Where Integrity Is a Core Value

Integrity Tool and Mold Inc.
Written by Pauline Müller

The world of tooling and molding has, up until comparatively recently, been a world known for being set in its ways—which is, when systems all work along the same lines, not necessarily a bad thing.

But then the 21st century came along, bringing with it levels of technology that few long-time industry legends could have fathomed, let alone thought attainable in their lifetimes. As the Baby Boomer Generation passes its proverbial torch alongside its hands-on knowledge to younger generations, these younger generations are leaning toward advancement and improvement. And Integrity, one of the continent’s foremost tooling and molding giants, is committed to driving that change.

Far from shying away from meeting the future head-on, the Integrity team handpicks employees with a love of learning and an inherent understanding of service excellence. Here, people who embrace lifelong improvement find an employer ready to engage. With footprints in El Marqués, Querétaro, Mexico; Pulaski, Tennessee; and Troy, Michigan, the company’s headquarters is based in Oldcastle, Ontario, Canada. Established in 2000, Integrity is only two years away from celebrating a quarter of a century serving North America and customers further afield.

This is a team that means business. To illustrate, Integrity has a dedicated transportation division with around 17 heavy-duty vehicles that takes care of logistics across the continent and between its plants. Custom design, prototyping, fabrication, assembly, and after-sales servicing are all part of the outstanding offerings its international clientele benefit from, and the company works on a spectrum of project sizes ranging from surprisingly little to—quite frankly—gargantuan jobs.

Remaining current naturally translates into investing in the latest equipment and technology—a major deciding factor for clients who insist on the best quality available. Thanks to its immense footprint, the company’s facilities are well-versed in collaborating when necessary to deliver exactly what clients need. Its capabilities include computer numerical control (CNC) machining, feasibility checks, and product development alongside 3D printing and advanced measuring technology like software for in-depth Measurement System Analysis (MSA), alongside sophisticated engineering tools like geometric dimensioning and tolerancing systems.

In addition, the company’s impressive stable of expert designers gives customers access to a vast volume of in-depth development and design knowledge.

The company’s commitment to excellence starts long before the design phase, however. First, feasibility checks and testing are conducted in a specialized laboratory to ensure that what is developed is indeed what the customer needs—and that it will perform optimally within the systems it is destined for. “We partner with our clients to strategize and validate specifications to meet aggressive timing and meet short lead times. We will verify your part can be molded before a single steel chip hits the floor,” the company states on its website.

To this end, one of its most exciting pieces of technology, perhaps, is Mold Flow—a simulation program that visually represents the flow state and nature of a range of materials and how they behave under pressure within a mold. This is essential as every material moves differently under pressure and at different temperatures. By first mimicking the process with the use of this next-generation software, molding is made easier while preventing waste and error as well.

Flow analysis ideally renders high-tolerance molding and improved overall quality of the final component as design issues like compromised surfaces, impractical protrusions, or insufficient tolerances are quickly brought to light and corrected before high-volume production starts. In this way, molds can be fine-tuned in tandem with the molding material if and as necessary to render fault-free production of the final parts.

The company’s large team ensures that all machining and fabrication happen at high speed and at top quality throughout all its facilities. It is when it comes to validating tools, though, that Integrity’s technological prowess truly shines. By putting components through real-life testing, any possible weaknesses or desired improvements that could take parts to the next level quickly become evident. Some of the machines used to conduct this testing process include powerful industrial presses and robotic instruments that mimic the wear and stresses of everyday use.

Yet, no equipment deal is complete without the certainty of access to maintenance services. And here, Integrity again takes pride in providing for its customers’ needs. While the company offers in-house emergency repairs, it has trained teams to install and introduce tools off-site. In essence, Integrity provides clients with a well-thought-through service portfolio favoured for its dedication to high-performance outcomes and sophisticated capabilities. Always up for the next challenge, its team of designers is perpetually ready to put their heads together in search of the next big solution. And, with easy access to the entire company’s large pool of resources, they have everything they need to deliver innovation where and when it is needed—fast.

As many firms return fabrication to home shores, it is interesting to note that clients as far as Asia have opted to turn to this team for their tooling and holding needs—despite being surrounded by a plethora of industry competitors. Always in the market for good quality and longevity, European clients are also known for seeking out the depth of product and engineering understanding that Integrity hosts in its phenomenal team of people. As a result, the company takes great pride in investing in its people and is always looking for new talent to join its ranks.

Ultimately, no amount of technology can replace the relationships the company has built over more than two decades in a demanding and—at times—unforgiving industry. People are at the heart of Integrity and as such, its commitment to taking care of its customers in the exact way they need by providing solid, old-fashioned service alongside modern methods will continue guiding this team toward the horizon of a better tomorrow, where never-ending possibilities await.



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