June 2023

June 2023 | Medical DevicesPerfecting the Science of Pain ManagementWEX Pharmaceuticals

June 2023 | Medical Devices

Perfecting the Science of Pain Management

WEX Pharmaceuticals

When physical pain occurs—whether from an injury, surgery, or the ravages of cancer—finding the right product to alleviate symptoms can be a matter of trial and error, and is often fraught with side effects including addiction and overdose. WEX Pharmaceuticals Inc., a late-stage drug development company based in Vancouver, BC, is dedicated to reducing those threats through research, development, and manufacture of Halneuron®, a new non-opioid analgesic considered to be a breakthrough in pain-management technology.

June 2023 | Medical DevicesAccurate Diagnostics – When Every Minute CountsResponse Biomedical Corp.

June 2023 | Medical Devices

Accurate Diagnostics – When Every Minute Counts

Response Biomedical Corp.

Response Biomedical Corp. (Response) is a market leader in comprehensive acute care testing. It is a well-established, thriving Canadian company with full operations—including all manufacturing—based in Vancouver, B.C. Response competes in the in-vitro Diagnostic (“IVD”) market globally and its RAMP system is a fast diagnostics platform offering lab-quality performance in acute care settings.

In Focus | June 2023 | The Canadian Tooling & Machining AssociationBringing Attention and Support to Canada’s Tooling IndustryThe Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA)

In Focus | June 2023 | The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association

Bringing Attention and Support to Canada’s Tooling Industry

The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA)

The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA) is dedicated to supporting the interests and promotion of the trades and industries of its namesake affiliations. It began operations in 1963 by uniting various trade associations into one organization, with the lasting goal of better representing the tooling industry in Canada. This includes businesses and service providers within the precision metalworking industry, including those that design, manufacture, repair, or assemble tools, dies, moulds, models, patterns, jigs, fixtures, gauges, machinery, machining systems, robotics, automation equipment, machine shop products, and cutting tools.

In Focus | June 2023 | The Canadian Tooling & Machining AssociationLiving a LegacyElliott Matsuura Canada

In Focus | June 2023 | The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association

Living a Legacy

Elliott Matsuura Canada

Elliott Matsuura Canada Inc., a branch of the global machine tool supplier Matsuura Machinery Corporation, is based in Oakville, Ontario. Its rich history began in 1905 with founder Hugo Frye, a German engineer, who opened his first manufacturing company upon moving to the United Kingdom. He later married Beatrice Elliott, and together the two founded the B. Elliott Group, from which the Elliott group of companies would spring.

In Focus | June 2023 | The Canadian Tooling & Machining AssociationWorld-Class Tooling, World-Class TrainingMax Die Group

In Focus | June 2023 | The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association

World-Class Tooling, World-Class Training

Max Die Group

With roots going back a century, the Max Die Group designs and builds automotive stamping tools, prototype parts, and low volume production parts, and runs a training centre for young apprentices. The group consists of three locations—Manor Tool and Die Ltd. (Manor) and its Sigma Division, which are based in Oldcastle, Ontario; and Lakeshore Stamping, Inc., based in Tecumseh, Ontario. This powerhouse trio, each with its specialties, is strategically located near the North American automotive epicentre of Detroit, Michigan.

In Focus | June 2023 | Manufacturing in Focus | The Canadian Tooling & Machining AssociationThe Tools of Success – Superior Products and a Stellar Work EnvironmentClover Tool Manufacturing Limited

In Focus | June 2023 | Manufacturing in Focus | The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association

The Tools of Success – Superior Products and a Stellar Work Environment

Clover Tool Manufacturing Limited

Since its founding in 1979 as a tool and die company housed in a 2,000-square-foot shop with 10 employees, Clover Tool Manufacturing has expanded steadily, becoming a producer of completed and semi-finished components and moving to a 14,000-square-foot facility employing 30 people in Vaughan, Ontario in 1989.

In Focus | June 2023 | The Canadian Tooling & Machining AssociationReimagining Custom MachiningJancox Metal Products Inc.

In Focus | June 2023 | The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association

Reimagining Custom Machining

Jancox Metal Products Inc.

After half a century in the machining industry, Jancox Metal Products Inc. remains a trusted partner to well-known names in the North American automotive industry. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, just a stone’s throw from Pearson International Airport in Toronto, the company prides itself on being a dynamic fabrication outfit delivering a sophisticated range of products and services.

June 2023 | ServicesThe Global Source for Trusted Bulk Mineral SuppliesCREMER ERZKONTOR North America

June 2023 | Services

The Global Source for Trusted Bulk Mineral Supplies


If ever there was a boutique broker of bulk material supplies, CREMER ERZKONTOR (formerly Possehl Erzkontor), the parent company of CREMER ERZKONTOR North America (CENA), is it. That is why increasing numbers of big manufacturers—especially in steel—look to this company to mitigate the risks in procuring raw materials and minerals from abroad. Founded in the early 1900s by the international materials trader Emil Possehl in Lübeck, Germany, it has earned itself a reputation for international raw materials trading excellence in the industry.

June 2023 | ServicesThe Crane ExpertsCRS Crane Solutions

June 2023 | Services

The Crane Experts

CRS Crane Solutions

CRS Crane Solutions knows cranes. In business since 1991, the Alberta-based company has grown into one of the largest crane suppliers in North America, building a reputation for exceptional lifting solutions and a relentless commitment to customer service. The team produces more than 150 cranes a year, with up to 175-ton capacity and 130-foot span, in one of the biggest crane manufacturing plants on the continent, which boasts a whopping 30,000 square feet of quality-controlled production space.

June 2023Manufacturing WellnessBringing Home the Best

June 2023

Manufacturing Wellness

Bringing Home the Best

In a time where antibiotic resistance and other looming medical quandaries are driving innovation in an ever-growing industry committed to saving lives, growing the manufacturing of laboratory and hospital equipment, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices on North American soil is imperative to national safety. To this end, the United States’ medical equipment industry alone is rearing to expand to nearly $75 billion over the next four years—predicted to be the largest single market of this kind in the world.


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