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2022 | Engineering & Design | March 2022At the Forefront for Over 50 YearsSwiss Automation

2022 | Engineering & Design | March 2022

At the Forefront for Over 50 Years

Swiss Automation

Illinois-based machining manufacturer Swiss Automation has over half a century of experience in precision machining for a variety of industries including medical, defense, aerospace, and more. Feeling drawn to the automation behind cam-operated screw machines, Ken Malo decided to start his own business in 1965 and take on the market in his own way. Then located on Ohio Street in Chicago, the new business began manufacturing cam switches for the 1965 Ford Thunderbird, among other projects, before moving to the Barrington area of Illinois in 1970, where the main office has remained to this day.

2021 | December 2021 | Electronics & Components | In FocusCarbon-Based ElectronicsGiving Silicon A Run For Its Conductivity

2021 | December 2021 | Electronics & Components | In Focus

Carbon-Based Electronics

Giving Silicon A Run For Its Conductivity

For decades now, silicon has been a trusted material in electronics manufacturing due in large part to its use in the creation of semiconductors. Silicon is used among myriad types of electronics today of varying complexity and size, from computers to handheld devices, thanks to its ability to act as both a conductor of electricity and as an insulator (i.e. the role of a semiconductor in a piece of machinery).

2021 | Automation | November 2021Offering Safer, More Efficient Processes to Industries in NeedAlliance Automation

2021 | Automation | November 2021

Offering Safer, More Efficient Processes to Industries in Need

Alliance Automation

American robotics systems manufacturer Alliance Automation offers automation solutions to a multitude of sectors. The company began operations in August 2008 when President and CEO Doug Wenninger, wanting to take advantage of an opportunity he saw within the market to branch out and offer automation to underserved industries, left a Sales Manager position at another automation company to form his own.

2021 | September 2021Test Chamber Solutions Built to LastRussells Technical Products

2021 | September 2021

Test Chamber Solutions Built to Last

Russells Technical Products

Michigan-based Russells Technical Products manufactures test chambers and systems. The company’s roots reach back as far as the 1940s and Ken Russell, the then-operator of Ken Russells Refrigeration, a commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) business. Ken Russells Refrigeration was a precursor to Russells Technical Products, which went on to design and manufacture environmental test chambers, which are generally used to expose specific environmental conditions to various products, materials, or components.

2021 | September 2021Exploring OpportunitiesElcon Precision

2021 | September 2021

Exploring Opportunities

Elcon Precision

Elcon Precision LLC manufactures precision components and assemblies for multiple industries. Based out of San Jose, California, Elcon primarily serves market sectors like aerospace, medical, defense, and energy storage. The company’s processes generally involve developing smaller components for large applications such as X-ray systems and surgical devices for the medical market; ion engines, satellites, and space flight systems for aerospace clients; or ejection systems in helicopters. Its wide range of products and industries served along with its commitment to a higher standard of manufacturing places it in an enviable position amongst its competitors.

2021 | August 2021 | In FocusLean Manufacturing meets Industry 4.0Combining Today’s Manufacturing with the Technology of Tomorrow

2021 | August 2021 | In Focus

Lean Manufacturing meets Industry 4.0

Combining Today’s Manufacturing with the Technology of Tomorrow

The practice of lean manufacturing is one that has been in place across the world for over a century and has had a positive track-record across companies and industries reliant on manufacturing processes for both customer satisfaction and business success. The process may ultimately face obsolescence over time but, in tying together with a new focus towards automation and interconnectedness in business, it may find new life altogether.

2021 | In Focus | July 2021Innovation in the DepthsThe Workspace Influence of AUVs

2021 | In Focus | July 2021

Innovation in the Depths

The Workspace Influence of AUVs

Autonomous underwater vehicles, or AUVs, are a type of robotic machine that travels under bodies of water or ice for various purposes with no direct input from a human operator. The vehicles are part of a larger group of technology and systems generally referred to as unmanned underwater vehicles, a category that also includes its counterpart, Remote-Operated Vehicles (ROV).

Manufacturing in FocusHow SINTX Technologies Became the #1 Silicon Nitride Developer in the WorldSINTX Technologies Inc.

Manufacturing in Focus

How SINTX Technologies Became the #1 Silicon Nitride Developer in the World

SINTX Technologies Inc.

SINTX Technologies Inc. began through a collaboration between materials scientist Ashok Khandkarand orthopedic surgeon Aaron Hoffman. The initial goal was to develop a ceramic bearing joint for artificial hips made from silicon nitride. At the time, metal bearings produced more wear than ceramics. Khandkar and Hoffman had experimental data showing that silicon nitride would be tougher and produce less wear, so they sought to introduce the new bearing for a hip joint, barring an FDA-required clinical trial.


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