June 2021

2021 | In Focus | June 2021Strong Growth, Strong CulturePueblo Mechanical & Controls

2021 | In Focus | June 2021

Strong Growth, Strong Culture

Pueblo Mechanical & Controls

Pueblo delivers full spectrum HVAC, Plumbing and Controls service and installation for education, government, industrial, healthcare and commercial customers. As a leading provider in the state of Arizona, the company has completed tens of thousands of projects and service calls, and its solutions and services range from system repairs and replacements to multi-million dollar retrofits and installations, encompassing intricate design-build specifications.

2021 | Automation | In Focus | June 2021From Cloud Manufacturing to Augmented RealitySmart Tools for Streamlined Manufacturing

2021 | Automation | In Focus | June 2021

From Cloud Manufacturing to Augmented Reality

Smart Tools for Streamlined Manufacturing

The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, has brought with it gifts of previously unimaginable ingenuity in the form of a phenomenal selection of new smart tools available to manufacturers. From virtual reality to 3D printing, manufacturing has entered an era of smart tools the world has never seen before. The sky is the limit, and while manufacturing may be up in the ‘cloud’ these days, its operations are fully rooted in reality – albeit augmented reality in some cases.


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