ontario, this company primarily provides solutions to a diverse clientele based around the implementation of lasers and laser-outfitted products. These solutions include 3D laser projection systems, assembled from proprietary software and laser projection units assembled in-house. Virtek’s products are, in turn, used across a number of different industries to enhance the capabilities of manufacturing, projection, vision positioning, and quality assurance processes, among other areas.

2022 | March 2022All Hands on Deck: Committed to Customers, Community, and CollaborationBrannon Steel

2022 | March 2022

All Hands on Deck: Committed to Customers, Community, and Collaboration

Brannon Steel

As a company that has experienced steady, impressive growth since 1968, Brannon Steel has not only enjoyed successful expansion, but has managed to maintain its initial goals and focus of caring for its employees, clients and community. Fostering a deep commitment to family and teamwork, this ISO certified manufacturer with three facilities in Brampton, Ontario offers a wide range of services processing carbon steel plate while expertly handling an array of top-level clients.

2022 | March 2022Easing Supply Chain StressNetchem Inc.

2022 | March 2022

Easing Supply Chain Stress

Netchem Inc.

As a woman-owned company, specialty chemical distributor Netchem Inc. knows how to raise the bar when it comes to cultivating excellence by embracing diversity. The company has built a reputation for being an expert in diversifying client supply chains across North America. It is also known for solving procurement issues. After nearly thirty-one years in this niche industry, this company is as market-savvy and streamlined for success as one can be.


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