Safety Comes First at this One-Stop Shop

Lubecore International
Written by Allison Dempsey

There’s no arguing that the past year has been a challenging one for many businesses here and around the world, but even during these very difficult times, Lubecore International has remained dedicated to keeping its customers and its staff as safe as possible.

A leader in the Automatic Lubrication System (ALS) industry with a line of fully modular pumps, top springs, and self-bleeding pumps, Lubecore continues to serve a wide range of industries including road fleets, agricultural, heavy equipment and industrial applications, with new and exciting innovations always on the horizon.

Founded in 2008 and based in Campbellville, Ontario, Lubecore truly does it all, designing, assembling, manufacturing, marketing, installing and finally guaranteeing its advanced and innovative automated lubrication systems. The company proudly owns its machines and tooling along with its intellectual property, including specifications and designs, while also employing contract suppliers. Lubecore also has patents pending on next-generation developments in automated lubrication.

After founding the company, President Jan Eisses subsequently travelled to Europe to see what could possibly be brought on board to help grow his ALS business. Realizing his suppliers would eventually become his competition, Eisses decided he needed to become his own supplier, championing the concept of the all-in-one shop. He started making the product in Korea, but when importing from that country became problematic, he then moved the company to Canada, where Lubecore now assembles and tests parts and has its own quality control at a more cost-effective price. With plans for $20 million of growth in the works, the company has a continuously growing dealer network with numerous sales and service sites in several countries around the world.

With more than 100 years of combined management experience, Lubecore now boasts three locations of 60 employees, with global export capabilities of its high-quality ALS product coupled with the ability to quickly make changes quickly and flexibly. Customer service is also key at Lubecore, with the team working hard to continuously improve product and adapt to new situations and demands. Lubecore supplies and supports dealers and customers in the industrial, transportation, mining, municipal, agricultural and mobile heavy equipment markets. In other words, if it needs grease, Lubecore can automate the lubrication.

Touted as a highly specialized manufacturer of Automated Greasing Systems (AGS), Lubecore strives to utilize its extensive knowledge and experience to continually design solutions for its newest equipment, or create pieces not yet in existence. When it comes to building tailor-made, quality Automated Greasing Systems quickly and efficiently, Lubecore is proud to design, engineer and produce its own systems and parts locally in its Canadian facility. This allows the company to respond quickly to any requirements or changes, while offering flexibility to market demands and providing top-notch quality control with trusted in-house testing.

All of Lubecore’s ALS equipment is built to last. Its Modular Progressive Automated Lubrication System is designed for use in a variety of applications, with a powerful and precise delivery of all ranges of grease with compact distributor blocks to ensure the system feeds all areas of equipment, while the Multi-line “Spyder” pump, with its all-in-one design, provides an affordable solution while enhancing the safe operation of equipment and delivering continuous lubrication to critical components.

When it comes to innovation, Lubecore prides itself on leading the pack, and the Lubecore S Series injectors are no exception. All of the company’s fully self-bleeding injectors have the capability to pump air through them, making them the only injectors on the market that are self-bleeding when air is present in the manifold. With 500 PSI reset pressure, Lubecore’s injectors reload and deliver dependable volume in low-temperature areas and applications, and have been tested with results of more than 200,000 cycles, equal to more 100 years’ worth of cycles. Outstanding grease pressure combined with Lubecore’s 210 Single Line System ensures overall high performance coupled with the desirability of low maintenance.

Lubecore’s impressive and innovative standard features guaranteeing durability and performance are found across its entire line of products. The Stainless Steel Positive Inlet Pressure Top Spring allows for self-bleeding capability and steady EP-2 grease delivery even when exposed to harsh weather and extremely low temperatures, while the Stainless Steel Follower Plate system lets the user experience the benefits of clear grease level indication, fully protected from moisture, dirt and dust along with preventing potential grease funnelling. The stainless steel design is also maintenance-free, as it prevents corrosion. Lubecore’s Makrolon Reservoir is found on all the company’s systems, providing industry-leading power and hardiness, and a maintenance-free solution due to its break-proof design.

While the world continues to deal with unprecedented issues concerning the pandemic, Lubecore has taken its own steps to ensure the company’s staff and clients remain safe during daily operations. Technicians, for instance, are safely separated from each other, and private bays or outdoor spaces are used for work when possible. Technicians also continue to respect social and physical distancing, while wearing gloves and masks while interacting with clients, and take extra precautions for cleaning and sanitizing all touch and contact points on the equipment after use.

Lubecore remains dedicated to maintaining dependability and reliability, and because of its location and the fact that most products are manufactured in-house, the company is more independent of suppliers and not dependent on overseas deliveries, allowing for speedy and uninterrupted service to client equipment. The company is happy to assist clients during unintended downtime to help get equipment in shape and ready to go again when the current situation has resolved itself.

Aiming to be the leading provider and next-generation supplier of automated lubrication systems globally, Lubecore is dedicated to innovation while providing reliable, high-quality products and superior customer service. A main goal for the company includes establishing the most efficient and successful support network of specialized local dealers around the world while maintaining its core values of keeping the focus on customers first, being the best at what they do, demonstrating passion for the product, demonstrating an ongoing sense of urgency while taking the long-term view, and always operating with integrity.

Keeping customers at the forefront means focusing on maintaining enjoyable experiences whenever possible at every stage of the process, including interacting with a knowledgeable and amenable sales team and having access to a wide range of ongoing support. Determined to not just “sell a product,” Lubecore makes a difference by selling solutions designed to protect important equipment, company employees and the environments they work in, and ultimately, the organization’s bottom line. Providing the end customer with the most value for their investment remains top priority for Lubecore.

High-quality products are part of that process of customer service as the team works diligently to continually improve and evaluate its products and practices. As the company strives to lead the way by producing the highest quality and most innovative automated greasing systems available, it works to maintain its competence and expertise with its 4P value chain, its business principles, customer promise, products, and excellent staff.

Lubecore also touts its dealers and distributors as cornerstones of its success. Drawing on distributor feedback and firsthand knowledge, the company fully understands the desire for complete turnkey solutions. To that end, it continues to uphold added value by comprehending customers’ ongoing businesses and operational challenges at every stage of the value chain, demonstrating care and concern for all issues that arise.

As it looks to the future, Lubecore continues to strive to provide total solutions for its clients while offering exemplary customer service, whether it’s through the sale and installation of a system or solution, or providing aftermarket supplies and technical support for its dealers, distributors, and end customers. The company remains dedicated to providing solutions designed to not only protect equipment and employees, but to build a safe and secure work environment. With the goal of adding several hundred distributors, Lubecore is considering making the company a franchise, with the hopes of growing it to ten times its current size.



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