Reliable and Safe Valves and Fittings

CPV Manufacturing
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

For over a century, CPV Manufacturing has provided precision-crafted valve and fitting solutions unparalleled in the industry for their reliability, durability, and safety. CPV’s history of quality is legendary. In fact, every United States Navy aircraft carrier and nuclear submarine is outfitted with products manufactured by the company. It has also been a part of NASA’s Gemini and Apollo space programs, providing high weld and braze fittings.
CPV began in 1915 as a one-man business and was family-owned for four generations until 2014. Shortly after, David London entered the business as vice president of sales and marketing. London, an entrepreneur with a background in business and marketing, had founded his own company that made industrial gas handling equipment – such as manifolds, controls, pumps, and vaporizers – in the mid-1980s, with CPV being a supplier at the time.

He became president of CPV about nine months ago and is proud of the company’s recent growth and accomplishments. “We have come a long way in four years,” he says. “We are now ISO 9001:2015 certified, so we’ve made a lot of progress.”

London restructured the company and soon hired a vice president of sales and a director of engineering. CPV’s roster of about fifty employees includes manufacturing, engineering, procurement, sales, and customer service personnel.

CPV’s products are widely used in critical applications. It provides products for many multinational corporations engaged in petrochemical, industrial gas, and shipbuilding. In the compressed gas industry, the company is involved with one client that insists on using only CPV valves in its filling systems.

In the petrochemical sector, CPV is written into the Dow Process license by Grace Licenses for low-density polyethylene. “And wherever a refinery or hydrogen processing plant is being built, we are on the drawings,” states London.

The company’s commitment to quality is unwavering, since reliability and safety must be foremost. “We test one hundred percent of our valves to one-and-a-half times working pressure,” states London. CPV’s products are subjected to rigorous in-house tests through a sophisticated automated system. “We do a seat test; and we do a body test.”

“We’re a firm believer in quality over quantity, which is why we strive to create reliable products,” states the company that sells thousands quality of fittings and valves every year.

Products range in price from $200 to $13,000. They are designed, engineered, and made to exceed industry quality and emissions standards, ensuring that they help systems work as effectively as possible.

The company’s made-in-America products include hand, check, air-actuated, high-pressure in-line check, instrument gage, and many other valves. Some, like the O-SEAL® check valves, have operating pressures of up to 6,000 pound-force per square inch (psi) and come in different types, connection orientations, materials, and a variety of sizes.

Like its valves, CPV’s line of fittings is recognized worldwide by users like the U.S. Navy for their outstanding leak-proof performance and trustworthiness.

In March of this year, CPV Manufacturing was awarded three exclusive international contracts with companies in China, Indonesia, and Taiwan. These contracts will see CPV valves used by the well-known Formosa Plastic Group. Additionally, CPV was awarded the contract to design and produce valves for the Yangkuang Group, the People’s Republic of China’s fourth-largest state-owned coal mining company, for a coal chemical industry project.

“China and Southeast Asia represent what may be our second-largest market after North America,” states London. “We have products all throughout China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.”

CPV is recognized for its flagship O-SEAL® valves and known as the standard-bearer in the industry for tight performance and years of use under rigorous conditions. The valves are designed and manufactured from such materials as high-tensile bronze, stainless steel, naval brass, aluminum, and nylon.

From O-SEAL® check valves, relief valves, and fittings to union nuts, tailpieces, thread pieces, and maintenance products such as valve spacers, flush plugs, and stem seal tools, CPV’s products are made to last. Some, like the O-SEAL® naval brass oxygen valves, are optimized for oxygen service uses like high-pressure manifolds and fill plants, and feature the same dependable sealing method found on CPV’s standard O-SEAL® series that has been used by the industrial gas industry for decades.

CPV Manufacturing refuses to rest on its century-old history and is still growing and evolving while maintaining its commitment to quality products and tremendous customer service.

It has been recruiting new employees for both its internal and external sales teams and investing in itself to better serve customers.

This investment includes the installation of a Class 10,000 cleanroom in its facility to ensure absolute cleanliness for products used in applications such as high-pressure oxygen systems and the compressed gas sector. The cleanroom ensures products are safe, dependable, and free from hydrocarbons, which can ignite.

CPV partnered with W&O, the world’s largest supplier for maritime and upstream oil and gas markets, to make sure it has enough pipes, valves, and fittings on hand. According to CPV, “The partnership makes W&O the master distributor for CPV Manufacturing and will provide new solutions for our customers. It also gives our customers more access to CPV Manufacturing’s high-quality valves and fittings. With this partnership, consumers will be able to find CPV Manufacturing products through our and W&O’s customer service teams.” CPV plans to keep growing on its successful path, both organically and through acquisitions.

It is not unusual for CPV valves to last up to thirty years, providing trouble-free operation without maintenance. “The more critical the application, the more we like it. And the more dangerous, the better,” says London.

“We help protect property, environment, people, and assets. Our valves just don’t fail. If you have a critical application where you have great exposure, whether it be human life, environment, or assets, you should be coming to CPV for your pipelines and original manufactured equipment.”



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