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Manufacturing in FocusMade in AmericaPlastic Molding Manufacturing

Manufacturing in Focus

Made in America

Plastic Molding Manufacturing

When it comes to polymer-based products, Plastic Molding Manufacturing (PMM) of Hudson, Massachusetts is the go-to manufacturer. Throughout its fifty-year history, the company has aided in the design and production of its clients’ molds, reducing costs and incorporating the latest in technology. Chief Executive Officer George E. Danis takes great pride in his company’s products being American-made.

Manufacturing in FocusPioneers in AgricultureKSi Conveyors, Inc.

Manufacturing in Focus

Pioneers in Agriculture

KSi Conveyors, Inc.

In the world of belt conveyors and seed handling, one company has made strides that no other has. KSi Conveyors, Inc. of Sabetha, Kansas, has applied a special group of employees, coupled with research and development knowhow, to conceive of and develop a patented cleat belt technology that outperforms conventional augers and conveyors and ensures greater efficiency. We spoke with Chief Executive Officer Paul Kaeb and Marketing Director Rick Smith to find out more.

Manufacturing in FocusA Cut AboveHE&M Saw

Manufacturing in Focus

A Cut Above

HE&M Saw

To remain competitive in a global market, you need to offer value and service. HE&M Saw of Pryor, Oklahoma does just that. We spoke with Chief Engineer Maxwell Harris about competition from overseas, the effect of artificial intelligence (AI) on the industry, and what it means to be family-run and owned.

Manufacturing in FocusOn the Cutting EdgeWikus Saw Technology

Manufacturing in Focus

On the Cutting Edge

Wikus Saw Technology

Many industries rely on band saw blades to cut wood and metal in order to manufacture various products, and WIKUS-Sägenfabrik, Wilhelm H. Kullmann GmbH & Co. KG, with its headquarters in Spangenberg Germany, has been producing top-of-the-line band saws for over sixty years. Wikus is a recognized leader in the area and the largest band saw blade manufacturer in Europe. We spoke with the U.S. organization Chief Executive Officer, Georgi Jossifov, to get the full story

Manufacturing in FocusWhere Innovation Meets ServiceAirBoss of America Companies

Manufacturing in Focus

Where Innovation Meets Service

AirBoss of America Companies

Hailing from Newmarket, Ontario with offices throughout Ontario, Quebec, and the U.S., rubber compounding corporation AirBoss is one of the biggest and best in the business. Innovation carries the company forward as one of the premier composite manufacturers in the industry, and growth continues to be fuelled by product diversification and new ideas. We spoke with Vice President of Corporate Supply Chain Ed Kiell to find out more.

Manufacturing in FocusLeading North America’s Securement SectorErickson Manufacturing

Manufacturing in Focus

Leading North America’s Securement Sector

Erickson Manufacturing

The global market is fraught with barriers to economic success. Cheap labour overseas can make manufacturing a difficult endeavour. Tie-down strap producer Erickson Manufacturing has struggled due to imports from China but found a way to embrace the situation and thrive. We spoke with President Brent Erickson and Marketing Director Tyler Daly about the current state of the industry and what projections there are for its future.

Manufacturing in FocusOver 50 Years of Precision Turned Components for Any ApplicationSwiss Automation

Manufacturing in Focus

Innovation since 1965

Swiss Automation

Business in Focus magazine wrote about Swiss Automation, a leader in precision machining back in August of 2017. Demand has since increased and with it a renewed sense of urgency to train skilled laborers. The internal apprenticeship program is helping in that regard. Diversification is a part of this company’s history and will continue going forward. We spoke with Vice President Vanessa Malo-Kurzinski about this and the new building addition to the Barrington, Illinois facility that will increase efficiencies.

Manufacturing in Focus

Success Built on Reputation

Bell Trucks America

Bell Trucks America Inc.’s South African parent company has a proven track record of approximately sixty years. Bell's off-road articulated dump trucks (ADTs) are being distributed by Bell Trucks America Inc. in a mutually beneficial relationship. It has only been four years since Houston, Texas-based Bell Trucks America began, but it is quickly...

Manufacturing in FocusExact InstrumentsCole-Parmer

Manufacturing in Focus

Exact Instruments


Cole-Parmer is a leading source of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment and supplies. This is an industry where being exact is of crucial importance as demonstrated by the critical needs of the company’s customer in fields such as pharmaceuticals, academic research, and industrial process. New advancements in technology will always fuel it to exceed. We spoke with Joy Bennett of the marketing department and Michelle Joly, a technical service representative, to learn more.


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