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June 2023 | ServicesThe Global Source for Trusted Bulk Mineral SuppliesCREMER ERZKONTOR North America

June 2023 | Services

The Global Source for Trusted Bulk Mineral Supplies


If ever there was a boutique broker of bulk material supplies, CREMER ERZKONTOR (formerly Possehl Erzkontor), the parent company of CREMER ERZKONTOR North America (CENA), is it. That is why increasing numbers of big manufacturers—especially in steel—look to this company to mitigate the risks in procuring raw materials and minerals from abroad. Founded in the early 1900s by the international materials trader Emil Possehl in Lübeck, Germany, it has earned itself a reputation for international raw materials trading excellence in the industry.

June 2023Manufacturing WellnessBringing Home the Best

June 2023

Manufacturing Wellness

Bringing Home the Best

In a time where antibiotic resistance and other looming medical quandaries are driving innovation in an ever-growing industry committed to saving lives, growing the manufacturing of laboratory and hospital equipment, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices on North American soil is imperative to national safety. To this end, the United States’ medical equipment industry alone is rearing to expand to nearly $75 billion over the next four years—predicted to be the largest single market of this kind in the world.

In Focus | May 2023 | Medical DeviceUnlocking the Secret to Beating SuperbugsSterileCare Inc.

In Focus | May 2023 | Medical Device

Unlocking the Secret to Beating Superbugs

SterileCare Inc.

Catheter lock solutions are medically tested and approved liquids used to promote the anti-coagulation of blood and to provide antimicrobial protection inside catheter tubing while it is not in use. But not all lock solutions are equal. Canadian SterileCare Inc.’s patented KiteLock 4%, a non-antibiotic antimicrobial catheter solution, is destroying superbugs on home soil and beyond.

Fabrication | May 2023Thermal Broken Doors to Transcend TrendsDawson Metal Company

Fabrication | May 2023

Thermal Broken Doors to Transcend Trends

Dawson Metal Company

When designing buildings that leave a lasting impression, the look and quality of entrance doors can make or break the look of any façade. Building codes are becoming increasingly strict concerning energy preservation and safety, so installing architectural doors that perform optimally is a necessity rather than a luxury. Dawson Metal Company’s answer to this modern construction demand is its Transcend thermally broken entrance, launched this March.

April | Fabrication & Machining28 Years of Top Quality MachiningInnovative Machining

April | Fabrication & Machining

28 Years of Top Quality Machining

Innovative Machining

With Innovative Machining, LLC, securing comprehensive custom solutions and component fabrication services is as easy as setting up a call. Over a nearly three-decade legacy of putting independence first, this company has been focused on the future from the day John Milanowski first opened the doors of its original 3,000-foot facility twenty-eight years ago. Today, the result of that vision has culminated in an offering so complete that customers needn’t even think of turning elsewhere to fulfill any part of their fabrication process.

April | Fabrication & MachiningA Fantastic Place to Work – And It’s GrowingBarclay Mechanical

April | Fabrication & Machining

A Fantastic Place to Work – And It’s Growing

Barclay Mechanical

Barclay Mechanical is a leader in industrial mechanical construction that is taking safety management to an entirely new level on projects across America. By becoming the positive change they want to see in the industry, and by implementing all-encompassing safety protocols, the team is proving that injuries are preventable, and that the construction industry can be a much safer, more humane place to work than it used to be. As a result, people love working here, and they demonstrate it by staying.

2023 | MarchTaking Electronics Manufacturing to New HeightsVexos

2023 | March

Taking Electronics Manufacturing to New Heights


When talking about Vexos, one phrase inevitably comes to mind: Technology leader in EMS. With innovative custom materials and manufacturing capabilities, Vexos serves customers around the world from its manufacturing facilities in the USA, Canada, Vietnam, and China. It is, therefore, no surprise that the company is exceeding even its own expectations with a swift growth trajectory.

2023 | FebruaryKeeping Distribution RollingAxiom Material Handling Solutions

2023 | February

Keeping Distribution Rolling

Axiom Material Handling Solutions

Downtime in any mechanized industry is an expensive misfortune. That is why owners of large warehouses, distribution centers, automated self-retrieval systems, and goods-to-person systems turn to Axiom Material Handling Solutions for turnkey services and unfailing support. As a self-performing contractor, this mainstay of specialized mechanical installations within the material handling industry has established itself as a true leader in its field.

2022 | December 2022/January 2023Much More Than InnovationEY Technologies

2022 | December 2022/January 2023

Much More Than Innovation

EY Technologies

A far cry from spinning yarns the old-fashioned way, EY Technologies in Fall River, Massachusetts, spins ultra-modern, manmade yarns in ultra-modern ways. To ensure the superior quality and longevity of everything it makes, the company develops and trademarks custom equipment, processes, and materials. It is equally adept at developing custom yarns for clients’ unique needs in its onsite laboratory, taking them through the entire process from ideation to prototyping, all while keeping value and budgets in mind.

2022 | Engineering & Design | October 2022A Breath of Fresh AirDiversitech

2022 | Engineering & Design | October 2022

A Breath of Fresh Air


For those in heavy industry, having sufficient, clean air in commercial and industrial spaces is imperative. Diversitech is home to all things air filtration, and its high-quality, technological solutions are ideal for aerospace and metal manufacturing giants. For many of these corporations, Diversitech’s many patented filtration systems outshine the competitors’ products in welding, painting, grinding, and finishing facilities.

2022 | September 2022Better Ways to BendLeonhardt Manufacturing Co., Inc.

2022 | September 2022

Better Ways to Bend

Leonhardt Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Recent shifts in the geopolitical landscape underpinning the supply chain have seen a deliberate move toward reestablishing manufacturing on North American soil. While this will take time, some world-renowned fabricators never left. One such company is Leonhardt Manufacturing Co., Inc., a homegrown trailblazer in metal fabrication. For more than half a century, it has been the go-to for all things metal tubing and fabrication.

2022 | August 2022 | Engineering & DesignPost-Fabrication Metal ReimaginedKNOLL America Inc.

2022 | August 2022 | Engineering & Design

Post-Fabrication Metal Reimagined

KNOLL America Inc.

Machine tool providers and metal fabricators know that dealing with post-fabrication metal leftovers can be challenging. Therefore, a trustworthy partner that can provide high-performance technology to handle heavy-duty processing in round-the-clock operations is of the essence. Considering the importance of the durability required for such processing machinery, finding that partner makes all the difference.


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