Investing in Being the Best

Jagemann Stamping Co
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

Since 1946, JagemannTM Stamping Co. has been serving several major global markets (including automotive, consumer products, electrical, home hardware, industrial, and solar) as a full-service stamping company specializing in deep draw, progressive, fineblanked stamping, and plastic injection and overmolding.
The family-owned manufacturer has two locations (JagemannTM Stamping Co. in Manitowoc, WI, and JagemannTM Precision Plastics in Murfreesboro, TN). It ships to OEMs worldwide from both locations. With its commitment to excellence, the award-winning company has satisfied its diverse customer base over the last 72 years.

“We focus on being the best in terms of the people we have in the organization, our customer service and ability to meet the needs of our customers, and the technology that we are able to offer,” says Amy Jagemann, Marketing and Customer Service Manager.

JagemannTM stamping’s capabilities
A key differentiator for the metalworking manufacturer is its breadth of capabilities. Always investing in the most up-to-date technology, the specialists at JagemannTM Stamping are able to offer many stamping technologies that its competitors cannot. In particular, its fineblanking technique allows it to produce metal part characteristics that are impossible via conventional methods, such as the flawlessly cut tooth of a gear.

Because the high-quality metals JagemannTM Stamping utilizes aren’t strained, critical flatness can be achieved through fineblanking, which holds the metal flat during the cutting process, preventing deformation during stamping. Several steps of traditional stamping are condensed in this method. In fields where the utmost precision is needed, as in the home hardware, medical, and automotive industries, fineblanking can be used to create the perfect end product in a shorter amount of time.

Deep drawing is a shape transformation process where the depth of the drawn part exceeds its diameter – it is “deepened.” With a mechanical punch, the flat disc of sheet metal is radially drawn into a forming die and stretched into its desired shape. This process is used to create cylindrical components or other shapes with depth, for a variety of industrial applications.

Progressive stamping feeds a metal strip through a press with multiple stations that each perform specific functions, including punching, bending, and coining, to achieve the end product. JagemannTM Stamping has over 100 years of experience with progressive stamping and deep drawing capabilities, and over 40 years of experience with the newer fineblanking technology.

JagemannTM Stamping’s two plastic molding specialties are plastic injection molding and plastic overmolding. Customers can take advantage of these custom services used to create high-precision components tailored to their specific needs. While injection molding involves injecting molten engineering grade resins into a mold, overmolding creates a single part using at least two materials by covering the first one with the injected “overmold” material(s). JagemannTM Stamping is experienced in crafting high-quality, custom molded parts, and invites OEMs to contact them even if they aren’t sure whether their part can be molded. Together, JagemannTM Stamping works with its customers to bring their precise, well-made products to market.

Moreover, because JagemannTM Stamping is a full-service manufacturer, its fineblanking, progressive stamping, and deep draw customers aren’t inconvenienced by outsourcing heat or surface treatments elsewhere; these treatments are included in the company’s integrated service. Also, Jagemann Stamping’s tooling is designed in house, and the tool is maintained by Jagemann Stamping for life. These are just some of the ways that JagemannTM Stamping operates to help save its customers time and money.

In addition to these stamping and molding services – the initial forming of the custom part – JagemannTM Stamping offers secondary operations at the customer’s convenience. These value-added services include bending, belt sand, tumble deburr, deburr, pressure testing, visual inspection, washing and production machining in house. Belt sanding and deburring are surface preparation services that can be used to improve a metal product’s finish.

The experienced and family-owned business is currently led by its third generation, with the fourth generation in management positions. But even though the mid-sized business of 275 staff members may have a small family feel, the company’s reach is global. JagemannTM Stamping is able to conduct business in all parts of the world through its network of strategic partners, who meet the same level of quality standards that it adheres to at its Wisconsin and Tennessee home bases.

JagemannTM Stamping’s focus on education
Part of the reason that JagemannTM Stamping Co. has been able to consistently deliver a high level of service to all corners of the globe from its state-of-the-art facilities over the decades is its commitment to investing in the education of its team. The company strongly values continuing education for all its team members, at every level. This value has been instilled in the business since its founding by William P. Jagemann in 1946. In 2002, his son William T. Jagemann and Fran Jagemann even created the William P. Jagemann Scholarship Program in his memory.

“We have a strong focus on education and employee development. We try to remove barriers that can prevent people from furthering their career, and we address those barriers proactively,” says Greg Jagemann, Continuous Improvement Manager.

For instance, employees who wish to develop their career at the well-established and long-running stamping company can have their education funded upfront, rather than simply being reimbursed for their training down the road. Unlike most companies who invest in this type of internal development, by adhering to this business policy, JagemannTM Stamping completely removes a staff member’s out-of-pocket educational expenses.

“Conferences and seminars are supported as well,” adds Amy Jagemann. “We are a member of many trade associations that offer industry-specific training and development programs. We have several team members going through those programs; we leverage those resources within the organization.”

JagemannTM Stamping also participates extensively in apprenticeship programs, and takes on both youth apprentices and adult, licensed state apprentices. In fact, 80 percent of youth apprentices end up being hired fulltime at JagemannTM Stamping once their apprenticeships have been completed.

JagemannTM Stamping also finds potential recruits through partnerships with local technical colleges that offer areas of study in relevant fields, such as machine operation or supervisory management.

In 2016, JagemannTM Stamping was even a recipient of the Top Tech Award by Lakeshore Technical College, selected for its longtime support of its local Manitowoc County Youth Apprenticeship program and its investments in employee education and training. During the program’s inception in the 90s, JagemannTM Stamping collaborated with other innovative businesses, local high schools, Lakeshore Technical College, and the State of Wisconsin to develop the program.

Interestingly, the same year it received the prestigious award, the growing manufacturer expanded its Tennessee-based facility and celebrated its 70th anniversary. One year prior, it won Denso’s Supplier Quality award for 100 percent performance based on quality.

Building a great team over the decades has won JagemannTM Stamping several customer awards, from quality to delivery, as a key supplier to national and international OEMs. It has also won statewide business awards.

For those who would like to join the team, either as an apprentice or on a full- or part-time basis, Greg Jagemann reveals that teamwork skills are the most important quality the manufacturer looks for. “We’re looking for good team members with strong soft skills. By having that, they can work in a team environment toward team goals. From there, we can further develop their technical skills,” he says.

The future of JagemannTM Stamping
Another reason behind JagemannTM Stamping’s continued success is its ongoing investment in its equipment. The 72-year-old business keeps a constant eye on the latest industry technology.

For example, in the automotive world, there is a lot of development with autonomous vehicles, hybrid systems, and fuel efficiency applications. JagemannTM Stamping believes that monitoring the technology that drives that is key for the company’s future.

This is all the more true as JagemannTM Stamping’s extensive capabilities allow for opportunities to leverage its existing customer base. JagemannTM Stamping has some customers who are currently only buying cars made from its deep draw process. Making sure they are informed of JagemannTM Stamping’s fineblanking or plastic molding services in another way to grow the business.

“From a manufacturing perspective, we also focus on cellular integration, automation, servo technology for our presses, and continued fineblanking expansion. That area of our business continues to grow, and so we continue to invest in that segment,” Amy Jagemann says, speaking to the company’s popular and unique fineblanking capabilities.

In addition, JagemannTM Stamping both participates in and attends a number of different events, such as conferences and tradeshows, to keep abreast of industry trends. This fall, for example, some of JagemannTM Stamping’s team members will be present at FABTECH (a metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing expo) in Atlanta, Georgia, from November 6–8.

Over the years, JagemannTM Stamping has remained a top business in the minds of its customers by keeping its message of investing in the latest processes, information, and technology in front of its customer base. Amy Jagemann remarks that by ensuring this visibility in the manufacturing industry, when opportunities present themselves with customers, they think of JagemannTM Stamping first, so the team can work with them upfront and early on in the design process, designing for manufacturability and efficiency.

As it inches closer to its 75th year in business and eventually grows to be a centennial company, JagemannTM Stamping will continue to invest in being the best in all aspects of the business, so it can keep offering only the best to the companies it serves across industries and around the world. Though no formal plans have been made yet, Amy and Greg Jagemann inform us at Manufacturing in Focus that the family business is open to expanding its reach not only in terms of its customer base, but perhaps geographically as well, adding a third location.

We are excited to see what the future of the company has in store.



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