Redefining an Industry

Regal Plastics Supply Company
Written by Pauline Müller

High-performance plastic has never been more advanced. Regal Plastics Supply Company, Inc. does things decidedly differently. This company manufactures an impressive range of durable plastics that our modern age would have a hard time living without. This includes computer casings, car and airplane interiors, and medical applications, among many others.
While Regal Plastics’ core business focuses on distributing sheet, rod, and tube plastics of all kinds, an estimated forty percent of its trade revolves around manufacturing, in which these materials are transformed into custom products.

With modern facilities in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio in Texas as well as in Baton Rouge and Shreveport in Louisiana, Regal Plastics Supply Company, Inc.’s decentralized management team procures the brightest minds to keep ahead of the trends.

The company’s most recent research and development efforts brought about advances in its plastic welding techniques, transforming it into a full-on plastic welding service. “If you need custom tanks or any industrial solution where you don’t want to use mechanical fasteners, welding is a great alternative. Drip trays, redundancy tanks, and several other types like plating tanks, pickling tanks, bass tanks, and holding tanks and more benefit from this technology,” says Chief Executive Officer Chad Gono.

Chad believes that remaining aligned with its values is the most important action any company can take to make it in this business. To achieve these goals, he believes in being clear on what really matters and recommends Gino Wickman’s book: Traction. “This is a very objective way to go about finding your core values.”

And he knows what he is talking about. The company enjoyed a record year in revenue last year and is about to expand its Dallas facility by 14,000 square feet as a result. In addition, its capabilities are increasing rapidly, and there are several new food production patents about to be released.

The business has become well-known for distributing an unbelievably large range of manufactured, standard and proprietary plastics that include everything from Polygal™ and multi-wall panels made from polycarbonate to corrosion, chemical, and heat resistant polypropylene used in acid-related applications. It even has machine parts, adhesives, and aluminum sheeting.

The Gono family’s track record is well-respected in the industry, so it made sense that second-generation co-owner Chief Networking Officer Wayne Gono was appointed as president of the International Association of Plastics Distributors in 2018. Wayne has a longstanding history with the organization having served on its board of directors, the executive committee, the membership committee, and on its small distributors’ council.

Wayne and his wife Patsy took the business over from Patsy’s father Don Walker, and today, they are in the process of developing a succession plan for the third generation. Chad Gono is next in line to take ownership.

While plastic pollution is one of the main culprits at the center of the environmental crisis, Regal Plastics Supply Company, Inc. prides itself on working only on projects where durability is a prerequisite for the lifespan of the application. The company recycles all of its remnants so nothing is ever wasted. It was also recognized as an industry leader by the International Association of Plastics Distributors last year for its efforts in increasing its environmental stewardship.

Its ‘going green’ initiative has a coordinator stationed at each facility, and it implemented a new recycling waste facility as well as recycling bins at all its desks. Part of the goal is to reduce the use of paper throughout the company, and a quarterly newsletter serves as a way for employees to share their ideas for new earth-friendly systems.

The company’s energy efficiency is also under constant in-house scrutiny, as are its recycling and non-recycling efforts, which are routinely monitored. And these moves are not new for the company, either. It has been committed to this for many years, recycling more than 82,000 pounds of plastic materials in 2012 alone.

Leading with a positive attitude is imperative to turn vision into reality. The company approaches new possibilities with an open mind and the understanding that everything can be improved. There are no obstacles to collaboration in the offices, and the same invitation to share ideas is extended to everyone. Regal has a culture of creating safe spaces in which to invent and troubleshoot.

“Our teams know that we need everyone to contribute in making this company great. Everyone is welcome to speak out and share ideas. It is imperative that we do this,” he says.

Part of this plastics giant’s motivation is that it defines its purpose as improving its customers’ operations, and it thoroughly believes that its own continuous improvement will be reflected in its clients’ bottom line.

Relationships make this business what it is, and the company believes in genuinely getting to know its clients personally, whether that means inviting them to lunch, a ball game, or a beer, the focus is on connecting person to person.

“I feel that, in these times, with everything digital or online, there is a void in personal, face-to-face communication. We tell our sales representatives to not just ‘show up and throw up.’ Instead, they get to know our client’s business and provide solutions. We are a partner who helps our clients become successful. We’re not just a supplier,” says Chad. “We listen to our customers. We get ridiculously enthusiastic about their business and help them to be wildly successful,” he adds.

And what makes them successful are the company’s light and versatile industrial plastics. Regal Plastics Supply Company, Inc. understands the nature of its materials so it can navigate and adapt its ranges to create solutions to most customers’ application challenges. Apart from being known for manufacturing hardcore industrial applications, the company is also prized for its large choice of sophisticated acrylics used for functional and decorative elements in modern interior design. Available in an endless variety of colors, this versatile material adds both fun and function to any trendy space.

The company makes it a priority to own the latest technology to give its customers the best results at all times. In the past year alone, it has acquired a number of new machines. Its collection has been enhanced with a new mill, a lathe, two plastic edge polishers, a computer numerical control (CNC) router, and a computerized saw.

Here, taking care of people is as important as taking care of the environment, and the company is committed to changing the industry culture on both issues. “Don’t get too caught up in always getting bigger and making more money. Love your people, and tell them they’re doing a great job. Also, get into personal development and spend fun time with each other out of work, because these times are far more important for building morale than work itself,” says Chad.

Chad believes in Richard Branson’s advice to take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business. Healthy, engaged employees are a top competitive advantage. It is as simple as that. Based on this, the company’s vision for the future is clear. Passion and an obsession with customers’ success, employee satisfaction, and focused change will remain at the forefront.



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