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JN White™

JN White™ is a manufacturer of labels, graphic overlays and complex membrane switch or user interface assemblies. Always up to the challenge, the company’s dedication and determination to provide its customers with a positive experience from beginning to end has earned JN White™ a reputation for finding and delivering effortless solutions.
JN White™ has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1960, when it was founded by the late James Neel (“JN”) White. “He was a graphic artist in the screen printing business of a worldwide manufacturer of athletic clothing,” explains Ken Boss, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for JN White™. “Because he was a graphic artist for them he became very familiar with the screen printing process and the products that it could yield.”

Boss explains that, “He was also an on-the-road salesperson for a label and tag company. While he was out on the road, meeting and greeting his customers, he saw a need for higher quality screen printed labels,” he says. “So, he started JN White™ in a bedroom of his home, and began screen printing labels for the industrial marketplace.”

Today, with a second generation at the helm – Randy White, President and CEO – and a third generation involved with the company as well, JN White™ is proud of its journey to diversification. “In 2000, as we were trying to break through a $5 million plateau,” says Boss. “We realized that we needed to expand, not only our product offering but mostly what were labels and graphic overlays at that time. Our regional presence – as we were very much a regional company – was doing business within a 200-mile radius of our manufacturing plant. So, with full-blown marketing and research, and the development of a sales and marketing plan, we started to expand both our capabilities and our sales presence across the United States and that really lead to a diversification in our manufacturing capabilities as well as our portfolio of offerings. This really started to drive us more toward the membrane switch, and then ultimately, to more complex user interfaces,” he explains.

The company has enjoyed many significant milestones over the last two years including: revenue growth, customer acquisition and marketing investments. “In 2017, we surpassed our corporate goal in terms of sales revenue and in 2018, we grew that by close to 15 percent,” says Boss. “Last year, we acquired more new customers than in any other year, and we’ve put a large amount of effort into our entire marketing program to feed our top line revenue growth.”

One of the aspects that sets JN White™ apart from its competition is its dedication to giving customers the very best experience, and the company is very pleased with its ability to satisfy its customers’ needs. JN White™ focuses on customer service; it has raised its customer net promoter score to be higher than many companies known for service orientation. “We’re very proud of that and it’s clearly a differentiator,” says Boss.

“JN White™ also has specific marketing strategies, goals and programs to communicate with prospects and customers across the board,” says Boss. “We’re constantly focused on those initiatives and driving them forward to enhance that customer experience at the ‘effortless’ level, and we’re seeing results in a very satisfied response. They have been very effective programs for us.”

JN White’s™ expertise is dedicated to helping its customers find solutions. “Our graphic arts and membrane switch teams work in collaboration to design and develop solutions for any customer specification. We stay on the cutting edge of technology in relation to both the products we manufacture and the design work we do,” says Boss.

If JN White’s™ customer experience program could only be described with one word, that word would be: effortless. “Our C.E.V. (customer experience vision) is to provide an effortless experience to our customers at all levels,” says Boss. “We monitor it through customer satisfaction surveys, through our customer service team, and through our outside sales team. It’s a constant focus that is talked about enterprise-wide on a regular basis.”

JN White’s™ ethical principles and standards have earned the company the respect of both its customers and employees. “These principles guide the decisions we make on a daily basis,” says Boss, who has been with the company for 31 years. “And to be quite honest, the solutions we provide our customers and the feedback we get from them is very rewarding.”

To be sure, JN White’s™ future is looking bright with additional plans for investment and growth. “We’re here, and we’re capable; we’ll make your experience a positive one,” says Boss. “Positive and effortless – whether that means design recommendations, or how we provide daily updates on the information you need – however you define effortless, we’ll work to provide it.”



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