AI in the OR?

Advances in Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery has been around in one form or another for about 40 years, with the earliest case being the Arthrobot, a voice-controlled positioning robot for orthopaedic procedures in Vancouver in 1985, according to The Medical Post.


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Custom Precast Concrete Without CompareArchitectural Precast Innovations, Inc.

Custom Precast Concrete Without Compare

Architectural Precast Innovations, Inc.

For 60 years, Architectural Precast Innovations, Inc. (API) has been committed to delivering high quality, custom prefabricated architectural precast concrete building components to diverse customers and market segments. Exceptional craftmanship, commitment to sustainability, and a relentless drive for innovation are just a few qualities API is known for. The company has built its reputation one award-winning project at a time, completing projects as small as signage to more complex structures like One Willoughby Square, Brooklyn, New York, a 2024 PCI Design Award Best Office Building and Sustainable Design Award Honorable Mention.

Work Smarter, Not HarderSamuel Automation

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Samuel Automation

Custom automation service provider Systematix, now Samuel Automation, has recently become an integral part of a much larger corporate ecosystem, and now boasts more power and resources than it ever has before. What one may not realize is that the beginnings of the business were quite a bit humbler…

Fine Metal FinishingGMB Heavy Industries

Fine Metal Finishing

GMB Heavy Industries

Based in Mississauga, Canada, GMB Heavy Industries is the turnkey steel mill equipment partner that North America’s best-known steel mills search out to help keep steel products rolling across the continent. The company provides them with research and development, design-engineering, project management, manufacturing, parts, and installation of custom equipment. Taking on only custom projects, the team’s vast knowledge base and attention to both detail and safety are benefits for customers that want a supplier committed to their success.

Expanding Its North American FootprintGROB Systems, Inc.

Expanding Its North American Footprint

GROB Systems, Inc.

GROB Systems, Inc. (pronounced ‘Grow-buh’) is in the midst of a massive expansion. The manufacturing equipment provider, specializing in machining centers, industrial software, automated pallet systems, and other solutions, is headquartered in Mindelheim, Germany with a site in Bluffton, Ohio. The Bluffton branch is growing rapidly to fulfill demand from clients in the e-mobility sector.

Liquid ExcellenceInline Filling Systems

Liquid Excellence

Inline Filling Systems

Based in Venice, Florida, Inline Filling Systems (IFS) manufactures custom turnkey liquid packaging arrays for everything from oils and extracts to uncarbonated drinks, food, chemicals, beauty products, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceutical products—to name only a few.

A Brewing and Distilling Equipment Expert Continues to InnovateSpecific Mechanical Systems

A Brewing and Distilling Equipment Expert Continues to Innovate

Specific Mechanical Systems

Specific Mechanical Systems Ltd., a Victoria, British Columbia-based company that designs, manufactures, and installs brewing and distilling equipment, has expanded its automation processes and market reach since it was profiled in November 2022 in Business in Focus magazine. In the face of significant technical challenges, the company has automated its already innovative distillation system.

Delivering What Is PromisedChamp Industries

Delivering What Is Promised

Champ Industries

In just a few years, Champ Industries has seen a great deal of change come its way thanks to changes within and outside its walls. It currently has locations in Canada and the U.S., in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Jamestown, North Dakota respectively, and is doing better than ever with a renewed focus.

Technology-Driven Metal TransformationJohn W. McDougall Co.

Technology-Driven Metal Transformation

John W. McDougall Co.

One can tell a lot about a company by the company it keeps. When vendors become customers and customers become vendors, as they do at John W. McDougall Co. Inc., it demonstrates that premium solutions and customer satisfaction are paramount here. The processing division of John W. McDougall Co. Inc. is home to in-depth fabrication expertise which has customers, from across the United States and further afield, returning for more.

Creating Sophisticated and Simplified SolutionsFiring Industries Ltd.

Creating Sophisticated and Simplified Solutions

Firing Industries Ltd.

Working with customers to choose and provide technically complicated process machinery and equipment, Firing Industries Ltd. helps prominent Canadian businesses across numerous industries, including foundry, steel, culinary, chemical, and pharmaceutical. Employing a professional, consultative, problem-solving approach, the company offers invaluable assistance with the overall planning of specific projects.

Innovative Healthcare FurnitureWieland Healthcare

Innovative Healthcare Furniture

Wieland Healthcare

Wieland Healthcare is making waves in the healthcare furniture sector, succeeding alongside much bigger companies despite its more diminutive size. “We’re a relatively small company within our competitor range,” says Market Insights & Innovation Manager Kimberly Sank. The company may be relatively small, but its impact is big and the business has become widely recognized for innovative, patient-first products.

The Crane ExpertsCRS Crane Solutions

The Crane Experts

CRS Crane Solutions

CRS Crane Solutions knows cranes. In business since 1991, the Alberta-based company has grown into one of the largest crane suppliers in North America, building a reputation for exceptional lifting solutions and a relentless commitment to customer service. The team produces more than 150 cranes a year, with up to 175-ton capacity and 130-foot span, in one of the biggest crane manufacturing plants on the continent, which boasts a whopping 30,000 square feet of quality-controlled production space.

Driving a Greener TomorrowLiberty Tire Recycling

Driving a Greener Tomorrow

Liberty Tire Recycling

Liberty Tire Recycling is on a mission to “drive a greener tomorrow that will improve our quality of life, protect our ecosystems and preserve natural resources,” explains the company’s website. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based business works to achieve this goal by reclaiming, recycling, reusing, and repurposing discarded tires.

Sustainable Success for This Vinyl Recycling and Reclaiming CompanyNorwich Plastics

Sustainable Success for This Vinyl Recycling and Reclaiming Company

Norwich Plastics

Norwich Plastics of Cambridge, Ontario wants to lead North America in vinyl reprocessing. To this end, it diverts over 50 million pounds of the material from landfills each year. The company primarily deals with flexible and semi-rigid PVC scrap, plus smaller amounts of other thermoplastic waste. The company takes this material, breaks it down, and transforms it into pellets or powders, for reuse in a variety of customer products and applications.


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