March 2024

Current | March 2024 | ServicesIt’s All in the ChemistryNetchem

Current | March 2024 | Services

It’s All in the Chemistry


In the world of international specialty chemical procurement and distribution, Netchem Inc. serves hundreds of manufacturing customers, from independently-owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Netchem enables its customers to build and expand solid supply chains, striving to act as an extension of their procurement and distribution departments. And while bigger competitors had difficulties during the supply chain nightmare of recent years, Netchem fulfilled many urgent requests for material while increasing its standard three-month inventory holding period to support customers’ production schedules.

Current | March 2024 | ServicesThe Global Source for Trusted Bulk Mineral SuppliesCREMER ERZKONTOR North America

Current | March 2024 | Services

The Global Source for Trusted Bulk Mineral Supplies


If ever there was a boutique broker of bulk material supplies, CREMER ERZKONTOR (formerly Possehl Erzkontor), the parent company of CREMER ERZKONTOR North America (CENA), is it. That is why increasing numbers of big manufacturers—especially in steel—look to this company to mitigate the risks in procuring raw materials and minerals from abroad. Founded in the early 1900s by the international materials trader Emil Possehl in Lübeck, Germany, it has earned itself a reputation for international raw materials trading excellence in the industry.

Current | March 2024 | ServicesClearing the AirAllied Blower

Current | March 2024 | Services

Clearing the Air

Allied Blower

The last time Business in Focus touched base with Allied Blower, the whole world was in turmoil. The company’s plans to expand to the United States had just run into an obstacle that nobody could have foreseen: COVID-19. Travel was restricted, and every business was wondering exactly what the impact would be on regular operations, let alone any expansion plans.

Current | Fabrication & Machining | March 2024Bringing the Creative Approach to Custom Extrusion SystemsMacro Engineering & Technology

Current | Fabrication & Machining | March 2024

Bringing the Creative Approach to Custom Extrusion Systems

Macro Engineering & Technology

For 40 years, Macro Engineering & Technology has helped film and sheet makers in the consumer goods, medical, industrial, and food packaging industries achieve their production goals. As a leading provider of components and systems for value-added films and sheets, Macro remains committed to partnering with each customer to give a tailored solution.

Current | Fabrication & Machining | March 2024Adapting and EvolvingSeptimatech Group

Current | Fabrication & Machining | March 2024

Adapting and Evolving

Septimatech Group

Experts in overcoming difficulties involved with optimizing changeovers and container handling on packaging lines, Septimatech Group’s knowledge and expertise gathered from working on more than 2,700 different makes and models of packaging machines and lines lends itself to increasing productivity of clients’ packing lines and machinery while enhancing ergonomics and streamlining processes.

Automation | Current | March 2024Taking Automation Integration to New LevelsRAMP, Inc.

Automation | Current | March 2024

Taking Automation Integration to New Levels

RAMP, Inc.

Specializing in custom automation design-build and equipment fabrication, RAMP, Inc. has turned itself into a veritable powerhouse of innovation, harnessing technology to fabricate next-generation manufacturing equipment and inspection and material handling systems for customers in industries like consumer goods, medical devices, transportation, and others around the globe. Recession-proof and self-sufficient to its core, this company is set to be around for many decades to come.

Current | Engineering & Design | March 2024The A-TeamThe A-Team

Current | Engineering & Design | March 2024

The A-Team

The A-Team

Headquartered in California, Barnum Mechanical Inc. provides sanitary process and utility piping design-build services to a diverse clientele across the U.S. Now well into its fifth decade of business, Barnum is growing rapidly. Director of Business Development Andy Hooper says that the ongoing success of the business is directly correlated to the growth and success of the industries it serves, from food and beverage (F&B), to alternative proteins, water and wastewater treatment.


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