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MultiCam Inc., founded in 1989, is a global company with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Their mission is to design and deliver easy-to-use programmable cutting and manufacturing solutions. They pride themselves on providing innovative, high-quality, customer-focused CNC products.
MultiCam specializes in cutting solutions, as they have over 13,000 computer numerical control (CNC) machines in the field. “We have sixty technology centers worldwide,” says MultiCam Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David Morse. “All of our technology centers have sales, support, applications, and are all trained to deliver the right solution for the customers’ needs. Due to our wide breadth of products, MultiCam reps are required to go through a discovery/application process to determine the right product for the job.”

MultiCam Inc., was established primarily to make CNC Routers for the sign industry. “The company created a series of Routers to fabricate sheet plastic, acrylic, PVC (polyvinylchloride), foam board, light aluminum, and wood products,” says Morse. “Since then, we have diversified to add a full spectrum of cutting technologies from Waterjet to Fiber Laser, CO2 Laser, Plasma, and Knife-Cutting machines.”

A unique angle that sets MultiCam apart from their competition is how all their products are engineered and manufactured entirely in the United States. “MultiCam is one hundred percent built in the United States, from raw steel to finished goods,” says Morse. “MultiCam is the Made-in-the-USA story. This is true American-made manufacturing providing premium-quality cutting solutions globally at an affordable price,” he explains.

“Due to the fact that we own the full motion capabilities of the system, we can apply a single control to all our cutting technologies to allow a single operator to run everything from Routers to Fiber Laser solutions. I believe owning the motion platform gives us capabilities beyond most to adapt quickly to customers’ needs in designing the right machine for evolving industries.”

Like most businesses, MultiCam has had to overcome their share of difficulties. “One of our current challenges is scaling the business up to meet our wide range of product demands,” says Morse. “MultiCam has become a one-stop-shop for all sheet cutting needs, regardless of material type. This creates a demand for a wide range of tradeshows, marketing, communication, and support. So, we are investing heavily, and it is paying off, but ‘how much, how fast’ is always the key question.”

The company is proud of its many accomplishments. “Crossing the 13,000th machine sold mark was one of them for sure,” says Morse. “Another was seeing the success of our direct technology centers. In addition to Dallas, we have opened corporate-owned technology centers in Chicago, Orlando, Anaheim, Surrey, British Columbia, and Frankfurt, Germany.”

The company is also proud of their field direct sales team and the outstanding partnerships it has with their exclusive dealers worldwide.

“The fabrication industry is a vast market filled with diverse machinery and accessories,” says MultiCam Fabrication Product Manager Rashad Galloway. “MultiCam’s mission has always been about offering a complete CNC solution for the end-user.

MultiCam has an impressive line of CNC products, and one of those is its Fiber Laser dual-screen machine with a built-in shuttle table. “The dual screen feature has a top screen which displays live video from inside the machine while cutting and real time feedback of the status of the laser power unit. The lower screen allows operators to interact with the monitor to load, program (if desired), and edit job files. As for the shuttle table, the configuration is set to always have one table available for loading material. This increases workflow efficiency,” says Galloway.

Another product is the Arcos Plasma System. “This has bridge and rail motion,” says Galloway. “It has a medium-duty plasma cutter. It is versatile, and has the ability to gauge material very well but it’s robust enough for cutting thick plate. It also offers the latest cutting technology; the Hypertherm Plasma torch and IHT for OxyFuel torch.” Hypertherm designs and fabricates industrial plasma cutting products while IHT Automation has half a century of OxyFuel cutting technology experience.

“Our number one selling CNC Router is the APEX3R,” says Galloway. “It really is a Router in a class of its own. Its abilities can also be used in the fabrication industry. Often times, our Routers are overlooked. The general thought of the APEX3R is that it is only meant for the wood industry, but our Routers are excellent at cutting aluminum, brass, copper, carbon fiber, and gasket material. We will show the APEX3R routing thick aluminum at Fabtech. We will be running live machine demos to show how this product can fill in some of the gaps where a milling machine wouldn’t be the best fit and/or how a CNC Router can be used in conjunction with a milling machine by reducing operation processes,” says Galloway.

Above all, the company credits part of its success to its employees. “I believe MultiCam is a family,” says Morse. “Employees genuinely want to see the company be successful. They have a vested interest in each other’s success,” he shares.

“We measure the business in critical success factors,” says Morse. “There are six critical success factors that MultiCam abides by: high ethical standards, quality, continuous improvement, employee development, standard product offerings, and teamwork,” he says.

“I see MultiCam as the technology provider for material processing needs,” says Morse. “We also have the ability to integrate with other technologies as the market evolves, and we believe in the internet of things or ‘industry 4.0’ and will be releasing new versions of software and communication for all of our CNC solutions in the near future.”

As MultiCam grows, they aim to continue providing world-class CNC solutions and support with integrity.



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