Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

The Making of Mass Transit

The manufacturing industry is no stranger to change, as materials, technologies, safety requirements, and customer demands evolve over time. Lately, the automotive sector in particular has been adapting to the new age of electric over gasoline in our very car-centric culture across North America. However, the demand for innovation in mass transit vehicles remains high on the global scale, and the sector is seeing similar evolution on the manufacturing side.

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90 Years of Packaging VisionPMMI: The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies

90 Years of Packaging Vision

PMMI: The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies

In a global market where sustainability increasingly drives everything from consumption to manufacturing, creating sustainable packaging while keeping stakeholders connected is often a more complex matter than one might imagine. James Pittas, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI), shares some thoughts on the realities that underscore innovative packaging—specifically plastic, its lifecycle, and what it takes to keep stakeholders across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico engaged.

Advocating for ChangeALLIEDFLEX Technologies

Advocating for Change

ALLIEDFLEX Technologies

Florida-based ALLIEDFLEX Technologies is an American packaging machinery supplier and advocate for flexible packaging. President and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Calamusa remembers it as little more than a home office when it began in January 2002. Today, the company provides machinery that specializes in creating flexible packaging solutions,...

Sustainable Packaging Is the Name of the GameAcorn Packaging

Sustainable Packaging Is the Name of the Game

Acorn Packaging

Actively engaging with over one million North Americans daily is but a dream for most businesses. For Acorn Packaging of Mississauga, Ontario, however, it is a reality. The company is a specialist converter of sophisticated, high-performance packaging trusted by leaders in the consumer goods, food and beverage, and industrial fields for some of the best packaging products in the world. Its impressive selection of traditional and sustainable packaging options is seen on major national retailer shelves across North America.

Protection Through PackagingLayfield Flexible Films

Protection Through Packaging

Layfield Flexible Films

Layfield Flexible Films, based in Richmond, BC, stands out among domestic producers by offering sustainable premium packaging solutions. They utilize advanced equipment, processes, and a rigorous quality control program. As a vertically integrated company, Layfield’s Flexible Film group provides complete technical services, prepress and graphics, world-class blown film, high-resolution printing, solvent-free lamination, slitting, and advanced conversion equipment. Their offerings support various flexible film and packaging formats.

Innovation in PackagingKuraray America, Inc.

Innovation in Packaging

Kuraray America, Inc.

After nearly a century in business, the Kuraray Group has grown into a global leader in special materials technology, fiber, resin, and film production. Its goal is to develop innovative, sustainable solutions and cleaner technologies that will improve the natural environment and enhance quality of life for people around the world. This includes innovative packaging. The goal is to help transform customers’ businesses and make a real impact within the markets they serve.

Investing in the FutureFederal Foam Technologies

Investing in the Future

Federal Foam Technologies

With its origins going back over 75 years, Federal Foam Technologies, Inc. is a company with a rich heritage and a bright future. Far from resting on its laurels, Federal Foam doesn’t rely on its reputation to generate progress but instead continues to invest in itself to the benefit of the company, its employees, and its customers.

Specially Tailored Wire SolutionsMWS Wire Industries

Specially Tailored Wire Solutions

MWS Wire Industries

MWS Wire Industries is a worldwide distributor and manufacturer of magnet and specialty wire. “There are not too many companies like us in the world,” says Sales Manager of Industrial Products, Eric Yelich. “We’ve carved out a special niche in the wire marketplace to supply specialty wire that you can’t find anywhere, so customers really gravitate toward us.”

Giving the Green LightEberle Design, Inc. (EDI)

Giving the Green Light

Eberle Design, Inc. (EDI)

Since its founding in 1980, Eberle Design, Inc. (EDI) has earned a formidable reputation as a global developer and producer of high-performance component products that improve and supplement traffic management systems. With the EDI product lineup, transportation experts can integrate, automate, and manage traffic at signalized intersections and on highways with greater effectiveness and safety.

Shining Like a DiamondFullerton Tool Company

Shining Like a Diamond

Fullerton Tool Company

Fullerton Tool Company drives tremendous savings for its global clientele in solid carbide cutting tools. That is why leaders in the medical, aerospace, and other manufacturing industries are lining up for its tooling range of 7,000 standard items—most notably, its end mills—famed for strength, durability, and accuracy. Customers come from the United States, South America, Mexico, Canada, and beyond for the company’s dependable tools.

Premium Mobile Solutions Made in CanadaLAVA Computer MFG. Inc.

Premium Mobile Solutions Made in Canada

LAVA Computer MFG. Inc.

For nearly forty years, LAVA Computer MFG. Inc. has steadily positioned its products and capabilities at the fore of the market, where it became recognized for its offerings and the service it provides to customers around the world. Specializing in personal computer (PC) and mobile device performance, the company is a leader in connectivity solutions and battery protection.

Building a Better Product, Person by PersonVidir Solutions

Building a Better Product, Person by Person

Vidir Solutions

Founded on the principles of quality, innovation, community, and safety, Vidir Solutions has cultured an environment that’s inclusive and supportive to each and every worker in its workforce. It is an approach that not only leads to high employee satisfaction but helps produce the greatest possible product, built on innovation and creativity.

Innovative Healthcare FurnitureWieland Healthcare

Innovative Healthcare Furniture

Wieland Healthcare

Wieland Healthcare is making waves in the healthcare furniture sector, succeeding alongside much bigger companies despite its more diminutive size. “We’re a relatively small company within our competitor range,” says Market Manager Kimberly Sank. The company may be relatively small, but its impact is big and the business has become widely recognized for innovative, patient-first products.

The Road AheadNo Free Ride for EVs

The Road Ahead

No Free Ride for EVs

The global transition from gas-fueled cars to electric vehicles (EVs) is proving to be a rough road. Despite dozens of EV upstarts like Tesla and Lucid Motors, along with legacy manufacturers from Volkswagen to Volvo, investing untold fortunes in R&D, production, and marketing, not everything is going according to plan.


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