Leading the Way in Laser Manufacturing Solutions

Virtek Vision
Written by William Young

Virtek Vision International is a Canadian manufacturer with international reach. Operating out of Ontario, this company primarily provides solutions to a diverse clientele based around the implementation of lasers and laser-outfitted products. These solutions include 3D laser projection systems, assembled from proprietary software and laser projection units assembled in-house. Virtek’s products are, in turn, used across a number of different industries to enhance the capabilities of manufacturing, projection, vision positioning, and quality assurance processes, among other areas.

Virtek was established in 1986 in Waterloo, but now boasts a reach extending across North America and even the world, with customers in Europe and Asia as well. This extended reach is thanks in part to its association with parent company Gerber Technology, a designer and developer of engineering software. Across its 30+ years in business, Virtek has become adept at addressing the needs of prestigious companies worldwide and applying its own brand of precision, reliability, and innovation.

Virtek Vision’s product offerings are primarily designed to make projects and work much simpler, and streamlined for whatever industry a client may be working within. Virtek uses 3D VPS (Vision Positioning System) technology to assist in fabrication work and with alignment, while its inventory outfitted with Spatial Positioning Systems (SPS) is chiefly used for location-based services in assembly. Laser Projection Systems (LPS) can be applied in both three-dimensional and flat, two-dimensional spaces for precise measurement, assessment, and inspection, among other processes.

Indeed, diversity of application is a strength inherent to the company’s approach to business, as these unique laser solutions are routinely applied to varying purposes and for wildly different markets. Virtek counts itself as the largest laser manufacturer in the world across industries like aerospace, automation, construction, and more, lending credence to its identity as a trusted name in laser solutions.

The company is quick to cite innovation as a cornerstone of not just its growth but its very identity as a business. Virtek has new product releases practically every month, with an eye toward increasing product and process efficiency across the manufacturing sector and its many market spaces. The company also aims to lead the way in the laser market by embracing what is referred to as Industry 4.0, the term associated with the continued interconnectivity between automation and computing software as industries worldwide embrace modern forms of technological integration. This will allow laser technology like that at Virtek to continually evolve in smarter ways to both better serve the end user and stay connected with robust and sophisticated automated systems as they continue to evolve and upgrade.

What’s more, a move toward greater automation in manufacturing can help customers experiencing a recent negative trend facing many sectors, that being the lack of skilled labour. Many businesses today are reporting challenges in finding enough skilled workers to execute tasks and deliver results, a gap in the market that recent trends in automation look to ease, if not outright fill, as time goes on.

For Virtek Vision’s part, the company continues to seek individuals who will take advantage of the environment of opportunity and exploration it provides. Virtek offers a great deal in the way of diversity, benefits, and team-building events to encourage a sense of camaraderie and a collaborative environment in the workplace. Vision is not just a part of the company’s name as much as it is a key value that the long-tenured business has made that name on.

Laser technology is a field that demands a high level of competency and knowledge, and to this end, the offices of Virtek Vision offer comprehensive support to those both within and outside of the company itself, a must for the complex solutions it offers. Virtek’s global service team is always ready to serve a client’s needs, offering three levels of customer assistance and product assurance worldwide. The company also sets itself apart by offering a solutions-based webinar series on its website, as well as remote demonstrations of all its products to ensure clients are always sure of the best use of a piece of Virtek technology. On the philanthropic level, Virtek extends regular charitable support to the United Way, which provides aid on an international level to various nonprofits.

From beginning to end, the team at Virtek are committed to the ideals of trust and reliability when it comes to the relationships they’ve built with their customer base – relationships perhaps better identified as partnerships, a meeting of ideals to always determine the most effective and preferred course of action.

In 2021, Virtek appointed Dietmar Wennemer and Chris Rasmuscak into new positions of CEO and COO, respectively. These appointments last year came following Virtek’s new ownership under AIP (American Industrial Partners) and will fuel further innovation-based company growth going forward. Moving ahead into 2022, Virtek will be hitting the road to be a part of trade shows like JEC World 2022, the leading industry show for international composites. The company also finds itself amid an important anniversary, as Virtek celebrated 35 years in business in 2021. This distinction is one that the company feels is worth celebrating with the current state of the world, especially when it comes to how its growth and market leadership have evolved in these challenging times. In an online press release, Virtek acknowledges the hard work of both its suppliers and partners, as well as the longtime support of its customer base, for getting the company to where it is today. The company further tips its cap to employees throughout company history who have aided its commitment to innovation and growth: “The best is yet to come; we are very excited for all that 2022 has to offer.”

With renewed motivation and always-evolving solutions to meet the needs of an eager customer base, Virtek Vision’s future and place within manufacturing circles seems as bright as it was some 35 years ago.



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