July 2022

2022 | July 2022People Power: Communication, Innovation, TeamworkSamco Machinery

2022 | July 2022

People Power: Communication, Innovation, Teamwork

Samco Machinery

What began as a one-man operation in 1972 has since flourished into a global enterprise with manufacturing locations in both Canada and India, an admirable feat that Samco Machinery Ltd. proudly embraces. A true family business, Samco was founded by Joe Repovs. The company is now run by his son, who carries on the goal of creating customized roll forming machines, value-added solutions and coil processing equipment, and providing innovative and unique services that meet and exceed specific customer needs.

2022 | July 2022Making Technology HumDalsin Industries, Inc.

2022 | July 2022

Making Technology Hum

Dalsin Industries, Inc.

Precision metal fabricator Dalsin Industries, Inc. knows its field well after nearly eighty years in the metal industry. Primarily serving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across North America with value and durability, the company is especially known for the size of its fabrication runs and expert design capabilities that leave many of its competitors in the dust. As a result, it often works with the renewable energy, transportation, heating, ventilating, and cooling industry (HVAC), the doors and enclosures sector, and elevator markets.

2022 | July 2022Showing Grace Under Extreme PressureCO-AX Valves, Inc.

2022 | July 2022

Showing Grace Under Extreme Pressure

CO-AX Valves, Inc.

co-ax valves inc. (CVI) has come through the COVID crisis in a strong position, with new markets, new products, and new ways of doing business. The Bristol, Pennsylvania-based subsidiary of German parent company müller co-ax gmbh designs and manufactures valves for a wide array of customers. Its valves are used in industrial settings to control vacuums, liquids, gaseous substances, and gelatinous materials.

2022 | July 2022Family MattersAll Metals Fabricating

2022 | July 2022

Family Matters

All Metals Fabricating

In business for almost 70 years, All Metals Fabricating continues to play a key role in American manufacturing. Combining time-tested skills with investments in high-tech equipment, All Metals is one of America’s foremost contract manufacturers and total manufacturing solutions providers, handling sheet metal work, welding, machining, powder coating, electrical mechanical assemblies, and other services.

2022 | July 2022Passionate About SealcoatingsSTAR, Inc.

2022 | July 2022

Passionate About Sealcoatings

STAR, Inc.

Sealcoating on asphalt or concrete surfaces isn’t decorative; it’s highly functional and protects considerable investment. Sealcoating safeguards home driveways, gas stations, parking lots, even airport surfaces from wear and tear, oil and gasoline spillages, water, snow, wind, rain, and hail. Not to mention the little matter of looking new for...

2022 | July 2022The Show Must Go OnEmbracing Industry 4.0 Post-Pandemic

2022 | July 2022

The Show Must Go On

Embracing Industry 4.0 Post-Pandemic

The entire world is weary of hearing the word, but upon its arrival in 2020, Covid wreaked major havoc on our health, society, travel, business and pretty much every aspect of manufacturing across the globe. From medical equipment to automobiles, electronic parts and food products, the supply chain’s disruption is still being felt to this day, impacting numerous areas of daily life with soaring prices and the ongoing inability to access necessities.


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