Driving Global Evolution

Omega TMM
Written by Pauline Müller

As the leader in global and American high-automation custom tool measuring since 1948, Omega Tool Measuring Machines is an award-winning shopfloor solutions management firm proud to celebrate 76 years of excellence this year.

While its world-renowned measuring tools, software, hardware, and interface products serve international giants around the globe, the company provides a unique service, an experience much appreciated by customers. Omega TMM serves many different customers, large and small, from a variety of industries.

Originating in the tool measurement industry as a division of the well-known brand Parlec, Omega TMM became a separate entity in 2017. Today, while the company continues servicing Parlec machines, its horizons have greatly expanded, and its output is more sophisticated than ever.

Next-level service
Forging a reputation for service in the industrial tool measurement and fabrication systems software worlds, the company wins favor with customers for consistently raising the bar, with a higher level of service than is routinely encountered in the industry. Based at its headquarters in Fairport, New York, the company offers its client base an added benefit: the services of a wholly-owned foreign Asian enterprise, employing a team of nearly 40 under the Omega banner in Nanjing, China, a strategy that has served the company exceptionally well—especially during the challenges of the COVID era.

The entire region is a large consumer of Omega TMM presetter products exported from the United States. Closer to home, Omega TMM exports its products and solutions to Mexico and Canada.

A global presence certainly does not imply that Omega TMM’s American clients are left under-serviced; on the contrary, Omega TMM has a team of dedicated service professionals who can react very quickly to any customer need.

As a one-of-a-kind outfit deeply rooted in American soil, the company’s speed, innovation, quality, and phenomenal service are what defines the “Omega Way.” When joining the Omega TMM club, as Mike Bernitt, Vice President of Operations and General Manager, refers to it, every customer becomes an insider, privy to resources and privileges they’d be hard pressed to discover elsewhere.

“We are the only American-made tool measuring company in North America,” says Chris Inzinga, Vice President of Business Development, Marketing, and IT. “We serve our customers based on their needs and respond with every interaction in a Customer First manner that makes us stand out against our competition.”

“People are unbelievably thrilled that they can take a deep breath and let us be the architect of the solution,” says Ryan Meleg, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Product Development, who is known for routinely engaging directly with customers. “We listen. And they can’t believe that it’s actually done,” he says.

Meeting market needs
Serving industries ranging from biotech and medical fabrication to aviation, aerospace, automotive, glass profile grinding, and other industries reliant on precision measuring, the company stands alone in its offering and innovation.

Exceptionally agile and ready to respond to ever-evolving market demands, Omega TMM is continuously adapting and always up to date with how newer, younger leaders and decision-makers engage with technology and communication. As such, the team is all set to welcome new customers on their terms and launch several new products at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) this year.

First up in its new product range is the Omega TMM Astra, custom-developed to be the heavy industrial market’s largest capacity, most accurate machine of this type to date, according to Meleg. A platform machine enabling automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to replace several pieces of equipment with a single Omega TMM machine, this groundbreaking innovation provides superb accuracy, improved efficiency, and a custom user interface.

Omega TMM will also introduce the “3D measuring system” featuring a second camera developed to measure lathe tools. This technology adds a third axis with an additional horizontal angle to its capabilities.

The company will also introduce a world-first in presetting and height-setting in the Orion—powered by REGO-FIX, used in heavy industrial drilling and milling. Despite the arduous development process, Omega TMM is proud to be the only firm whose solution carries the REGO-FIX stamp of approval for use with its powRgrip system.

Alongside all this innovation, the team continuously improves existing systems, exploring new industries to serve. Most recently, it developed an entirely automated computer numerical control (CNC) presetting machine for the stone industry, bringing it to market at an accessible price.

In addition to remaining current in the North American market, the company’s wholly-owned foreign enterprise in Asia drives ever more demanding innovation to suit its own local markets, pushing Omega TMM to do better all the time. With increased CNC capabilities on smaller machines, new clamping designs, and other evolving requirements, customers all over the world get ever-improving measuring accuracy.

One such new machine is the EVO-PRO, what the company calls the most accessible automated tool-measuring system available today, available globally at a significantly lower cost than remotely comparable machines of its kind. As automation grows in the fabrication field, Omega TMM continuously hones its skills to remain ahead of developments—and successfully so.

An award-winning workplace
Client satisfaction is not Omega TMM’s only priority, however. Employee satisfaction is also a tremendous motivator, as evidenced by the company’s recent and well-deserved first place out of nearly 70 entrants in the Democrat and Chronicle’s (USA Today Network) Top Workplaces awards.

Classed in the Small Company Category in April this year, the company debuted at number 33 only five years ago. And its efforts have paid off. For Omega TMM, the honor proves that its customers are guaranteed to receive the attention and dedication of some of the very best professionals globally every time they engage with the company.

Omega TMM also motivates its staff to innovate. At Omega TMM, business is not only about driving sales; it is also about building relationships with customers and supporting their evolution. That means investing in and developing staff so that its teams can develop next-generation, custom solutions as needed.

As a result, being honored with a mention for the Spirit Award—plus winning the New Ideas Award all at the same ceremony in April—is a source of great pride. Driven to be the best, the team is always searching for new ways to add the ‘wow’ factor to its service selection, earning it an outstanding global reputation for its tenacity.

At home, Omega TMM’s work has been featured on national television several times. Featuring on Dennis Quaid’s Viewpoint, which aired on CNN, Discovery Life, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, and Fox Business Network, Omega TMM has become a household name in measurement technology excellence thanks to achieving smooth operations for every customer it serves. After all, that is the focus central to everything it does.

Software solutions
And the innovation continues to build. Omega TMM’s product offering includes a fast-expanding software portfolio. Serving some of the largest manufacturers in business, easing systems integration, especially within automated outfits, is a well-honed capability that sets the firm apart in a big way.

To this end, Omega TMM provides complete integration and high-level support to clients who turn to the company for quality innovation, allowing them to adapt its systems to suit their unique interfaces. Even if that means collaborating with third-party suppliers to deliver smoothly running systems, Omega TMM ensures that its customers get the best outcomes possible from its systems every time.

By giving customers the confidence that it can be trusted to solve their most intimidating fabrication management and measuring challenges, Omega TMM builds strong relationships that last. Delving deep into all shop-floor-management issues like tool storage, tracking, and more, this team has a custom solution to all such management and measuring issues.

By continuing to anticipate client needs and the shop floor requirements of the future, Omega TMM is setting itself up for continued expansion. Its premiere product launch at IMTS this year reflects that focus. Naturally, there is palpable excitement at the company. “Come stop by our booth in the West Hall and see us,” says Inzinga. For those who cannot attend the event, the team is ready to present virtual demonstrations of all its products plus a virtual customer training center via live-feed Teams meetings on 4K cameras in its next-generation John F. Nuccitelli Center for Customer Excellence.

As always, Omega TMM’s continued evolution is a given. Its leadership shares its unwavering belief in the mission. “We have proven ourselves in two of the largest markets. We feel very confident that we can conquer the rest of the world,” Meleg says.



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