Two Canadian Companies Merge to Form an Additive Manufacturing Powerhouse

Javelin and Cimetrix Solutions
Written by Jen Hocken

Javelin Technologies is a leading provider of design engineering, product data management, automation, and additive manufacturing solutions. Cimetrix excels in additive manufacturing and laser scanning solutions with unique expertise in advanced manufacturing. In May 2018, the two came together to form the leading design engineering and additive manufacturing solutions provider in Canada.
The veteran senior management team consists of Javelin’s leaders – John Carlan and Ted Lee – and Cimetrix’s leaders – James and Kirsten Janeteas.

“As Javelin has grown over the years, we’ve continued to expand our product and service offering to help our customers in more areas than just 3D design,” says Managing Director Ted Lee. “We moved into data management to improve efficiency and workflow and expanded our services in tech support, skills assessment, training, and consulting.”

Of course, Javelin also added equipment and expertise in additive manufacturing to help customers quickly test their designs and manufacture usable parts. It means the merger of Javelin and Cimetrix made sense because of similar and complementary products and services. Cimetrix has always led the way in additive manufacturing technology and both companies have always focused on collaborative partnerships with customers that contribute to their overall business success.

“We’ve known Cimetrix well for quite some time and actually worked on some projects together in the past, so combining our talents made sense as we moved farther into additive manufacturing and optimization,” Ted says. “They were already so strong in all the hardware and services.”

The merger has allowed Javelin to increase its additive manufacturing capabilities to unmatched levels in Canada and has brought Javelin’s unique depth of expertise in engineering software to Cimetrix customers.

“The two teams are coming together effectively, and customers are very pleased that they’re dealing with one entity,” Ted explains. “We have always shared a lot of customers and now those customers deal with one team, from initial design right through to output on the manufacturing floor.”

Listed among fastest-growing tech companies
In 2018, for the third year in a row, Javelin Technologies appeared on the Growth 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, published by Canadian Business. It ranks number 32 on the list of fastest-growing information technology companies.

Growth will continue at the combined Javelin and Cimetrix. Additive manufacturing is going to play an ever-increasing role and together they are continually expanding their ability to influence the high-growth sectors in the economy. Their 6,000 customers drive innovation and advancements in every sector: from automotive to health care, and aerospace to agriculture. Customers big and small look to Javelin and Cimetrix to solve their toughest challenges and position them for growth. Powering the next generation is also important to them; Javelin supports and invests heavily in educational institutions.

Transforming operations for success
Manufacturers were hit especially hard in the economic downturn that began in 2008. Ted says Javelin used that time to help customers improve the way they worked.

“A number of our customers took that opportunity to retool, retrain, and reorganize their businesses so that when the recovery did come, they were in a better position. We were involved in a lot of those kinds of projects in that timeframe to help manage that transition,” he says.

Aiming high inside and out
Both Javelin and Cimetrix have always been proud of their ability to help transform a customer’s business.

“One of the most interesting things we do is get customers to think differently about their day-to-day work, and even their entire business,” Ted says. “We always want to study and understand the big picture. What skills do they have and how can we help fill any gaps? How are they storing and sharing information among team members? Are they interested in 3D printing? Getting somebody to think about doing it a different way than they’ve done it for the last 20 years can often be a tricky conversation, but we’re up for that challenge every time.”

Javelin Technologies has nine locations across Canada and employs approximately 120 people. Its team has a “work hard, play hard” attitude, and employees are passionate about serving customers in meaningful ways. The skill and talent of its people make Javelin a valuable partner to customers, and the company strives to create environments that make employees feel engaged and challenged.

“Everybody is excited when we’re working on projects that make a big difference for a customer, and when the customer really realizes how transformational it is, it’s a good feeling,” Ted says. “The goal is not necessarily to find the simplest solution − it is to make the dream happen, even if it may not seem possible right away.”

Javelin encourages its customers to aim high and think differently, and motivates its employees the same way. The employees listen to customer needs to understand their challenges, then find innovative ways to get results. In all cases, people come together with top skills and knowledge to work collaboratively. Javelin and Cimetrix take great pride in their people; they stand out for their ability to find unique, efficient, and smart solutions using the latest technology.

“Our customers are busy and focused on their day-to-day,” Ted says. “A big portion of our job is to identify the best technology products from around the world and bring them to the market. We turn them into complete solutions that solve customer problems.”

Ready for what’s next
As Javelin and Cimetrix move forward together, their people are particularly excited about advancements in additive manufacturing. 3D printing in metal is here, and recent advancements in post-processing are changing the way manufacturers think about what a 3D printed part can be or do. Laser scanners provide professional solutions for 3D digitizing real-world objects with complex geometry in high resolution.

As always, Javelin will continue to bring the latest technology to its customers, helping them understand and embrace new ways of thinking, designing, and manufacturing. With a strong presence already in Canada, Javelin has already begun serving companies around the world and plans to expand its footprint with its world-class products and sought-after services.



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