To End Up with Great Automation Solutions, Start with Great People

Haumiller Engineering
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

For technical and service excellence and highly innovative, customized, automation solutions for product lines, Haumiller Engineering of Illinois is a manufacturing partner that has the experience, the specialized expertise, and the desire. Plus the people.

Haumiller Engineering has over fifty years of experience producing aerosol equipment. It was founded by the Haumillers, a father-son duo who brought their mechanical and entrepreneurial abilities together to start a machine shop producing a standard product for the aerosol industry. After successfully launching the product, they were asked to design and build other custom equipment for the industry.

Through the 1970s the evolving company began engineering equipment for many other industries including personal care and household products. The following decade it entered the medical-device and life-sciences markets and has continued to flourish.

Today, Haumiller Engineering, with vastly larger capacity and resources, has added consumer goods, automotive, electronics, aerospace, packaging, and food and beverage to its list of industries served, both domestically and internationally.

Haumiller continues to expand its product lines, diversifying into markets where its expertise is relevant and applicable, incorporating unique robotic applications and automation platforms, and integrating entire lines of equipment and systems.

There are plans for continued diversification, expanding further into the medical device and life sciences markets, where stringent quality requirements make Haumiller Engineering an excellent manufacturing partner, emphasizing and implementing the highest standards of quality and safety across its operations.

New opportunities
For the enterprising team at Haumiller Engineering new opportunities are being identified, particularly in areas of industry where slower-speed automation platforms have dominated up to now, and where the frequent superiority of the Haumiller machinery in speed, efficiency, yield – in fact, in overall performance – could take it to a market-dominant position.

“We’ve found recently that, much to our satisfaction, we are able to compete and surpass our competitors on a technical and customer service level when entering a new market. That gives us great optimism for our growth plans and future,” says President Pat Phillips.

Fortunately, in the light of its newly envisioned growth and its technical and service prowess, Haumiller Engineering has plenty of room for itself to grow at its state-of-the-art facility and can meet any increase in demand that’s put on its facilities. Indeed, it has what Phillips describes as “world-class capabilities that most competitors only aspire to.”

He continues, “We have recently built and moved to a larger and expandable 89,000 square foot manufacturing facility that will allow us to take on larger projects for our customers and grow with them. We have a second 35,000 square foot location that is currently being leased to a tenant, so we have 124,000 square feet under our control.”

At its facility, quality is paramount – Haumiller’s ISO 9001:2015 certification is testament to this – and this serves as the foundation for all that it does and the relationships it builds with its customers. Its machinery is built to last longer than even the strongest customer bond, just as service and support will always be there.

Building quality
“We consistently build quality into everything we do,” said Phillips. “We particularly focus on risk management, as evidenced by our meticulous approach to design, documentation and testing of assembly equipment. We take a long-term perspective – designing and building automation machinery that will perform for as long as you need.”

Quality at Haumiller Engineering translates into reliability and simplicity. Its machinery is built with ease of operation, maintenance and changeovers in mind. The systems are designed to be operated by employees with varying degrees of skill and are delivered on time so customers can get to market when they need to.

In a sector of engineering utilizing technology that is exceptionally demanding, Haumiller has in its people the rare expertise to design and produce automated systems that fully address the complex needs of its clients. Success calls for specialized experience in high speed assembly and continuous motion technology, risk mitigation, complexity management and an approach to business built on integrity and accountability.

Greater efficiency
Getting to grasp with the most difficult and unique automation problems on behalf of its customers, and producing solutions that are unmatched anywhere else in the industry, is a labor of passion for the company, from top to bottom. Phillips noted, “We can typically design, build, and test a machine that produces more finished goods at a higher rate of efficiency than any other competitor,” and Haumiller has shown that it can continue to do so, time and again.

Not only is the commitment to quality and performance at Haumiller Engineering different, so too is the culture. Since 1986 it has operated under an employee stock-ownership plan (ESOP), a plan that has supported its growth and success as employees bought into the company culture and its ability to succeed.

“Our culture of ownership means stability for our company, and the dedication and unique focus of our employees. There is no doubt that our employees are the reason for our success. We invest in our employees which allows us to produce better equipment for our customers,” is how Phillips describes it.

Training and growing
With a team of over one-hundred people, is Haumiller Engineering, like many other companies, struggling to find new talent? Phillips acknowledges the problem: “We have had to become increasingly reliant on training and growing our own talent due to a depleted technical workforce pool.”

Phillips says that a candidate who possesses a technical background, technical curiosity, problem-solving ability, and wants to collaborate as part of a team with a positive attitude would make a great fit with the company culture, and could carve out an exciting career at Haumiller Engineering.

In addition, as Phillips explains, “Most of our machines are one of a kind, so the work never gets boring.” It’s clear that for a certain kind of person, who loves meeting interesting challenges with innovation and insight, Haumiller Engineering is a great place to work. And for a client it’s a fine manufacturing partner who can be counted on, where complexity of product is always matched with expertise.

Above all, in Phillips words: “At Haumiller Engineering we’re proud to put the Haumiller brand on your equipment, because we’re quite clear about what we stand for.”



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