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Manufacturing in FocusMaking an ImpactRecleim

Manufacturing in Focus

Making an Impact


Recleim procures refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, heating and air conditioning units, and any other household appliances that are being discarded. These old appliances undergo a de-manufacturing process at this environmentally-focused appliance recycling company to deliver an output of various commodities including steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, and other materials.

Manufacturing in FocusA First ChoiceSecondary Solutions

Manufacturing in Focus

A First Choice

Secondary Solutions

What started out as a machine shop in 1997 now has a reputation as the “go-to problem solver” for a variety of manufacturers in upstate South Carolina. Whether it is a production glitch, a packaging problem, a machining issue or if there is a need for staffing, inspections or delivery, Secondary Solutions is often the first call they make.

Manufacturing in FocusAn Inclusive and Diverse Workplace in ManufacturingOnex

Manufacturing in Focus

An Inclusive and Diverse Workplace in Manufacturing


Specializing in custom refractory and combustion solutions, Onex provides high heat end users with the services and products necessary to maintain an industrial furnace properly. The company was founded in Erie, Pennsylvania, in 1966, as a distributor of refractory products. After Ric Walters purchased shares of stock in 1987, Onex started to include service and installation. It also began to manufacture a product line of furnace equipment under the name Blue Diamond.

Manufacturing in FocusHigh-Performance CNC Routers and Large Scale Additive Manufacturing MachinesThermwood Corporation

Manufacturing in Focus

High-Performance CNC Routers and Large Scale Additive Manufacturing Machines

Thermwood Corporation

Thermwood Corporation began business in 1969 by coming up with a process to thermoform wood grain plastics. These molded components were primarily used in the furniture industry in the 1970s. The company jumped into the creation of computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines when it began manufacturing CNC routers to work with non-ferrous materials such as wood, plastics, and composites. A few years ago, it entered the three-dimensional (3D) printing and additive manufacturing sector and developed a full, large-scale additive manufacturing system that both prints and machines a product using a single piece of equipment.

Manufacturing in FocusOver 100 Years in Reduction EquipmentAmerican Pulverizer Company

Manufacturing in Focus

Over 100 Years in Reduction Equipment

American Pulverizer Company

With over one hundred years of experience in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of heavy-duty crushing, shredding, and grinding equipment, American Pulverizer Company is a leader in its field. The company provides crushing, shredding, and grinding machines for recycling organizations, scrap yards, steel mills, foundries, and quarries. Its products are capable of working with all types of material including concrete, chemicals, coal, aluminum, ash, glass, construction and demolition debris, ferrous and non-ferrous scraps, tires, wood, resins, medical waste, limestone, plastics, powders, and more.

Manufacturing in Focus60 Years of SuccessJohnson Equipment Company

Manufacturing in Focus

60 Years of Success

Johnson Equipment Company

In 1959, an entrepreneur, Marvin Johnson, saw an opportunity with a new industrial product that bridged the gap between trucks and warehouse docks, as transportation was moving from railways to over-the-road trailers. He knew his customers would need this product and his company could be the one to provide it. In 60 years the family has turned this insight into an industry.

Manufacturing in FocusSmart Solutions for Sealing, Protection, and Thermal ManagementBoyd Corporation

Manufacturing in Focus

Smart Solutions for Sealing, Protection, and Thermal Management

Boyd Corporation

The story of Boyd Corporation is one that begins nearly a century ago. “Boyd Corporation is nearly one hundred years old, with a robust history of solving difficult performance challenges for innovative global customers,” shares Boyd Corporation Marketing Manager Alyson Rodgers. It is a company that engineers, designs, and manufactures environmental sealing, protection, and thermal management products to create customized products to be lighter, faster, smaller, more cost efficient, and better performing.


Upgrading Equipment for Efficiency


ProcessBarron designs, manufactures, and installs air handling and material handling equipment for heavy industrial applications in the pulp and paper, steel, cement, lime, power, and biomass industries. The bulk of the company’s business is in the pulp and paper industry, and this makes up over fifty percent of its work. Pulp and paper mills...

Manufacturing in FocusA Heavy Focus on Safety and SustainabilityExal Corporation

Manufacturing in Focus

A Heavy Focus on Safety and Sustainability

Exal Corporation

Exal Corporation manufactures premium aluminum packaging for a variety of companies that offer packaged consumer goods. It produces innovative impact-extruded aluminum beverage bottles and aerosol containers for the personal care, home care, and pharmaceutical industries. The company can also assist its customers with design and branding to optimize sales. Headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio since 1993, the company has expanded to five facilities located in North and South America.

Manufacturing in FocusYour Packaging PartnerPiedmont National

Manufacturing in Focus

Your Packaging Partner

Piedmont National

Piedmont National is a wholesale distributor of shipping supplies and packaging automation equipment headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. With fifteen locations in seven states and retail partners in cities throughout the country, Piedmont is providing packaging solutions to customers nationwide.


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