Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

The Making of Mass Transit

The manufacturing industry is no stranger to change, as materials, technologies, safety requirements, and customer demands evolve over time. Lately, the automotive sector in particular has been adapting to the new age of electric over gasoline in our very car-centric culture across North America. However, the demand for innovation in mass transit vehicles remains high on the global scale, and the sector is seeing similar evolution on the manufacturing side.

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Coatings With High-Performance ProtectionDynamix Inc.

Coatings With High-Performance Protection

Dynamix Inc.

Since opening its doors in 2006, Dynamix Inc. of Markham, Ontario, has supplied custom surface-finish coating chemicals mainly used by Canadian and other North American fabricators who supply diverse industries ranging from oil and gas to aerospace. The company also has distributors as far afield as Europe, Mexico, and China.

New Products, New Ownership for This Family FirmPeninsula Plastics

New Products, New Ownership for This Family Firm

Peninsula Plastics

Big changes have taken place at Peninsula Plastics Ltd., a start-to-finish custom injection moulding company in Fort Erie, Ontario, since it was profiled in February 2021’s Resource in Focus magazine. There has been a change of ownership in this family firm and some exciting new products—including a cutting-edge plastic garbage can.

Cutting-Edge SolutionsPrime Automation Inc.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Prime Automation Inc.

In just a few years, Prime Automation Inc. has achieved the sort of success you’d expect from a company that’s been around for decades. Founded in 2017, Prime Automation has grown into an enthusiastic team of experienced designers, programmers, technicians, and electricians.

Preserving a LegacyTalbert Manufacturing, Inc.

Preserving a Legacy

Talbert Manufacturing, Inc.

Talbert Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in 1938 by Austin Talbert, a man who brought innovation and customer service to the forefront of the heavy haul trucking industry by addressing the needs of his customers time and again. By manufacturing trailers and equipment that set the standard for safety and performance, the name Talbert became synonymous with quality.

Celebrating a Decade of People-Led SuccessVector Controls and Automation Group

Celebrating a Decade of People-Led Success

Vector Controls and Automation Group

Vector Controls and Automation Group (Vector CAG) is an established representative, distributor, service and solution partner for several manufacturers. The company was born on March 6, 2013 from a concept that took two years to fully realize after President and Managing Partner Jared Boudreaux, having worked for Endress+Hauser, working with their leadership and consultants to consolidate representatives in the market and geography.

Stronger TogetherSamuel Automation Solutions Group

Stronger Together

Samuel Automation Solutions Group

Things are booming at Samuel Automation Solutions Group (Samuel ASG) of Waterloo, Ontario. “We’ve gotten stronger. We have a greater reach and expertise. Being part of a much larger organization demonstrates stability that the smaller independents don’t always have,” states President Robert Lague.

Smart, Solid, SustainableWhat’s in Store for Energy Storage

Smart, Solid, Sustainable

What’s in Store for Energy Storage

With energy storage requirements changing quickly around the world, researchers are continuously looking to create effective, long-lasting, and truly innovative solutions. Everything from grid storage at the large scale to the smallest of electronic devices has seen an increased demand for more capacity, longer run-times, better reusability, and higher safety ratings.

Perfecting the Science of Pain ManagementWEX Pharmaceuticals

Perfecting the Science of Pain Management

WEX Pharmaceuticals

When physical pain occurs—whether from an injury, surgery, or the ravages of cancer—finding the right product to alleviate symptoms can be a matter of trial and error, and is often fraught with side effects including addiction and overdose. WEX Pharmaceuticals Inc., a late-stage drug development company based in Vancouver, BC, is dedicated to reducing those threats through research, development, and manufacture of Halneuron®, a new non-opioid analgesic considered to be a breakthrough in pain-management technology.

Accurate Diagnostics – When Every Minute CountsResponse Biomedical Corp.

Accurate Diagnostics – When Every Minute Counts

Response Biomedical Corp.

Response Biomedical Corp. (Response) is a market leader in comprehensive acute care testing. It is a well-established, thriving Canadian company with full operations—including all manufacturing—based in Vancouver, B.C. Response competes in the in-vitro Diagnostic (“IVD”) market globally and its RAMP system is a fast diagnostics platform offering lab-quality performance in acute care settings.

Bringing Attention and Support to Canada’s Tooling IndustryThe Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA)

Bringing Attention and Support to Canada’s Tooling Industry

The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA)

The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA) is dedicated to supporting the interests and promotion of the trades and industries of its namesake affiliations. It began operations in 1963 by uniting various trade associations into one organization, with the lasting goal of better representing the tooling industry in Canada. This includes businesses and service providers within the precision metalworking industry, including those that design, manufacture, repair, or assemble tools, dies, moulds, models, patterns, jigs, fixtures, gauges, machinery, machining systems, robotics, automation equipment, machine shop products, and cutting tools.

Much Ventured, Much More GainedBlack Controls Company Inc.

Much Ventured, Much More Gained

Black Controls Company Inc.

Known for its industrial and robotic control systems, Black Controls Company Inc. is a young and dynamic company that provides clients, often those with highly complex demands, with custom automation. Celebrating its fourth year in business this month, Black Controls Company Inc.’s team of 24 could not be any prouder.

Living a LegacyElliott Matsuura Canada

Living a Legacy

Elliott Matsuura Canada

Elliott Matsuura Canada Inc., a branch of the global machine tool supplier Matsuura Machinery Corporation, is based in Oakville, Ontario. Its rich history began in 1905 with founder Hugo Frye, a German engineer, who opened his first manufacturing company upon moving to the United Kingdom. He later married Beatrice Elliott, and together the two founded the B. Elliott Group, from which the Elliott group of companies would spring.

World-Class Tooling, World-Class TrainingMax Die Group

World-Class Tooling, World-Class Training

Max Die Group

With roots going back a century, the Max Die Group designs and builds automotive stamping tools, prototype parts, and low volume production parts, and runs a training centre for young apprentices. The group consists of three locations—Manor Tool and Die Ltd. (Manor) and its Sigma Division, which are based in Oldcastle, Ontario; and Lakeshore Stamping, Inc., based in Tecumseh, Ontario. This powerhouse trio, each with its specialties, is strategically located near the North American automotive epicentre of Detroit, Michigan.

An Industry StapleRapid Gear

An Industry Staple

Rapid Gear

Rapid Gear is a custom gear manufacturer that has led the industry in designing and building individual gears, gear boxes, and special purpose machinery since 1976. Operating from a world-class, 42,500-suare-foot facility in Southern Ontario, the company has the capability to produce virtually any number of gears in sizes ranging from two inches to 200 inches.


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