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MultiCam of Dallas, Texas, specializes in innovative, programmable cutting solutions and other customer-focused products. MultiCam offers the best value, ‘made in the USA’, quality products, and easy-to-use CNC cutting solutions.

MultiCam got its start as a sign-making company in 1989, when its original founder noticed that the traditional mill and other cutting products were out of reach for some customers. It began providing computer-numerical-control (CNC) router sign-making solutions, and then, by way of the unique motion platform it developed, diversifying and adding other CNC technologies.

MultiCam’s ability to apply its advanced motion capabilities and ease of use operating system allowed the company to get into plasma, CO2, fiber laser, knife cutting, and a variety of other options. “We are capable of building many motion platforms including additive solutions but we like to have a market demand first before building the solution,” says David Morse, Chairman/CEO of MultiCam.

Today, with tech centers across the world, MultiCam takes great pride in how its products, from design to manufacture, are 100 percent made in the United States. “From raw steel to finished goods; we’re one of the only ones left,” says Morse. “We could produce for less but we know that our machines are the heart and soul of our customers’ operations, so we want to deliver a machine that is built to last and can grow with their businesses over time. Even the motion platform is built here in this country and owned by us. We do all of our own manufacturing, sales and support. And we are proud of what we do.”

Helping businesses grow
When customers invest in a router from MultiCam to get their businesses started, they can easily integrate water jets, lasers, plasmas and knife cutters into their operations with very little effort and time. They can grow their entire business with MultiCam over the years. “One operator can run any of our solutions,” says Morse. “There is no need for specialists.”

There is no denying how far the company has come since its early beginnings. And in honor of its 30th anniversary this year, it aligned itself with the Printing United 2019 show and hosted a massive event at its Dallas headquarters which featured live music, large-scale demonstrations, factory tours and sample cutting of parts.

Like all businesses, MultiCam has had its share of challenges and there was a time when its main challenge was scalability – trying to create a manufacturing environment that allowed it to compete globally. “Now, we have implemented lean manufacturing across the board at MultiCam,” says Morse. “Because of lean manufacturing, we can compete on a global scale and we do have a commitment to offer the overall best value proposition.”

14,000 MultiCams
One aspect that makes MultiCam stand out amongst its peers is its dedication to making certain that quality and support never get sacrificed. “We don’t want to reduce our quality or our commitment of support,” says Morse. “We are quickly approaching our 14,000th machine in the field and we want the MultiCam brand to stand for quality and world class support.”

MultiCam products fall into three main categories: the router division where it offers a series of solutions from 2’ x 2’ to 6’ x 40’ platforms that service a wide array of markets utilizing spindles and knife cutting solutions; the fabrication division where it makes water jets, CO2 lasers, plasma cutters, fiber lasers and a variety of other configurations; and the digital finishing division where it has a series of high-speed router and knife cutting machines called Celero for the digital finishing space and print industries.

High-speed disruption
Because the company is consistently creating new solutions, there are always fresh items in its long and diverse line of products. “We’ve launched a full offering of products in our router, fabrication, and digital finishing divisions, but some of the most disruptive new launches have been our high-speed cutting solutions,” says Morse. “We can get into high speed cutting up to 7800 inches per minute. That puts us in pole position in the flatbed cutting space with the Celero line.”

Another launch, this time on the fabrication side, was the Quantus Fiber Laser. Made 100 percent in the United States, it offers the same power (typically two to eight kilowatts) at prices between $300,000 to $600,000 without outsourcing to manufacturing, and with the same MultiCam quality and support.

“The Quantus Fiber Laser was a disruptive release because fiber laser is an emerging technology in fabrication,” says Morse. “But a part of the issue with laser in this market is price. There are a lot of smaller shops that couldn’t afford to get into fiber laser so our goal was to build a package that was somewhat affordable but didn’t reduce any of the MultiCam quality or speed required. With that package, we can offer the best overall value proposition and still compete with the top global manufacturers.”

MultiCam’s official mission statement is ‘We design and deliver high quality and easy to use programmable cutting and additive manufacturing solutions.’

Finding niches
“We pulled back on the ‘additive’ part because we really had a product searching for a market versus a market pulling us into a product,” says Morse. “Therefore, we continued to research and understand it, and when we have the right niche, we will be prepared for it. We have that capability.”

The company’s guiding principles and critical success factors deserve listing here: high ethical standards, quality, continuous improvement, employee development, standard product offering that meets customers’ needs, and teamwork. Speaking of which, MultiCam certainly appreciates its team of employees. The company’s culture is that of a team of people who get their satisfaction from what they produce and from solving problems for customers. “Delivering solutions that allow customers to compete on a global basis is something I personally take a lot of pride in,” says Morse.

Perfect mix
The team at MultiCam is made up of both original employees from the first years at the company as well as many 10- and 20-year veterans. There is a very low turnover. “We have a great mixture of original, long term, and new team members. But when they get together you really wouldn’t know the difference because they’re all of the same mindset and always looking to improve.”

For MultiCam’s management, great emphasis is placed on showing their “team” how much they are appreciated and valued. “For example, we had a company picnic here in Dallas – a phenomenal event of tug of war, water balloon toss, and games – which was a good fun event,” says Morse.

As MultiCam continues to grow and further improve its current product plans, it is set to continue providing innovative customer-focused world-class products and quality support with pride, integrity and high standards. It aims to not only become a global leader in digital finishing and CNC solutions, but also to be the number one source of all manufacturing support, cutting solutions, plasma, laser, CO2 and water-jet offerings to its growing market.



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