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Curry Fluid Power
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

Curry Fluid Power is a family-owned and operated company that has become a one-stop shop for fluid power solutions. From hydraulic cylinder and component manufacturing, to pump, motor, and valve repair, to parts distribution, the company has become the go-to for countless OEMs and players in mining, oil and natural gas, aggregate, construction, and agriculture.

A history of growth
Incorporated in 1995, Curry Fluid Power is the first spinoff of Curry Supply which was established in 1932 and is owned by the Ritchey family. Originally named Central Hydraulics, it offered an inventory of hydraulic hoses, belts, and other components that supported both in-house and customers’ parts needs.

“Curry Supply Company manufactures service trucks like water trucks and mechanics’ trucks, lube trucks, and more, so Curry Fluid Power was a spinoff of that, which was hydraulics, fluid power, and the parts division. We started in a small barn with a couple of people, and the main customers back then were local guys,” says Vice President Ryan Stoltz.

As well as supplying parts, Curry Fluid Power repaired hydraulic cylinders, pumps, motors, and valves. As the services multiplied, so did demand, and in 2008 the company expanded into a larger facility in East Freedom, Pennsylvania, where it operates to this day.

“We found that a lot of the cylinders and things needed parts made, so we added a machine shop to make those parts and then that turned into manufacturing new components and cylinders,” says Stoltz.

This move enabled growth in capacity through the addition of a fully equipped machine shop, but it was still not enough to satisfy demand. The following year, a new facility was opened in Eighty Four, Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh and close to the Marcellus Shale formation, a booming sector that Curry was well-equipped to support.

In 2016, further growth took place with the addition of 32,500 square feet of space to the company’s machining and repair shops. In the following years, its operational footprint expanded to Phoenix, Arizona to better service its market presence across North America and globally.

“We’ve kind of become a one-stop shop, so we have the manufacturing and the repair and all the components that go with it. So when somebody comes to us, they don’t need to go anywhere else for their fluid power needs. They can call us and no matter what it is, we can help them out and do what they need us to do for them,” says Stoltz.

To further deliver on this commitment across the company’s footprint, the third location, which was added in Phoenix, Arizona, enables the team to respond even quicker.

As Stoltz explains, “Based on our inventory and where the customer is, we’re able to pick and choose where we ship product from, so we can get them what they need within a few days’ freight anywhere in the U.S.” The result? New customers, more quotes, and unlimited potential for growth, he says.

Evolution and adaptation
Throughout its evolution, Curry Fluid Power has continued to add capacity and size to sustain its growth. With three pillars to its operation, it has a strong foundation to grow on.

“Manufacturing, repair, and distribution—they’re the three pillars of our business. We’ve just continued to add machines, add people, get into new customers, and really diversify our total product offerings,” says Stoltz. “On the distribution side, we sell all the components that go with it: the hoses, the fittings, the adapters, any other hydraulic components.”

With three stocking locations, a large inventory, and expansive in-house expertise, customers can depend on Curry Fluid Power for same-day shipping and unmatched service whether they’re looking for a part, repair, or manufacturing support. The company’s machine shop can design, reverse engineer, and manufacture OEM cylinders and other components; provide testing and quality control processes; and repair cylinders, pumps, motors, and valves.

As a Danfoss Authorized Service Center, Permco and Youli Valve Master Build Center, and member of both NAHAD (The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution) and the Hose Safety Institute, Curry Fluid Power offers expert service supported by modern facilities and a deeply rooted commitment to success.

“All our facilities are very modern, so that helps attract and retain employees. All our machines are new and well maintained,” Stoltz says, a significant contributor to the company’s success.

A culture driven to succeed
Talent attraction and retention are a big part of Curry Fluid Power’s secret sauce. It has become a place to grow a career, and this fuels the passion and drive that show up throughout its staff.

Now 40 years old, Stoltz has spent 24 years with the company, moving up through the ranks and, he says, growing his commitment to the company’s success. “We all feel like owners in some sort of way even though we’re not. We’re all invested in the company, and it feels like ours,” he says. “We’re young and hungry as far as the culture goes. We have a lot of young guys, people who want to grow and see the company grow. It’s a family-owned company which keeps us all close, and we like to promote from within.”

This sentiment was shared by Vince Heaton, Production Manager, who referred to the ownership team and their “fearlessness” in including employees in the company’s success through open feedback loops and a decision-making process that puts stock in its employees.

Heaton says, “When you come to [management] with an idea and you want to try this or that, the answer is always yes. They invest in us, they believe in us, they believe in the company.”

Director of Business Management Frank Spaid agrees. “It’s not a factory atmosphere where you just come in and do your job and leave after eight hours. Just about everybody in the company is involved in some way shape or form as to the outcome of it.”

The employees on the shop floor are empowered to make decisions. From the leadership perspective, “the people that are close to the problem get the chance to fix the problems. I think that’s allowed us to move faster, think faster,” explains Heaton, confirming that this approach gets the job done and done well for customers.

Eyes on the future
As most companies know, growth presents both an opportunity and a challenge, and that holds true for Curry Fluid Power. While the opportunities are endless, the team must ensure it has the capacity and resources to satisfy demand.

“We have to be able to increase capacity, improve our processes, and get faster and more technological, and personnel is always tricky. Not a lot of people are going into machining and welding and those kinds of trades anymore, so one of the hardest things is finding new personnel and retaining them. That’s a challenge,” says Stoltz.

Curry Fluid Power has planned a remodel that will add 20,000 additional square feet of space to house machinery. The company has added staff as it has grown and will continue its quest to acquire additional facilities or operations to sustain its expanding footprint. Curry Fluid Power is also investing in further improving the working conditions for its employees, a testament to the concern of the company’s ownership for the people who have served it so well.

Highly valuing relationships and respecting its people, Curry Fluid Power shows every day what makes it the partner of choice for parts, repairs, and the manufacture of fluid power solutions for customers in North America and around the world.



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