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Inline Filling Systems
Written by Pauline Müller

Based in Venice, Florida, Inline Filling Systems (IFS) manufactures custom turnkey liquid packaging arrays for everything from oils and extracts to uncarbonated drinks, food, chemicals, beauty products, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceutical products—to name only a few.

As a supplier with a product portfolio boasting more than 700 packaging components and filling array units, the company is a go-to solutions provider for discerning fabricators from around 50 countries—all packers of liquid products demanding specialty packaging arrays to suit their unique product characteristics and facility layouts.

Serving a diverse range of industries such as specialty chemicals, automotive, beauty, food, and beverage, the company has always been proud of the innovation it brings to market. With that undeniable sense of innovation providing the company with a distinct edge, it has made its mark on the local market since 1996, when it started selling pre-owned machinery.

Today, IFS is driven to fabricate quality systems dictated by the express process demands clients present during the ideation phase. Engineering its systems based on blueprints developed from those needs, the IFS team can spot potential issues and solve them before they become a problem.

Whatever the liquid filling application may be, IFS has the expertise to develop filling, packaging, and bottle transfer machinery that makes sense, alongside capping and other arrays to suit. Such applications include bottle cleaning systems, unscrambling machines for high-speed addition of bottles into filling arrays, turntables to feed conveyor belts with new, empty containers, and labeling machines—which can additionally be used for dry products. The company also supplies heat tunnels—machines that shrink-wrap plastic labeling onto containers.

Naturally, where there are systems, there is a need for integration, and to this end, the team offers fully automated integration alongside superb customer support.

While the company does collaborate with third-party fabricators when incorporating technology or systems not available in its offering, IFS is a proudly American fabricator that has historically gone to great lengths to keep its manufacturing and sourcing on American soil. In addition to supplying turnkey systems, it provides customers with premium machine maintenance and servicing—preferably long before anything breaks.

One of the more unexpected markets the company serves includes the funeral sector. Embalming liquid, of course, needs to be bottled, as do tombstone cleaners. Here, IFS provides larger systems to fill drums, barrels, buckets, bags-in-boxes, and boxes with whatever chemicals morgues and funeral parlors need.

Other industries served include adult personal care products, automotive cleaning chemicals, paint, agricultural chemicals, and more. There are also distillers like Devils River Whiskey and others who turn to IFS for long-life machinery. Committed to delivering proudly American excellence, IFS machines also carry the worldwide stamp of electrical safety, namely the Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL) mark, while using FDA-approved components as well.

Built to last, customers know that when they buy an IFS machine, they’re buying for the long haul. As a result, its list of longstanding customers is a testimony to the value of building lasting relationships based on mutual respect and integrity. It is also good for business, as happy customers typically refer more customers to great suppliers.

The company has always led with stability and has therefore kept its growth healthy yet conservative. By not approaching expansion with tremendously flashy growth spurts, it has led with a reputation for reliability and dependability. In this way, it also established a culture of continuity that results in long tenures, as employees enjoy the predictability and safety that come with job security. This continuity translates into a certain sense of familiarity for customers who benefit from working with a stable team over many years.

Cost and ease of ownership are two aspects carefully considered in all of the company’s engineering and design. Providing machines that are easy to clean, easily integrated into related systems, and, above all, easy to maintain—beyond being of outstanding quality—gives customers what they want, and customer satisfaction is, ultimately, this industry leader’s focus.

Despite insisting on keeping clients happy, however, IFS is not one to lull them into a sense of comfort for the mere sake of upholding the status quo. On the contrary, the team is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible, improving its already fine systems beyond present possibilities through continuous innovation. As such, it makes a point of keeping customers up to speed with new additions and technology that can improve their productivity, uptime, and overall experience.

As an industry leader, the company often partners with organizations supporting the industries it serves, such as Pack Expo, the American Distilling Institute, and the Petroleum Packaging Council. By partnering with trusted organizations, customers know they are in good hands. And, to further reassure and support them, the company is also openly committed to providing aftersales service solid enough to maximize uptime for its customers. “High-quality after-sales service begins long before a malfunction occurs. Inline Filling Systems guarantees efficient functioning without interruptions right from the beginning,” the company states on its website.

With the rising global awareness toward healthier living, we look forward to seeing how the company will continue innovating to meet this need in the market in terms of machines fit to handle novel, more complex packaging.



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