A Century of Reliability

Quincy Compressor
Written by Josh Carmody

A hundred years ago, the landscape of the industrial environment – specifically, the oil and electricity sectors – was a far cry from what it is today, and in many ways, it was different to the point of being unrecognizable. Amongst those rough and polluted times, Quincy Compressor shaped the ideals of what would become its business philosophy for decades to come.

During those times, nearly every business needed a tough machine that could withstand any environment. Quincy Compressor was guided by those extreme requirements to design air compression equipment that was nearly indestructible, and that spirit of providing machines designed for a lifetime of hard work has continued over the last hundred years, making Quincy the go-to for customers that want a supplier that places reliability first for its customers.

Quincy Compressor’s specialization in product design and custom services allows clients to concentrate on business without worrying about auxiliary equipment, air compressors, or piping needs. “Our priority has shifted from product design to helping customers solve their business problems by providing them with the most reliable solutions,” says Thiago Figueredo, Vice President of Aftermarket for Quincy Compressor.

While maintaining the bar set a hundred years ago, Quincy Compressor has evolved over the years through several acquisitions and partnering with other businesses. These opportunities opened new doors and avenues of success that led to expanded design teams, greater means of production, and better access to relationships with potential customers. A main internal focus for Quincy Compressor over the last six years has been the overseeing of these acquisitions and blending the companies to maintain a seamless operation while providing consistent level of service to customers nationwide and continuing to prioritize production uptime and hassle free operation.

Quincy Compressor is an enduring company as evidenced by its century of business, which derives from its ability and drive to keep up with the shifting times and technology. “All companies are trying to figure out a way to keep up with changing industries, and what we do very well is to remain resilient as a company. We push the envelope without losing our identity,” says Thiago.

Other companies and industries might wait for a problem to halt production or become virtually unfixable before taking action, but Quincy Compressor sees that as a bad business practice and something that can harm a customer’s reputation.

“We often look back in order to look forward at the market and think ‘How can we make this truly proactive?’” says Thiago.

With this tactic, customers do not have to worry about equipment failures at inopportune times. Quincy Compressor uses an advanced connectivity platform to monitor all custom-built equipment remotely and detect and diagnose problems before they arise. If things are not looking good, then a specialist team can come in to check the equipment. This way, if maintenance is required, it can be scheduled to be done at a time when the client can stop production and not be a massive inconvenience.

Quincy Compressor’s philosophy of servicing equipment regularly with a proactive schedule has built a stable legacy of identifying potential issues before they occur. This proactive approach has had the biggest impact on client satisfaction with Quincy Compressor in recent years.

It is vital to have the proper people in a company to be able to achieve this level of service. “Our overarching philosophy when recruiting is to look for people that are willing to go the extra mile; they’ll do whatever it takes to get a customer taken care of,” says Thiago.

Quincy also prides itself on delivering the fastest response times with technicians stationed across the United States. Highly trained operational groups are located in hubs from coast to coast, including Houston, the Bay Area, and New Jersey amongst others, as well as more remote areas where Quincy continues to service customers from all ranges.

From smaller machines, such as pistons that one might find at a home improvement store to industrial applications found in manufacturing, aerospace, and oil and gas, most industries can benefit from what Quincy Compressor is offering. The company thrives on testing its limits and finding new ways to serve its clients.

The culture is client-based, and the result is to form unbreakable relationships. Everything is done with the service of the client in mind, from the design process to the parts chosen for production and the work of the production team and the customer center team. The company works with the customer to find the right equipment for their needs and design it specifically for them, creating one-of-a-kind solution to solve unique problems.

The company goes to great lengths to guarantee consistent operation of its products in the field and to ensure that its service will help customers do business in a better, more profitable way. Consistency in its delivery and offerings has created a strong brand reputation that is acknowledged by clients that maintain loyalty to a company they see as having their best interests at heart. Quincy Compressor strives to understand what issues customers face on a day-to-day basis involving compressed air, vacuum, or air treatment and steer them toward higher reliability and production uptime.

By creating new products every day, offering the best warranty among its peers, standing behind its products and the speed and accuracy of services, Quincy Compressor continues to outperform companies from all sorts of industries, and focuses on being pre-emptive in finding long lasting solutions the first time around.



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