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2022 | February 2022The Path To 60 Successful YearsRoy Metal Finishing

2022 | February 2022

The Path To 60 Successful Years

Roy Metal Finishing

Vision. Innovation. Commitment. Resourcefulness. Problem-solving. Dedication. Excellent customer service. These all describe the largest metal finishing firm in the Southeast U.S. Roy Metal Finishing (RMF) has consistently finished in the top fifty finishing shops in North America as listed by Products Finishing trade magazine and has been named the top shop in the U.S.

2022 | February 2022Supply Chain CrisisManufacturing in a Modern World

2022 | February 2022

Supply Chain Crisis

Manufacturing in a Modern World

Manufacturing has become a very sophisticated process designed to take advantage of maximum efficiencies to be competitive. A strategy called Just-In-Time (JIT) is a management approach that is used to control the flow of inventory to and from a business in order to minimize inventory levels and improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process.


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