November 2022

2022 | November 2022Doing the Right ThingBell and Howell

2022 | November 2022

Doing the Right Thing

Bell and Howell

Technology-enabled field services company Bell and Howell services a wide range of automation equipment for multiple original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and markets across North America. We spoke to the company a year ago, reporting on how the Durham, North Carolina-based business helps customers increase efficiency and reduce operational costs through its comprehensive solutions in retail, grocery, pharmacy click-and-collect, automation, and production mail. This month, we sat down with senior executive and grocery commerce expert James Hermanowski to learn more about the company’s work to fight food insecurity through food bank technology.

2022 | November 2022The Heart of the Matter: Striving for Safer SurgeryStereotaxis

2022 | November 2022

The Heart of the Matter: Striving for Safer Surgery


At some point in their lives, everyone is expected to undergo a medical procedure, and knowing the physicians in charge have the best tools at their disposal can go a long way to easing anxiety on the operating table. With the goal of developing and providing cutting-edge surgical robotics that improve minimally invasive endovascular intervention, St. Louis, Missouri-based Stereotaxis Inc. is a pioneering company and leading authority.

2022 | November 2022Celebrating Three Decades of Best-In-Class 3D Product DataTraceParts

2022 | November 2022

Celebrating Three Decades of Best-In-Class 3D Product Data


Digital content provider TraceParts specializes in providing three-dimensional (3D) product data for the manufacturing industry. The brand was founded in the late 1990s in Europe—now with an American office operating out of Cincinnati—as an effort to help computer-aided design (CAD) engineers and designers of industrial products and equipment save time and boost productivity while designing products and industrial equipment. This eliminated the need to draw and re-draw two-dimensional (2D) and 3D parts of components like nuts, bolts, bearings, and cylinders by hand using 3D modeling.

2022 | November 2022New Products and New Acquisition Equals Big GrowthJN White

2022 | November 2022

New Products and New Acquisition Equals Big Growth

JN White

JN White is a fast-growing firm headquartered in Perry, New York, that manufactures custom graphic overlays, membrane switches, display backlighting, and complex user interfaces. Its primary services are rapid prototyping, custom assembly, manufacturing engineering, vendor managed inventory, and switch testing. The company adheres to strict industry standards to maintain consistent quality.

2022 | November 2022Where Would You Like To Go?What’s Next for Electric Vehicles

2022 | November 2022

Where Would You Like To Go?

What’s Next for Electric Vehicles

You are driving along in your car, or, more accurately, your car is driving you along. You have set the car to fully autonomous so that you can lay back on the mattress which folds out for these trips, and it’s zipping along in electric-powered near silence. You were in a bubble gum-pink mood so that’s what you set your car’s color to before pulling out of your driveway with the plan to get caught up on that Netflix series that you haven’t had a chance to watch while you are on your way to your destination.


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