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ProPart Modular
Written by Jen Hocken

ProPart Modular is a construction company headquartered in Burlington, Ontario specializing in the design and construction of modular building components such as office partitions, controlled environments, and prefabricated structures.

Originally established in 1981 under the name Provincial Partitions, the company has found a great deal of success by focusing on the need for flexibility in business environments. As companies grow and change to meet the needs of their customers, the facilities that they operate out of must change as well. This creates a need for modular buildings and internal partitions that are quick to set up and easy to adapt. ProPart is an expert in designing and constructing modular solutions that enable businesses to easily modify their work environment.

Modular construction has many benefits over conventional methods. Aside from the speed and flexibility of designing and setting up a modular structure, ProPart works in a climate-controlled space, which means no weather-related delays. There are fewer steps in assembling a modular structure, which means fewer opportunities for things to go wrong and delay the project. And ProPart manufactures its own panels and its own wall system, so the company is in complete control of its timeline.

According to an interview with Dominic Logozzo, a project manager at ProPart, the company has worked with customers of all sizes, from small retail shops to large scale aerospace facilities. Indeed, modular construction has applications in a broad range of sectors.

ProPart offers products in four main categories: office partitions and interiors; industrial plant solutions; controlled environments; and prefabricated buildings. The breadth of this offering enables the company to serve customers with a wide range of modular building needs.

One key feature of ProPart’s products is the use of its patented “System 40” technology. Originally developed in the late 1960s, ProPart acquired the patent for the system in 1981 and began to implement it in modular projects. System 40 is a method for constructing modular structures without the need for mechanical fasteners.

Modular buildings and structures are extremely quick to set up and take down when compared to conventional construction, but the System 40 approach results in even faster installation and more flexibility. A typical modular construction is made up of panels held together by mechanical “batten” fasteners. ProPart’s system uses an entirely different, patented single line joinery method. As a result, System 40 buildings can be assembled often 40 percent faster than other processes. This means less business interruption for offices and less downtime for plant facilities.

For companies with sealed enclosure requirements, System 40’s corner joints create an airtight seal, enabling customers to achieve ISO Class 7 certification for cleanrooms. The system is the only single line joinery solution manufactured and sold in Canada and this makes it a choice product for modular cleanroom applications. Further, it provides a minimum one hour fire rating, and has a finish that minimizes contamination buildup. For companies that require a modular controlled environment for applications such as grow rooms, pharmaceutical laboratories, and more, System 40 is a highly valuable solution.

Beyond its application for cleanrooms, System 40 has a wide range of features that make it a highly sought after product for many use cases. For office space, it can easily be configured into any layout, and it has a sound transmission rating of STC 44, which means that only very loud speech can transfer through the panelling. For raised mezzanines, System 40 offers safe, bolted together structural components that are easily dismantled and reassembled. This enables factories and other facilities to make use of typically wasted vertical space.

ProPart is committed to working closely with customers to develop custom solutions suited to their needs. System 40 enables structures to be set up in any configuration, with any layout, using panelling with any dimension that is required for the selected space. This emphasis on flexibility and customization has made ProPart a key asset for customers in a wide range of industries.

ProPart has built a reputation in its operating territory for high quality, economical modular solutions. As a result, the company has been able to secure contracts with a number of major clients. One of the company’s long-time repeat customers is the Toronto Transit Commission. When the commission needed additional in-plant office space to expand the capacity of a maintenance facility in Toronto, Ontario, ProPart was hired to design and implement a solution.

After working closely with representatives from the Transit Commission to understand their requirements, ProPart and the client determined that two separate two-storey System 40 structures would allow for the required capacity. One of the office structures was built directly on top of an existing structure, taking advantage of previously wasted vertical space. System 40 buildings are not only flexible, but also structural, and building upward is one way that ProPart is able to help customers optimize the layout of their facilities. Because of System 40’s flexibility, ProPart was able to design a layout that enabled the TTC’s double-length accordion-shaped buses to be maneuvered around the structure.

In another key project, Six Nations of Brantford Ontario hired ProPart to design and oversee the installation of 16 private offices, a boardroom, a lunchroom, and a reception area. The company worked closely with the client to design a custom layout suited specifically to their work environment, and more than 2000 square feet of office space was built overall.

ProPart focuses on providing not only a high quality product, but also a high quality customer experience at an affordable rate. When the Burlington Economic Development Corporation’s TechPlace began working on its new LaunchPad project, they were looking for the most cost-effective modular construction partner. After reviewing the available options, they decided to go with ProPart. In just three days, the company built three 150 square foot offices, and according to the client, there was minimal disruption to the work day. Fast and easy installation of a high quality flexible solution – these are the key value propositions of ProPart’s offering.

In 2019, Billyard Insurance Group acquired a new facility and hired ProPart to help design and build the interior. Given how economical the System 40 solution is, Billyard decided to build an entirely new executive office complex including three enclosed offices with sliding doors, a conference room, and a terraced area above the offices and the reception area. The overhead space was built into an entertainment area with a bar, audio-visual technologies, meeting rooms, and more.

System 40 assemblies are installed much faster and with much less mess than not only conventional construction, but even typical modular construction projects. The result is a much faster turnaround and much less disruption to the customer’s business. Clients lose less time and money during the installation process, and spend less money on the overall construction and maintenance costs overall. ProPart provides a feature-rich solution for any modular construction application.

After 39 years of experience operating in Canada’s modular construction industry, ProPart has built a reputation for high quality modular building solutions that are fast and easy to install, more cost-effective than competing products, and suited to a nearly unlimited range of applications. Its flagship patented System 40 solution has enabled the company to stand well above competitors in the marketplace when it comes to custom layout design, controlled environments, and flexibility.



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