From Concept to Delivery

Texas Wireline
Written by Ryan Cartner

Texas Wireline is a manufacturer of wireline equipment for the oil and gas industry, operating out of Fort Worth, Texas. Founded in 2005, the company has met with a great deal of success over its lifetime, having developed a full line of equipment, a solid reputation, and a network of key clients throughout the region.
Over 17 years, Texas Wireline has built a reputation for high quality, custom manufacturing, with a focus on meeting the unique needs of each individual client. Today, the company is considered to be among the leading manufacturers of wireline equipment for the oil and gas industry. Texas Wireline is committed to working closely with customers from the early concept stages of a project such that the final build is properly suited to that customer’s application. Whether the product is a truck, a skid, or a trailer, Texas Wireline has developed an expertise in listening, understanding, and building to each customer’s unique specifications.

Beyond the manufacture of wireline equipment, the company also offers repair and full rebuild services. Texas Wireline is committed to standing behind its products, and to maintaining customer relationships long after the final sale through these maintenance services. In order to accommodate these offerings, the company keeps an extensive inventory of parts on hand and is available for minor repairs, major equipment replacements, and even complete rebuilds to refurbish an older piece of equipment to like-new condition.

The company uses only the highest quality components, assembles them with great care and workmanship, and provides a ten year structural warranty on all of the bodies it builds. Texas Wireline is more than a manufacturer and an equipment vendor; it’s a company that stands by its equipment and its customers throughout the warranty life of every piece of machinery it offers, and beyond.

A company is only as good as its people, and at Texas Wireline the quality of the product reflects the quality of the team. According to the company website, its workforce has more than 100 years of combined experience and expertise in the industry, having collected a quality group of professionals from industry leaders such as Gearhart Industries, a Fort Worth well logging and perforating company; Halliburton, a multi-billion dollar, multinational oil field services company; Schlumberger, the world’s largest oil field services company; Western and Baker Atlas; Bentley; and Synergy, among others. An abundance of knowledge and expertise resides within the ranks of the Texas Wireline staff, and their combined understanding of the industry is carefully built into every piece of equipment produced by the company. As such, Texas Wireline equipment is designed with a keen awareness of industry standards and industry needs.

Beyond expertise, the Texas Wireline team has built a solid reputation for outstanding customer service. Along with an unrivaled capacity for meeting expectations in terms of manufacturing excellence and quality workmanship, the company boasts an incomparable record for delivering on schedule. If a customer is in need of support for troubleshooting an issue, replacing parts, or making repairs, the Texas Wireline team is on call and ready to go. Regardless of whether or not the equipment that is in need of service is actually a Texas Wireline machine, the company is willing to do everything it can to get a customer up and running as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Texas Wireline is committed to doing whatever it can to keep its customers up, profitable, and confident in their equipment.

The company’s truck bodies can be built to the exact specifications of any truck chassis that a customer might need. The design team will work closely with the customer to ensure that the body fits the truck precisely when the manufacturing team finishes with the project. Beyond functionality, the company also offers a full line of aesthetic services. Indeed, Texas Wireline has the ability to completely customize the look of a customer’s truck to fit their brand. From the exterior paint job to the logo decals, Texas Wireline is committed to helping its customers present the right image with the best equipment for any wireline job.

The quality of the equipment extends to comfort and convenience as well, as the interior layout is also completely custom, including cabinets, countertops, racks, and more. According to product information available on the company website, coffee pots, microwaves, monitors, ground reels, intercoms and more are all available components to make the operation of the equipment as comfortable as possible.

The truck bodies available from Texas Wireline come in two types: open hole, and cased hole. The general purpose for a wireline logging truck is to take well logs. A well log is a log of measurements related to the geological properties of a well at specific depths, and these well logs are taken in two different ways. Open hole logging is done when the bore hole of a well is still open, before it has been completed. This means that the measuring instruments have direct access to the surrounding geology all the way down. Cased hole logging is a form of well logging that occurs after a well has been completed and the bore hole has been encased. This procedure uses gamma rays and neutron pulses to analyze geological properties through the well casing. Texas Wireline offers equipment to handle both open and cased logging. Apart from truck bodies, the company offers a broad selection of additional wireline equipment. This includes electronic skid units, flat-backs, and trailers designed for every aspect of the wireline logging industry.

The combined experience of the Texas Wireline team has given the company a unique advantage in the marketplace, enabling it to have a keen understanding of the pitfalls and fail points of the equipment that’s available. The company’s equipment is designed to overcome these challenges and as a result, it is recognized as some of the best equipment on the market.

Throughout the company’s lifetime, it has worked diligently to assemble a team of experts from every corner of the oil and gas industry. This team has collaborated to create wireline logging truck bodies and equipment perfectly suited to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. Through a commitment to quality and service, Texas Wireline will continue to serve as a leader in the industry.



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