The Perfect Fit for Processing Perfection

Firing Industries
Written by Josh Carmody

Firing Industries is not simply a representative for the different product lines it carries; it also takes pride in being responsive to customers and their needs.
For the many industries it serves, Firing Industries takes a personal approach to finding the right equipment for each customer. The company works with an array of suppliers such as Auburn systems, piab, Jacob tubing, Union Process, Hosokawa Mikro, and Matcon, to name a few. Products such as centrifuges, modular tubing systems, and mechanical conveyors are just some of the team’s offerings.

In 1973, over forty-five years ago in the city of Montreal, Quebec, one Mr. Lars Firing established the company that to this day still bears his name. Back then, the now-prominent process machinery and equipment company dealt primarily in solid and liquid metering systems designed for precise and timed measurement.

As Firing Industries continued to grow, its headquarters was relocated to the city of St. Catharines, Ontario in 1976, while offices remained in Quebec, and the company began successfully branching out across Canada, in Edmonton as well as Halifax. By the nineties, it had shifted its approach to concentrate solely on metering systems for solids as it continued with its legacy of distributing equipment.

Holding long-standing relationships with its suppliers is one way that shows how the company takes its work and relationships with those it does business very seriously. Over its forty-five-year history, Firing Industries has established client relationships with Canadian companies in many industries.

These include companies in food, chemical and pharmaceutical, mining and other processing industries. As the company sees itself as a collection of problem solvers, relationships become about more than just a client requesting material; hands-on contact is followed by assessing the details of a client’s specific problems or needs and then seeing what the best solution will be. Emphasis on face-to-face interaction sets Firing Industries apart in a digital world.

As the company helps its clients approach the problems at hand it can design, recommend and arrange installation of the systems required. Firing Industries has become the top distributor of processing equipment in the Canadian market, with an emphasis primarily on machinery for the processing of dry bulk material.

Clients who are in need of equipment for food processing may be set up with one of Piab’s vacuum conveyors which operates as a closed system to keep dust or contaminates at bay while increasing safety standards for the client’s plant.

Meanwhile, clients in the business of gypsum milling would benefit from a hammer mill from Hosokawa Mikro’s ACM or air classifying mill. This air-swept mechanical impact mill touts a disc of hammers that rotate at speeds of 23,000 feet per second. These clients may choose the less expensive pulverizer hammer option which is usually recommended for coarser grade gypsum milling.

Amongst the wealth of products that Firing Industries provides is Union Process machinery for milling and dispersing products into smaller pieces. There are two types, one for continuous production and the other for batch production. This equipment is used throughout a wide variety of industries such as those dealing with food production, metal oxides, rubber, chemicals and graphite.

Clients are also able to improve upon safety and production in their plants with the help of Auburn Particle Detection Systems. Firing Industries can have the right type of particle detection system installed for any clients’ needs, including predictive detection to spot leaks or the build-up of unsafe particulate levels created as a by-product of the manufacturing process.

With so few markets untouched, it comes as no surprise that Firing Industries also offers high-quality, air-tight industrial tubing systems through Jacob Tubing. These have uses ranging from dust extraction to conveying bulk products such as grains, cereal, or concentrated feed. Jacob Tubing systems are also found in metal works where dust extraction equipment keeps oil mist, dust from grinding, and welding fumes to a minimum, providing a safe work environment and a functional plant.

As a final example of the huge assortment of offerings through Firing Industries is the TM710e industrial moisture gauge, produced by NDC Technologies, yet another of the company’s many established suppliers. This, having been primarily used in tobacco production, seems to now be a natural fit in the production of cannabis products for in Canada’s recently legalized market.

Firing Industries has established relationships with all its distributors, and all are treated fairly. No distributor is in direct competition with another, as the parts each provides are complementary. This means when a client is in need of a new processing setup and the Firing team dives into the logistics of making this work, there is potential for many of the distributors to be combined for the final product.

Firing’s excellent relations with both clients and manufacturers mean that the company is often approached by new companies from both sides. Manufacturers regularly come to contact it with the hopes that it will be their Canadian representative and incorporate their products into the process systems it distributes across the country.

While the reach of Firing Industries is vast and its forty-five years of operations have given it plenty of time to grow, the company has remained, at its heart, a small business. Working with a small full-time team of ten people has been of great benefit to the company. It keeps everyone on the same page and helps not lose sight of what made the company successful.

Just recently the company has hired two new application specialists, and it is setting up a new in-house engineering department to help streamline the process through which it serves its clients. With this in-house engineering team on the horizon, clients will be served faster, with the prioritized attention they can expect from Firing Industries.

As the future of Firing Industries appears bright as ever, whether a business is in farming, tobacco, cement, metalwork, pharmaceuticals, or any of the endless list of markets served by Firing Industries it is certain to find not only the perfect, high-quality solutions but a team of individuals focused on its continued success.



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