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March 2024 | ServicesClearing the AirAllied Blower

March 2024 | Services

Clearing the Air

Allied Blower

The last time Business in Focus touched base with Allied Blower, the whole world was in turmoil. The company’s plans to expand to the United States had just run into an obstacle that nobody could have foreseen: COVID-19. Travel was restricted, and every business was wondering exactly what the impact would be on regular operations, let alone any expansion plans.

Automation & Technology | February 2024On the Cutting EdgeDorian Tool International

Automation & Technology | February 2024

On the Cutting Edge

Dorian Tool International

The current manufacturing landscape has very little in common with the state of the industry four decades ago. Today, it is a highly competitive global industry, not one for the faint of heart. Leaders of manufacturing businesses have a decision to make: is the only option to compete on the basis of price with low-cost manufacturers overseas? Or is it better to focus on innovation, using the best technology and talent available to provide a high quality product at the best possible price?

December 2023 / January 2024 | In Focus | Michigan's Manufacturing RevolutionA Diversified Portfolio Brings 50 Years of SuccessDiversified Tooling Group

December 2023 / January 2024 | In Focus | Michigan's Manufacturing Revolution

A Diversified Portfolio Brings 50 Years of Success

Diversified Tooling Group

Many companies have a proud and rich past. In other cases, the company’s history is shorter but its prospects are exciting. To speak with the owners of Diversified Tooling Group is to get a peek into a company with both: a proud family history spanning three generations and a passion for their business that points to a bright future.


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