September 2023 | ServicesThe Latest and GreatestPhillips Corporation

September 2023 | Services

The Latest and Greatest

Phillips Corporation

Phillips Corporation has been solving manufacturing challenges for the United States government, industry, and education leaders for over half a century. The Hanover, Maryland-based business has grown to become a global presence over the decades, building strategic partnerships with technology leaders such as Haas Automation and EOS.

September 2023 | ServicesCreating A Global EcosystemCCRM and OmniaBio Inc.

September 2023 | Services

Creating A Global Ecosystem

CCRM and OmniaBio Inc.

The Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) has an international reach. Launched in 2011 as a public-private partnership, CCRM aims to take advantage of Canada’s strengths in the science of regenerative medicine and transform them into commercial opportunities. CCRM looks to accomplish this goal by creating and investing in...

August 2023 | ServicesInnovative Healthcare FurnitureWieland Healthcare

August 2023 | Services

Innovative Healthcare Furniture

Wieland Healthcare

Wieland Healthcare is making waves in the healthcare furniture sector, succeeding alongside much bigger companies despite its more diminutive size. “We’re a relatively small company within our competitor range,” says Market Manager Kimberly Sank. The company may be relatively small, but its impact is big and the business has become widely recognized for innovative, patient-first products.

June 2023 | ServicesThe Global Source for Trusted Bulk Mineral SuppliesCREMER ERZKONTOR North America

June 2023 | Services

The Global Source for Trusted Bulk Mineral Supplies


If ever there was a boutique broker of bulk material supplies, CREMER ERZKONTOR (formerly Possehl Erzkontor), the parent company of CREMER ERZKONTOR North America (CENA), is it. That is why increasing numbers of big manufacturers—especially in steel—look to this company to mitigate the risks in procuring raw materials and minerals from abroad. Founded in the early 1900s by the international materials trader Emil Possehl in Lübeck, Germany, it has earned itself a reputation for international raw materials trading excellence in the industry.

June 2023 | ServicesThe Crane ExpertsCRS Crane Solutions

June 2023 | Services

The Crane Experts

CRS Crane Solutions

CRS Crane Solutions knows cranes. In business since 1991, the Alberta-based company has grown into one of the largest crane suppliers in North America, building a reputation for exceptional lifting solutions and a relentless commitment to customer service. The team produces more than 150 cranes a year, with up to 175-ton capacity and 130-foot span, in one of the biggest crane manufacturing plants on the continent, which boasts a whopping 30,000 square feet of quality-controlled production space.

2022 | June 2022 | ServicesMoving PartsHandling Systems & Conveyors

2022 | June 2022 | Services

Moving Parts

Handling Systems & Conveyors

Handling Systems & Conveyors, Inc. (HSC) of Little Rock, Arkansas, specializes in large material handling equipment used to transport parts and structures in industrial settings. More specifically, the company—which marked its thirtieth anniversary this year—designs, manufactures, builds, repairs, services, and installs cranes and industrial conveyor systems. Its clients are primarily found in the heavy manufacturing sector, where conveying and lifting large items are central to the workflow.


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